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Gardena shooting victims 'fortunate' to be alive; girl still in critical condition after surgery

The two students shot in a Gardena High School classroom shooting are recovering at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, but surgeons said it was too early to predict the extent of the injuries to a 15-year-old girl who was shot in the head -– the most seriously injured of the two students.

The midmorning shooting, which police said happened when a gun a student was carrying in his backpack discharged, left the classmates injured when they were hit by a single round of gunfire. Surgeons said it appeared that a single bullet struck a 15-year-old boy in the neck and then hit the girl on the left side of her skull.

Dr. James Ausman, who heads a team of surgeons at the hospital, said the extent of the girl’s injuries likely would not be known until Wednesday, when doctors can determine whether she can speak or move her arms and legs. The left side of the brain controls speech and motor movement on the right side of the body.

Dr. Gail Anderson Jr., the chief medical officer at the Torrance medical center, said the bullet fractured but did not puncture the girl’s skull  and that the energy from the bullet caused trauma to the brain. The girl remains in critical condition.

The boy, Anderson said, was in far better condition and was able to talk and move his limbs freely. Anderson said the boy’s family had been at the hospital since mid-morning and that the girl’s family was en route to the hospital.

“The fact that they’re alive is both fortunate ... we don’t know what the outcome is going to be,” said Anderson.


Photos: Gardena High School shooting

Anxious students undergo weapons search at Gardena High

Boy shot at Gardena High is on track team, excels in sports

-- Jeff Gottlieb and Howard Blume

Photo: Harbor-UCLA Medical Center's Dr. James Ausman, right, and surgeons who cared for Gardena High School shooting victims talk to the media on Jan. 18, 2011. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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idiot kids...

sorry, ment idiot kid(with gun) other two kids, i feel terrible for...

"the most seriously injured of the two..." My English teacher is turning over in her grave.

This kid was obviously an Obama supporter influenced by the hatred of the tea partiers by the Democrats personified by Nancy Pelosi.

"Anderson said the boy’s family had been at the hospital since mid-morning and that the girl’s family was en route to the hospital."

I'm curious as to why the girl's family is only now in route to the hospital, many hours after the incident. Seems strange.

How many shootings will it take before we ban handguns and glocks?

Wow, I didnt even know that the gun went off in his back pack. Question 1. How did this young boy get a gun?? And when and if we ever find out wont stop the violence. We need to get rid of guns, stop selling guns to minors....

This MLK holiday, it seems strange to remember that 50 or 60 years ago in the southern US, peaceful demonstrators, including children, faced beatings by police, snarling dogs, fire hoses and untold amounts of vigilante violence, including bombings, to gain rights we take for granted today: the right to eat in any restaurant, to drink from any water fountain, to attend any school or college, to live in any neighborhood.

Here's hoping that not too long from now, people will find equally strange the sick, crazy level of violence that we accept as normal these days.

The photo caption is incorrect as of 12:50 on 1/19/11. Dr. James Ausman is third from left. Dr. Gail Anderson is on the right.

When are people like Debbie Coven and all the other anti-gun people on here going to realize that guns are not the problem. This gun didn't do this by itself. Lets put the blame where it belongs, on the student that brought the gun to school and that kids parents. I personally carry a firearm (legally) everyday and it has never once gone off by itself. And I would bet my next paycheck that if any of you (like Debbie Coven) are ever in a situation where someone pulls a gun on you, you will be praying that someone like me is around to help you.

You people need to get a clue, the world is a crazy place, and each of us have the right and responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones when bad people out there pick you to be their next victim. I take responsibility for my own safety and if you don't want to that s fine with me, but don't try to take away my right to do so.

I hate that things like this happen as much as anyone, and my prayers go out to the families involved in this terrible incident. I hope these two innocent kids recover fully and quickly. Banning "handguns and glocks" however is not the answer.

To Mother of 1 and Debbie,
One must be age of majority to purchase and own a gun. As for outlawing guns, I'm certain our current president will outlaw guns by executive fiat soon, he just ahs to do it without input from us pesky citizens who still believe in the Second Amendement to the Constitution of The United States of America. You know, the document that Mr. Obama, Ms. Peolosi and Mr. Reid, et al use as toilet paper?


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