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Lindsay Lohan accuser angry at prosecutors for pursuing battery case

Riverside County District Attorney investigators probing allegations of battery against actress Lindsay Lohan recently went to the home of a Betty Ford Center technician who had accused the actress of assaulting her.

But the technician has refused to talk to prosecutors. The woman's attorney sent the distict attorney's office an angry letter this week reiterating that she wants nothing to do with the case.

Technician Dawn Holland's attorney said he has repeatedly told investigators that she did not want to pursue criminal charges against Lohan.

"They knew my client was represented by counsel and it's outrageous they pull a stunt like this," said attorney Keith Davidson who wrote to Riverside County District Atty. Paul Zellerbach.

At issue is a Dec. 12 incident in which Lohan is accused of getting physical with Holland at Betty Ford.

Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, denied any wrongdoing by his client and has called the statements of Riverside County Sheriff's officials "deeply troubling" A couple of weeks after the incident,  when it became public, Holland informed authorities she did not want to pursue charges against Lohan.  But Riverside County Sheriff's deputies continued investigating and recently presented the case to the district attorney's office.

The district attorney's office, however, this week announced more investigation was needed before a decision could be made.

-- Richard Winton

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This is just a chance for Rob Pachuco the head DA to get some easy publicity, he's an attention seeker...

Money talks and Lindsay walks. Same old, same old.

If Holland doesn't want to pursue this matter, she should never have opened her big mouth to the media! Because of Lohan's past, and the conditions of her present probation, there has to be an investigation. Kind of makes you wonder what Holland was (or still is) up to.

What a was of taxpayers money? This is just a simple battery case. The DA should concentrate more on hardcore cases. The DA want publicity on this. A squandered taxpayer resources.

How to waste time and money 101.

How much money is all this costing in the middle of a severe budget crisis? Are they made of money in Riverside County that they can pursue celebrity vendettas like this?

There are two kinds of district attorneys. One is in it because he or she believes in what they are doing and want to serve the community. The other is Zellerbach, just hoping a little celebrity will rub off on him.

Obviously being paid off by the actress.

Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, is a woman for cryin' out loud.

Of course she's angry. She probably got paid a nice sum not to pursue it. And her lawyer is angry because the police approached her as a victim? Lawyers. No joke about them is too rude, crass, or unwarranted. Intestinal parasites have better reputations.

the police department needs to find something better to do with tax payer money, this "case" is downright ridiculous. LA is a crime infested place, and here they are trying to bring down an amazing thespian. they need to get a real life and worry about the bigger issue, like how cops misuse their badge for donuts, or how cops intentionally run red lights and stop signs. why is it every cop i see is WAY overweight. maybe they should hit the gym rather than worry about trying to prosecute an innocent civilian.

Geez. Why would an ambitious DA pursue a vendetta against a celebrity?

No charges is pressed and yet the Sheriff dept continue to investigate? How about clamping down on the gangs and criminals in Riverside.

What a waste of time and money. Our elected officials and their appointed bureaucrats are the stupidest and most useless people on Earth!

Well she shouldn't of said anything in the first place. What a moron. Now she wants to put the worms back in the can. News for you lady, your stupid.

Can you say pay-off?

....then, she should have kept her mouth shut. A person shouldn't accuse someone of wrongdoing and then change their mind. She probably wanted .... ALL TOGETHER NOW.....MONEY.

HMMMM how MUCH did la lohan PAY this lady to SHUT UP ? They should CHECK her finances and SEE just how much she got to 'attempt' to bury this and keep la lohan OUT of jail !! It's a 'violation' nonetheless of her 'probation' and ANY judge in his 'right' mind should see it that way !!

Although she was fired, I bet the Betty Ford Center paid her to keep quiet.

morons all of them

This is why, I rarely support any budget increase for law enforcement agencies. They have too much free time and not enough work to do. Come budget time, they'll do their song and dance routine and frighten the public into approving their unsustainable budgets.

Hmmm, I wonder why the victim is so angry? Could it be, hmmm, maybe that the PAYOFF language stipulates there must be no charges for it to be valid?

Sorry lady, you blabbed to the media. How funny would it be if Lohan is convicted? She goes back to the slam and the worker gets no payout! :)

This sound like a pay off,yes once again Lohan makes a fool out of L.A. you know they paid that lady off,money always make things go away.I hope she made that fool paid her good, Like something was goint to happen to her anyway,This lohan we talking about.

No, holland wants no part of it she would lose, lohan is teflon, you don't
beat some one in court, when you're seen in a $2,500 courtside laker game.

I see all the geniuses are out in force. This case has nothing to do with LAPD. It's a case originating out of Riverside County. Also, Rod Pacheco is not the district attorney of Riverside County. Paul Zellerbach is. Additionally, it does not matter if this former complaining party is represented by counsel. She's not accused of a crime, and while it is true she doesn't have to talk to the D.A.'s office if she doesn't want to, the D.A.'s investigators have the right to make the attempt to speak with her.

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