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Grading Schwarzenegger: Does he get an 'A' or an 'F' ?

Arnold Schwarzenegger


As Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves office, how do you grade the outgoing governor?

Times Sacramento Bureau Chief Evan Halper noted that Schwarzenegger entered office with a state in crisis (leading to the recall of Gray Davis) and leaves office much the same way:

Seven years later, with Schwarzenegger's tenure in its final day, the state's schools are in poor shape, the public university system is losing its sheen, the federal courts have taken control of part of the prison system. The deficit keeps growing. In a recent interview in his stately Capitol conference room, his "Conan the Barbarian" sword resting in a case behind him, the governor looked back. He defended his record but admitted to errors that were key to his inability to fulfill the promise of tearing up the state's credit card and "ending the crazy deficit spending."

Tell us how you grade Schwarzenegger below.

Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger, at the state Capitol in Sacramento, is about to finish his second and final term as California governor. (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)

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A for effort

D minus.

The best ones to answer are our children and grandchildren, who will have to pay back all the money he borrowed. I grade him an "F" for all the lies he told us, with the hope that the voters keep him away from Washington D .C.

He is a neat guy donating his salary and all. However, governor is like sitting in on poker hand that was dealt and cards drawn. How much can you change anything when a system is in gridlock and owned by insiders. Yeah, lets close some schools and keep paying some lazy "safety" officer 10 Million at age 50. It's a thousand Rizzo's of different degrees.

He gets a D. His ego was always in front of what he should have been doing.

I give him a A.
Schwarzenegger took an impossible job and did
a better job than our last 3 governors.


If thee was a grade lower then "F" to give, Arnold would get it! No worse governor has ever run this state, and every governor that follows will be better!

A for protecting the wealthiest and not making them pay their fair share in funding infrastructure critical to creating and sustaining economic wealth. F for solving any systemic problems, or even really trying. And F for how his policies treated people less fortunate than him (99% of Californians).

If there was justice in the world, Arnold would now become a 67 year old white (or black or hispanic) female widow living on Social Security in need of home care.

He ain't coming back.

Results matter. F.

The obvious choice is a big fat "F". He wrote a bad script and could not deliver the lines.

Is there a grade lower than "Z-minus?"

Definitely a big FAT "F"!

I would give Arnold a solid D. He started out with a lot of big talk but as soon as the unions slapped him down he turned into what is truly is. A weak-kneed actor that needs to hear how great he is and that he is loved. Oh he could deliver the lines, but like all actors they were just lines written by someone else. He never really stood up against the free-spending liberals that are running this state into the ground. In fact in many ways he joined them by signing the so called 'green' laws that are causing so many businesses to leave the state, by not standing up for traditional marriage, by not supporting off-shore drilling and by supporting the high speed rail boondoggle (to name just a few).

He definitely was not the "Terminator" he promised to be.

Arnold clearly deserves an "F". He talked big about collaborating and ending gridlock at the State Capitol, and ended up being the Poster Child for such stagnation. He mainly flew around to disaster sites and allowed himself to become personally bitter with his personal opponents. He therefore would not compromise, implemented a stupid furlough program that ends up costing the State more in the long run, and created one fake budget after another. He papered over budgetary problems for political reasons to the point that less than two months after each budget was passed, we get news it is over-optimistic and needs more cuts. He will go down as perhaps California's most ineffective Governor ever! I never thought someone could make Gray Davis look good, but Arnold did accomplish that much.

Really? What's the point of this poll? No one of either party, or of the whole human race, would give him anything but a capital F. His performance in "The Expandables" was better than his performance as governor. He failed as Tony Vilar fails, as George Bush failed, to how Obama is failing. Arnold's failure is especially disappointing since he initially ran on restoring California to how he discovered it in 1968. No one can make hard decisions that affect the moneyed classes or the extremes of the worker/union classes. There have to be shared sacrifices on both sides, but when neither side budges and the corporate oligarchy runs things through their 3500 lobbyists, nothing will ever get done. California is doomed. Jerry Brown will be no better.

Big Fat -F- stupid governor, total embarrassment for Californians

All government in this country, state, local, national requires changes to prevent overspending and to reduce our debts.

See the US Treasury website "The Debt to the Penny" to understand the national debt today and in the past.

Our stock markets are now run by math doctorates who have rigged the computers to be Las Vegas type slot machines. Our future is run by robots.

See Michael Lewis's "Liars Poker" and " The Big Short" for details.
Mr Lewis also wrote "The Blind Side" about football left tackles which won an Academy Award for Sandra Bullock.

Bill Franklin


I think Arnold did as good a job as he could since he had to work with so many 'girlie guys' in the legislative body, as he referred to them. How do you reverse the direction of a State like CA who has spent beyond their means for so many decades with freebies to everyone. Jerry, 'professional politician', Brown will drastically have to change direction which is usually not his MO. It will be more than a challenge for him, assuming he does not take it further into the potential bankruptcy direction.

I rate the Governator an f-, he has proved to be a mean, small-minded man who displays hate for the lame, infirm, poor and sick and loves to lavish tax breaks and perks on those who don't need it. Also ineffective.

The Governor didn't have a chance with our disgusting Legislature, who are only out for themselves and illegal aliens


I said in another post, but I'll say it again: B-
It should be a lot worse, but frankly he's the best performer in the whole horror show of Sacramento. Buncha self- serving backstabbers

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