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Gang detective shot and wounded in Long Beach

A Long Beach police anti-gang detective was shot and wounded late Saturday night while in a patrol car with another detective.

Police said the detective was struck once in the upper torso and was driven to a local hospital by his partner. The detective is listed in stable condition. Police withheld his name but said he is 30 years old and has been a member of the Long Beach police force for seven years.

According to a statement from the Long Beach Police Department, the two detectives were shot at near the intersection of Anaheim Street and Mahanna Avenue at about 10:50 p.m. A gunman riding in another vehicle fired multiple rounds at the detectives' unmarked police car, which was equipped with emergency lights and a siren. The wounded detective was driving the patrol car at the time of the attack, police said.

Additional officers were on the southeast corner of the intersection conducting an unrelated investigation when the shooting occurred. One of the officers was able to fire at the suspects' vehicle as it fled southbound on Mahanna Avenue. Investigators don't believe a suspect was hit by the officer's gunfire.

Neighborhood streets in the area were closed off for several hours as police searched for the two suspects, who still remain at large. Police did not have a description of the pair.

Anyone with information about the shooting can call police homicide detectives at (562) 570-7244.

-- Ruben Vives

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Is it true the gunman fired his shots from a deadly hose nozzle?

Another city-wide dragnet, no doubt -- replete with school lockdowns, business closures, and martial law curfews. Perhaps the police department should determine whether the incompetent officer shot himself.

Nice to see the public-spirited keyboard warriors posting, letting others do the real work.

Nice to see the public-spirited keyboard warriors posting, letting others do the real work.

Is there a description of the suspect? Could he be the same illegal alien that killed the liquor store worker? Maybe instead of letting illegals get away with being here illegally we should send them back. How can you expect them to respect any laws when the most basic are not respected or enforced. Or respect those who are suppose to enforce the laws and do not. Enforce all laws equally or non or them. That simple. Otherwise you only breed animocity and hatred on both sides of the issues.

I do hope that the police detective makes a fast, full recovery. I am sure everyone wants the best for him and his family.

Keyboard warrioir...hahaha

Roger, by "real work" you must mean abusing their authority on a daily, as most oinkers do.

Sorry to read his injuries weren't more severe.

Los Angeles is a cesspool.

Apparently, Pat Bryant is a retard.

To: PatBryans and Common Sense (?!?)

I would most assuredly like to tell you both to go fornicate yourselves, but three syllable words would likely only confuse you. So let me say that… oh well, what is the use trying to explain this to such creations.

My best wishes for a speedy recovery for the detective. I, and all good citizens, appreciate your service to the unappreciative posters here that you try to protect from the lowlife scumbag gangsters.

common sense has none.

Just like how they protected us by gunning down a drunk on private property holding a water nozzle. I certainly do not feel any safer due to police shootings of late!

PatBryant & Common Sense~

Hopefully, LBPD remembers who you are, and how you feel about them when you call 911 when that same group of gang bangers are pulling a train on your wife or daughters!

I can't believe people take shots at law enforcement, who by and large, are men and women putting their lives on the line so the rest of us are safe. I wish this detective a speedy recovery and a quick apprehension of the outlaws, since it appears that the streets have become the wild west to some. We need more officers in the gang unit, not less. To those who wish evil on another, things have a way of coming back on you.

It's blatantlay obvious that the people posting disparaging remarks about the men and women who put a uniform on and protect our community are either criminals themselves or tried to get on the police department and got rejected.

Hey Brad Ster,

Do you wonder why most of society has lost there trust and faith in most police forces?

Is what Pat Bryant said not an eye opener to you? Someone lost their life over a hose nozzle, and last I checked, the victim was not a lowlife scumbag gangster.

Or what common sense said about the cop that inconvenienced HUNDREDS of people because he LIED and said someone shot him, when indeed he shot himself?

I have two 1 syllable words for you, do the math and figure them out.


WRONG, most of society respects and trusts our police officers and military personnel. We recognize that they are human and not perfect. They make mistakes like you, I and the rest of the people on planet earth. But by and large they are good people doing a job that you or I and most of the population don't have the courage to do.


See my prior comment, you just proved my point

Thank you!

@ u know,

So I have tried out for the force, and was rejected huh? OR, I'm a criminal?

Has to be one or the other, according to the all mighty "uknow"?

You're about as sharp as a marble, you aware of that?...

BTW, believe it or not, lots have lost faith in our police force. And they are not criminals OR rejects of the force either, genuis.

I will agree with you on one thing, not all are bad, safe to say more than 80% are good, but the rest of your post is a big FAIL.

Good talk sunshine!


did i touch a nerve?

truth hurts, doesn't it.....

Maybe one in ten cops is a good guy, trying to make a difference. The rest? As bad as the scum they're arresting.


I highly doubt that 9 out of 10 cops is like you.

Thank God!

@ u know-

And we are thankful that only 1 in 10 humans are like you.

Thank God!


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