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Lindsay Lohan attorney: Actress never drank, took drugs while at Betty Ford

Lindsay Lohan's attorney said Wednesday that her client never consumed alcohol or drugs while at the Betty Ford rehab center.

Shawn Chapman Holley made the statement after sources told The Times that Riverside County detectives believe that Lohan may have violated her probation during an altercation with a staffer at the clinic by refusing to take an alcohol sobriety test.

Such a violation could send Lohan back to jail for months if a judge agreed it occurred.

"I had numerous conversations with Betty Ford counselors and doctors over the course of Lindsay's treatment there and it was never suggested by anyone that she ever drank or used drugs," Chapman Holley said. "Her discharge letter from the facility is totally consistent with that."


Lindsay Lohan's lawyer blasts detectives' handling of battery case

-- Richard Winton

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How the heck would her attorney know? Did she spend 24 hours a day seven days a week holding Lindsay's hand she was in rehab? And, of course her client is a credible source of information? Sure!

that is complete BS

im so tired of this one female getting away with all this, by all means if she did nothing wrong then she did nothing wrong but anyone else not in her career area would be in jail and for months if not years! I dont care if you have the highest paid lawyer or not, its not right that money rules this nation like that to keep giving these people chances and all because there some actor or actress or just someone with alot of cash. This is nothing new though and wont change, i just get tired of hearing abot this type of stuff with all these well off people to get away with. Im not a fan of hers but im not against her either just plan and simple across the board everyone should gt the same sentence in any case like this ongoing situation.

A complete fabrication!

i say she is dead within 5 years!!

I've been half heartedly following Lohan's story because i got a dui when i was in my mid-20s, about 5 years ago. I was also a wild-child and it was my 2nd dui. the difference is, i dont have the financial resources Lindsay and her family have and let me tell you, there was no getting out of jail early, or even so much as a phone call before i went before a judge. And if i didnt go to those alcohol classes, there was a warrant out for my arrest. I've been very shocked and dismayed at how much she has been able to do without any consequense, as i continue, to this day, to get punished for my mistakes and harassed by LAPD because i still haven't recovered financially and drive a beat up car. The reality we live in, especially here in Los Angeles, is a double standard that rewards people with money. It's a very discouraging state of affairs.
That all said, i feel sad for this chick, because she had such a promising future and sexy image. Now, she couldn't be less attractive. She seems to have wasted the prime of a young movie star's life, and having only seen one movie i enjoyed Lindsay in - Mean Girls - i am less and less impressed with her acting ability as i believe those years needed to be spent learning technique instead of relying on her looks, which are fading fast with her fast and loose lifestyle. Poor Lindsay

She never got special treatment she went to jail

"it was never suggested by anyone that she ever drank" Except for the staffer that she is accused of assaulting after she refused a breathalyzer . Oh yeah that suggestion.

maybe not there, but when she went off the premises she did. Her atty is sly, but not that sly.

If she wasn't afraid of giving a dirty test she wouldn't have refused, if you refuse to give a breathalizer or other form of blood alchol test you are considered guilty...unless you are a celebrity or rich or a cop :(

How does Lohan afford staying at $1,000 a day rehab centers and million dollar condos in Venice if she hasn't worked in months?

What is she getting away with? Who cares? Let her die. I don't care if she drinks or takes drugs. Lets go after real criminals.

Here we go again, she 's hell bent on destroying herself, and people are handing her the gun, let her, and save us another year of BS drama

Then if true, why wouldn't she do a breathalizer? And if true why did she rip a phone off the wall and physically push a staff member, if true?

Typical attorney.. the issue isnt if she drank or did drugs while at the clinic..

The point is that she refused to take a sobriety test when asked. Nothing about her actually drinking or drugging up. She refused the test. That violated her parole. I notice her attorney didnt address that main part of the issue at hand.

Try that if you get pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving.. refusing the test puts you in jail just as fast as failing the test. You are still going to be charged and they will have a judge issue a search warrant to draw blood to get the test done anyways

forget about the fact anyone in her career area .
most of us plain joe's would never have received the grace she has. or he opertunity. maybe it's time she learned how the rest of us live and the fact that most of us cant get away with murder. quite frankly i am not paying to see her movies and dot see that she's all that

Just let her go and ruin her life...

If I were the director of Betty Ford, I'd keep my mouth shut, too. Lindsay is probably a great source of referral business and they have bills to pay just like the rest of us.

Keys words: never consumed alcohol or drugs while at the Betty Ford rehab center.

Duh, that's why she went off grounds, came back AFTER curfew, then when confronted, beat the crap out of the poor lady that worked there! Back to the slammer Lindsay!

Hey corey go to an AA meeting and listen to the habitual criminals in R4 homes instead of jail. I have 21 yrs experience and have first hand experience at the alcoholic and drug addict scenario. Its part of the jail overcrowding probolem that lets addicts walk free with house rules. Do you want the jails full of rapist's and murderers or do you want a person trying to get sober who has trouble staying that way but is trying to let a rapist go free so a drunk with national spotlights can get double jeopardy convictions due to her sexual preference ?
Because face it moron if its your first offence you have plenty of chances ahead of you before you do real time in jail, hell even drunk drivers get 3 chances before its a felony and with a good lawyer you might get off then ?
This girl has a target on her back already, would you want to be convicted just because someone didn't like you ? If your not an alcoholic then get on your knees and thank God he didn't give you that disease but don't judge someone when your talking about a disease that you know nothing about ! In the US alcoholism is a disease in case you were wondering.

Really why do they have to say she did not take drug let them just give her her sentence and let this freaking case be over.I mean really could she just stop this thing she does not know that we are trying to help her?oh for heaven's sake i am sick and tired of her pretence

As a Pasadena Bail Bonds company we see situations like this weekly. And most if not all result in jail times for the defendants. I will echo the sentiments of the commenter before me that states that celebrities tend to get away with things. i.e. Charlie Sheen. But, I believe that they only get away with these types of scenarios because of the power that they have. Not necessarily political power, but the power in the posse that travels with them.
This posse has the ability to provide covers ups and to ward off PR storms such as the one Lindsay is involved in.
Within our bail bonds company, the every day normal defendant does not have such capabilities so they concede to the law quickly and hence have different results.
You can blame Lindsay for the troubles she is having, but don't blame her for getting the so called special treatment, there is no such thing, just a better game plan and better team.

Corey, your comment is ridiculous. she is not getting away with anything!! If anything, she is under the microscope for every minor infraction. The woman got a DUI and drug posession and she handled it. Now they are on her case for possibly having a drink durring rehab. I understand she is on probation but c'mon. Alcohol is LEGAL and she should be allowed to drink responsibly. It is her life and if she wants to have a drink or do some drugs she shouldnt have to answer to anybody. She is an adult. Probation is ridiculous, once you go to jail you have repaid your debt. nobody should be able to keep tabs on you for years afterward. Let the lady have a drink and quit being nazi's about it.

I'm sure her liar sorry Lawyer still believes in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny to. Cause if he called her a complete psychopathic liar. he would have to say BYE BYE to all the fees he charges. To see that his client receives JUSTICES

Do we really care about this loser?

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