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LAPD officer threatened to kill teen who had affair with his wife, lawsuit claims

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/.a/6a00d8341c630a53ef01310f827e97970c-800wiThe family of a student who had a sexual affair with a Burbank Unified middle school teacher has filed a lawsuit against her husband, a Los Angeles police officer, claiming he threatened to kill the teenager.

The family also accuses the LAPD and the city of Los Angeles of failing to investigate or take any disciplinary action after receiving complaints of his conduct, according to the complaint.

In March, Amy Beck, a sixth-grade teacher at Jordan Middle School, turned herself in to police for having sex with her then-14-year-old student, who has not been identified. Amy Beck is now serving a two-year prison sentence.

An earlier lawsuit the family filed against the school district was dismissed.

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--Gretchen Meier, Burbank Leader/Times Community News

Photo: Amy Beck at her school before her arrest. Credit: Times Community News

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Let he who is without sin cast the first stone at Amy Beck... and lets be truthful here... the kid who had the affair with her probably feels like he won the lottery!

This reeks of fabrication. The family didn't get satisfaction from the school district for an incident in which their darling surely didn't put up much of a fight, so they'll try mining another source of money.

What a suprise, a cop making a death threat.

The greed of the youth's family is incredible. They want to sue everyone and everything hoping if they sling enough mud, something will stick (and they can finally pay off their mortgage). The City should never settle a frivolous lawsuit like this.

And let's be even more clear, she committed a crime and should be punished. A male teacher sleeping with a 14 female student is no different. Furthermore, the parents of this child should be ashamed for trying to extort money from the husband and encouraging their son's behavior by saying he shouldn't face any consequences for sleeping with another man's wife. That's reality.

A teacher commits statutory rape of a 14 year old student and then a police officer threatens to kill the victim. Then the police department takes no action on the complaint?

Now imagine the child was a girl!

Okay Counsel for the student and family: Was OFCR Beck in uniform and on duty at the time of the alleged incident? I'd like to see why the City of Los Angeles is responsible. I'll bet real money, they never filed a claim against the City. Tell me, how much "pain and suffering" did the person have, who received the alleged threat?

I hope Beck counter-sues the heck out of you, for maligning his character, endangering his job and malicious prosecution.

two year sentence? what if a man had sex with a 14 year old female student? im guessing he would get at least ten years.

that being said, i wouldnt complain if i was the 14 year old boy having sex with my teacher

The husband is the real victim in this whole situation. The kid is just a co-conspirator in destroying the guy's life. The greed of this kid's parents to then use their child for monetary gain is disgusting.

if the husband as alleged wants to kill this kid~ wow~ most men juana kill the woman~ so in this case~ he no longer has a woman~ she's in jail~
The kid is ruined~ the parents are anger cause they fed this kid~ spend money on him~ and he is a young boy/male who was taken advantage of applied sex in class~ The police husband is in a rage~ The wife did that~ not the boy~ the boy was being a boy~ being selfish cause his penis was talking with him~ The teacher~ well he power was for sale~ So the husband wants to kill~ that is whats going to end this story?~ so cash would help put out the fire~ ? I don't think so, a mad cop with a gun~ is a legal aid to murder

The story says that Ms. Beck was a sixth-grade teacher and that the youth in question was "her then-14-year-old student". Wouldn't he have been a little old for the sixth grade? Just wondering....

tis doesnt surprise me.... LAPD is full of bad cops.... and bad decisions!! But I seriously doubt that the censor at the time will allow this to post....

A cop threatening someone's life? What a shocker! LOL!

They are nothing but legal gangbangers. No one should be surprised by this. If you are, you're not very bright.

age is just a number.....

"the child is a co-conspirator"

That is such a jackass statement.

The child is a victim. That's why the teacher is in jail.

Her husband WAS a victim, until he threatened to kill the kid.

More sleezy money grabbing losers! Gimme money school district....oh I can't get money from them? I'll just make up lies about the cop then and sue the police department, other losers do it all the time.

If you can't see that's what happening here then you are not very bright.

To de cop: Your wife wanted it on the side. She knew what she was doing. No one put a gun to her head as you would do the teenager she molested. Accept the fact of what she is and move on with your life. The kid is a minor that she took advantage of. Make threats like they say you have, lose your job and wind up being someones girlfriend in the slammer. If you made the threats your judgement sucks and you and your wife really might be meant for each other.

Deport them back to Somalia...

my my, if it had been anyone but a cop, they would file it as a terrorest threat.
That in itself should be a reason to have him arrested and investigated. Its a matter of the cops protecting there own, and thinking there above the law.

They would say "he was upset and didnt mean it" but there again, if it were one of us, its still a terrerist threat.

Cops suck, and thats why ill never call one


Terrorism has nothing to do with this case. Why in the world should the cop be arrested for terrorist threats?

My heart goes out to the Beck family...the family of the minor should leave well enough alone. Looking for compensation at a time when the Beck family needs healing is selfish and perverse...


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