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Lindsay Lohan free to leave Betty Ford Center this week

Lindsay Lohan in October 2010.

Actress Lindsay Lohan can walk out the door of the Betty Ford Center as soon as Monday when her court order to stay at the drug and alcohol rehab clinic ends.

However, Lohan is expected to stay at the clinic a few more days as she tries to rebuild her life after a year in which she made more court appearances than movies. A sign of her anticipated freedom came over the weekend when Lohan returned to the world of social media after a rehab-required absence.

"Today is the first day of the rest of my life," she wrote on Twitter. "'The future depends on what we do in the present.' -- Mahatma Gandhi ... One step at a time ..."

A possible hindrance to that turnaround is a Palm Desert police investigation into an allegation Lohan attacked a female staffer at the clinic, a claim that could potentially send the "Mean Girls" actress back to jail.

Prosecutors say they have not decided whether to pursue the alleged Dec. 12 incident, but the medical technician who made the accusation announced shortly before Christmas that she no longer wanted to press charges and that she sympathized with the plight of a fellow recovering addict.

Technician Dawn Holland initially told Palm Desert police that she wanted Lohan charged with battery after the actress allegedly attacked her when the technician tried to check Lohan's sobriety. Holland initially told police that Lohan hurt her wrist.

Lohan initially called 911, apparently distressed over the conflict at the halfway house in Palm Desert. Police are continuing to investigate, and authorities still could determine Lohan violated her probation.

But Holland's change of heart would make prosecution difficult.

Lohan checked into the Betty Ford Center in September after testing positive for drugs while on probation for a 2007 drunk-driving conviction. A judge that same month ordered that she remain there until Jan. 3. The judge warned if she violated probation again she would do six months in jail.


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-- Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan in October 2010. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press

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Please Dear Lord, make the mudslides come and rain boulders on PCH so big that the roads are all closed down so Lindsay can't get anywhere near Malibu! Please give us a rest from these tired worn out fools, and all their crazayzay families in tow.
It would be much too stressful in the 'bu for her anyways, the shopping isn't up to her standards.

hope that Betty Ford has a revolving door....Lohan will be back before you can say" i'll have another".

Good luck, Lindsay. Stay strong. You have shown a sparkle and brightness in your movies. I hope you can realize that is a gift many would like to have. Cherish it.

Personally, I am not bitter over you having repeated rehab. Lots of people do the same thing.

I read about you because I want to know about you. I don't read about things I am not interested in... and I certainly don't comment just to make rude statements. There ought to be some kind of rehab to bring the kind of person who does that back to being nice. When those people let go of their own demons and personal anger problems and their jealousy of others, maybe they could start their own steps to recovery.


At this point in her life she may want to apply for citizenship at the Betty Ford Clinic.

I hope she can keep it together this time. She needs to stay away from her sycophant "friends", stay out of the clubs, and live a quiet life for awhile. One step at a time, indeed.

This girl has more BS than California's and Texass politicians! Any bets HOW SOON she's back at Betty Ford for more BS lessons?

I wonder if they ever did get that breathalyzer done?

When I was at Betty Ford(jan '09) going over the fence meant they threw you out on the spot.

But I'm sure Lyndsay didn't get any special treatment. bahahahaha

And how long before we are reading of her Forseeeable Death?

Who cares? Why is this "news"?

Anybody wanna take any bets as to how long she stays out of trouble (of any kind) this time?

It is so sad to see an artist so talented and so young with so much to give society struggle with addiction.

Let's hope she doesn't go the way of Cobain, Ledger, Jim Morrison, etc... etc.. etc...

Don't worry, she'll be back in jail or rehab again soon where someone can take care of her, as she obviously can't do it herself.

"At this point in her life she may want to apply for citizenship at the Betty Ford Clinic."

-- posted by Jim

Jim, don't do that - I almost spit coffee all over my computer monitor.

Want to understand Lindsay Lohan? Just listen to her skanky mom Dina, justifying free-riding on her daughter's notoriety: "I'm living the American dream, and you can go [blankety-blank-blank]"

What's the over-under on her time before the next implosion. My guess would be about 90 days.

We have a two tiered NON justice system in this country; one for the Lohans, Hiltons, Sheens and Auggie Busches of the world and one for the rest of us. When called to jury "duty", I inform the sleaze judge and sleaze lawyers in writing the I will not convict anyone of anything as long as this NON justice system is in place. I mean it and it works.






Nobody cares!

This has to be good news for her suppliers. The drive out to make the drops at the culvert on the roadway in front of the Rehab Center were exhausting. The gas costs were getting worrysome too I'll bet.

Lindsay will relapse before you can SAY "relapse"! Anyone who goes thorough a pathetic 12-step based program had ZERO chance of maintaining sobriety! ZERO!

Sounds like shes all better. She should be good to go.

Lindsay doesn't have an addiction problem, and all the clinics in the world cannot save her. She has a "human problem", caused predominately by manipulative parents, enabling hanger-ons and, exploitive agents and film executives. What this girl needs most is a course in humility, an appreciation of hard work and some spiritual awareness. She needs to find a way to become a grown up woman instead of the spoiled, entitled brat that will surely find her way prematurely to the grave.

You are so talented, my kids love you. Your movies make them laugh and smaile, they have watched Parent Trap a million times, Mean Girls is an all time fav, and lets not forget Herbie. You have so much potential I would love to see you do something more with it. Good luck and I hope that 2011 is a new and better year for you.

There's a very happy meth dealer out there...

I love Lindsay Lohan. She is a beautiful girl being venerated for completely victimless crimes.

She should move to Indiana with me. I would help defend her against all those douchebags out there who have nothing better to do than tear her down.

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