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Long Beach gang member arrested in three cold-case murders

A Long Beach gang member newly released from prison in New York has been arrested by Long Beach police in connection with the murders of three people in 2001 and 2002, authorities said Friday.

Juan Pablo Camacho, 33, a Mexican immigrant, was arrested Dec. 29 in Plattsburgh, N.Y., by Long Beach police investigating the three cold-case murders. He was being held in New York, awaiting deportation to Mexico after serving a prison term on weapons and illegal immigration charges.

The hunt for Camacho began Oct. 14, 2001, when Long Beach police found Richard Murillo, 30, shot to death in an alley on Rose Avenue. About 8:45 p.m. that night, Carrie Waltier, 33, was found dead in the 10000 block of Pinehurst Street in South Gate.

Long Beach and L.A. County sheriff’s homicide detectives quickly connected the cases and later learned the victims were a couple who had been together in the hours before their killings.

Detectives reconstructed the crime and determined Murillo had been shot and killed in the alley, but Waltier was abducted from Rose Avenue and shot to death in South Gate, where her body was dumped in the street.

Physical evidence indicated that their killings were likely carried out by the same person. Investigators gathered evidence, including DNA from the scene, but eventually exhausted their leads. Advances in DNA testing and more funding for DNA work allowed detectives in 2008 to submit evidence from Waltier’s murder to a private lab for testing.

The lab notified Long Beach police in October that they had obtained a positive match, which identified Camacho. As detectives sought to find Camacho, they tied him to a third killing on May 19, 2002.

In that incident, Long Beach police officers found Richard Graves, 32, shot to death in the 300 block of East Esther Street. Witnesses reported hearing gunshots moments before officers arrived.

The motives for the murders remained under investigation.

Detectives learned Camacho was in New York and secured arrest warrants to detain him upon his release from prison. He is being held in lieu of $3 million bail in Los Angeles County Jail, awaiting arraignment Jan. 12 on the three murders.


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-- Richard Winton

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Excellent police work! Of course if the Feds had been securing the border long ago as they should have been those 3 people most probably would still be alive.

Not to worry. ACLU and the liberals are paying for his defense bill.

Is it me or are the mexican immigrants the best? We need more uneducated ignorant third world poor. Hopefully thanks to pelosi and our president we'll get thirty million in the next two years. If that happens it will make Taiwan's uprising look like a sunday picnic.

Sentence him to 50 years HARD-labor. At least we'll get something out of him. There are fates worse than death. He'll be dead in 10 years if ordered hard-labor.

Arnold could pardon him and satisfy his illegal alien constituency.

Immigrant? You mean illegal alien, right? There's a huge difference ya know.

Oh man there you are again Duped... I wonder if you recall your beloved Bush giving amnesty to all of the illegals years back when he was in office??? Hmmmm??? Nahh that would be to convinient right? Get a grip "liberals" are just as sick of the illegals and the crime that follows them as you are. At least make sense in your posts.

Oh come on, he just wanted to finish college under the dream act so he could contribute to society. Or he's a third world ignorant uneducated douchebag from ignorant uneducated parents. My guess is the latter

my advice to Mr. Camacho- cancel all Christmas vacation plans for the next 40 years or so. Hang tough till 2051 and you'll be back in the swing of things, enjoying life south of the boarder!

ACLU and Liberals are paying for his defense? You wish! You are paying for his defense!

Good news!! But, how many more like this guy are running around? Enforce immigration law's.

Wait. What? He was in prison for weapons and "ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION" charges in New York? So other states actually have the good sense to prosecute for illegal immigration???

Wow , unbelievable. Can we enact a new law that states : ALL illegal immigrants , once deported , who chose to come back to the states , shall be executed. This should cut down on that border crossing nonsense. Dream Act my ASS. And don't settle yourselves in Black communities , we don't want you here.

He is not a Mexican immigrant, he is an illegal criminal alien. If we have to be ridiculously PC, then we expect the same from LAT. You really have a problem with this.
As for the article, Yay! Thank you to all law enforcement involved and keep up the excellent work! We hope that your efforts are not in vain and that justice will be served. Preferably with a punishment that fits the crimes. Don't bother with deportation, he'll just come back to murder more.

"Mexican immigrant" is the L.A. Times code term for "illegal alien."

We haven't heard anything about gun control in a long time

If George Bush and the rest of the Conservatives had of focused on an secured our borders instead of diving head first into a war that's costing thousands of American lives, we wouldn't have this big illegal immigrant problem that has burden AMERICAN TAX PAYERS and DRAINED all resources that were put in place to help AMERICAN CITIZENS. Look in the mirror before you start with the liberal B.S..........

It is the conservatives who are to blame for this whole illegal immigrant mess. Start with the Grand Old Man of the Grand Old Party in 1986 when the amnesty was passed and that set off a massive run for the border for the next 20 years. Bush and McCain tried to push through an another amnesty bill that was defeated. The bill was co written by Ted Kennedy to be fair.. Now for what Obama has done. His administration has set records for deportations. Nearly 440000 in 2009. His administration has also enacted something called Operation Safe Communities which means all new inmates going to jail will have their immigration status checked. This has the potential to deport hundreds of thousands per year. He has also ended those inefficient and costly workplace raids. Instead what he has done is called the silent raid. Google silent raid on American Apparel and see how they were made to fire 1500 employees that were illegal. That brings us to the Dream Act. Conservatives should have loved this one because it would have provided more soldiers for their wars


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