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Fatal LAPD shooting involved ex-college football player/model

Police shooting

The man Los Angeles police officers shot in Playa Vista during a scuffle Friday was identified as a former college football player.

Reginald Doucet Jr., 25, played defensive back at El Camino College and Middle Tennessee State University.

According to his Middle Tennessee State biography, Doucet was 6 feet tall and weighed 190 pounds when he played there. Raised in Prunedale, Calif., he was a track and football star at North Monterey County High School, where he also played basketball, his biography says.

Doucet played junior college football at El Camino College near Torrance before winning a scholarship to Middle Tennessee State. Doucet more recently worked as a personal fitness trainer and part-time model, said his neighbor and former agent, Chris Ellison. Doucet was single but has a daughter who is 3 or 4 years old. KTLA-TV (Channel 5) reported Doucet also worked as a model.

The shooting occurred about 3:30 a.m. when two patrol officers responded to a disturbance call in the 5200 block of Crescent Park West and found a naked man "yelling and behaving erratically," according to an LAPD statement.

Police said the officers attempted to calm the agitated man and talked him into putting on his boxer shorts, but he ran when they tried to apprehend him. They approached him again, but he ran once more.

"When the officers tried a third time to detain the suspect in the apartment complex doorway, the suspect immediately attacked both officers," the statement said. "The suspect repeatedly punched both officers in the face and head and at one point tried to take one of the officer's guns."

That's when one of the officers, identified only as a male with 17 months in the department, shot Doucet twice, police said. He died at a hospital.

-- Kim Christensen

Photo: Los Angeles police Cmdr. Andrew Smith, left, and Officer Tiffany Wright escort a distraught woman who said she knew Reginald Doucet Jr., who was killed by police. Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times



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Case closed. Douchet was not only wacked out on PCP he was an incredibly strong and fast young man. If he just beat the cops down and then left no problem, but once he grabbed for a gun then game over.

Thank God the officers made it out of this alive.

LAPD need more trainning and stop first to shoot culture.

Got no sympathy for the man who was shot.
Being violent, combative and running around without any clothes on at that hour, is a guarantee that the outcome won't be good when the police are called. I can believe, although he didn't have his own gun, trying to wrest a gun from an officer is definitely likely.

We recently had a young deputy trainee get shot in the face and nearly killed. Don't take it for granted that because a man doesn't have his own gun, doesn't mean he can't be dangerous. A CHP officer was killed years ago with his own baton. The perpetrator beat him in the head with it.
I think it's time for the public to understand that a strong young person, either clinically mentally disturbed or someone under the influence, doesn't leave a lot of options for the police.
In fact, very very little.

Was the only way to subdue a naked, unarmed man was to shoot him twice??? No Taser or pepper spray available? Since when can a law enforcement officer use deadly physical force against a citizen who is unarmed?? Aren't the LAPD officers better trained? I guess not...

Ha ha, i'm loving this... a white man shot cause he was high off drugs, and no one seems to care. Seems the murderous culture of L.A.P.D's lack of training shows again. All cops are short, fat and don't work out. You wonder why they resort to tasers and guns. Jeez, i would want to be around them even after the fact grabbing family. Now all races aren't safe... cops need to spend a weed in skidrow, to understand how drugs work. This is supposed to be highly trained law enforcement and public safety? How come armed security guards almost NEVER shoot innocent people? Is that because they would be held accountable?

Something tells me he wouldn't be dead today if he were at home taking care of his child where he belonged.

But it's probably easier to just blame the cops.

Common sense - If you don't want any negative outcomes from an encounter with LAPD or law enforcement, make sure you're NOT the one acting erractically and inappropriately.

Law Enforcement can minimally be trained to shoot to IMMOBILIZE THE SUSPECT not KILL!!!

This story is a sad story about the LAPD

Two trained police officers unable to subdue and detain an unarmed naked man, and instead killed him, ridiculous. The man was agitated, displayed aggressive behavior, possibly under the influence of alcohol/drugs, and showed that he was unwilling to cooperate on two separate occasions running from them, and you would think that on the third attempt of trying to detain the suspect these officers would have realized "wait, he ran from us twice already, maybe we should just user our tazer guns..". Instead they chose to get close enough to an unstable, aggressive suspect so that he could attack them, resulting in them shooting an unarmed man.

If there was ever a right time to use a tazer gun this would have been in it.

All you cop haters seem to have all the answers. Walk in their shoes and then spout off.

"LAPD need more trainning and stop first to shoot culture."
NO NO NO, ...Stop doing drugs first.
Every cop will tell you that they rather be judged by six than be carried by six.

To all you monday morning quarterbacks who know how to do police work so well, YOU go out and deal with this..YOU drive that patrol car and deal with whack jobs like Douchet..YOU listen to peoples complaints for $45,000.00 a year...YOU get shot at....until you're ready to step up to the plate and do the job yourself...stop second guessing at events where you were not there.

why, these officers did not used,their BATONS,instead.?

They don't have taser guns? I mean really? If shooting him was necessary, he couldn't be shot in the leg? A non-life threatening injury so he could be rightfully charged with assaulting officers? Wouldn't that make more sense? Nope. I guess he should be shot like a dog. That makes more sense I guess.

This is exactly what should happen when you fight the cops. I'm glad the officers are going to be alright.

All of the Monday morning quarterbacks making comments here should realize one thing.

Since you have absolutely no real world experience in dealing with violent mentally ill suspects, your ideas or suggestions on how it should have been dealt with by these officers fall flat.

It would be like someone who has never set foot on a golf course, and only watched the game on TV trying to give their opinion on what someone like Tiger should have done to make a particular shot he missed.....

Really? What a bunch of fools you are.

No one knows how they would react, until they sit their fanny in the front seat of a patrol car. Until then, save it.

How are you an officer of the peace and you kill an unarmed man? Why not let him go and get back up? Better yet, what was he doing wrong? Being messed up? That gets you killed huh? Something is very wrong here and if you don't see it you are screwed up by society and it's belief the police are always right. No need at all to lose life here, that "cop" needs to do some serious soul searching for this.

He attacked the cops. He was killed. END OF STORY. When you are attacked you can use force to repel the attacker. The cops were only defending themselves. Who would want to be a cop in any big city, you cant win no matter what you do. THANX to all GOOD cops for defending us from these crazy ANIMALS that out there trying to HURT us!!! I am not in law enforcement but I RESPECT POLICE!!!

its easy to sit behind the computer and give your thoughts. if your really want to convince me that you know what your talkin about, then climb into a patrol unit, answer the radio calls, confront this individual and see how you would handle it!...until then read and keep an open mind!

Some are so quick to assume that he was shot point blank...maybe ..just maybe he was shot in a struggle to get the officer's gun.

These officer's responded to a disturbance call.....this story would not have happened if this individual and whomever else was involved had behaved in a civilized manner.

Sad story , This man must have been mentally ill or on drugs so many cases like this lately we really need to bring back the mental health facilities that Regan closed in the 80s .

@Montana Gold. I'm guessing you or somebody in your family has had bad experiences with the police. You haven't logically thought out your statements. Most cops are not short, fat, and out of shape; especially a new hire with 17 months on the job.

What does understanding how drugs work have to do with their reaction to the suspect's actions? He presented as a threat by trying to reach for a gun and they dealt with it accordingly.

Armed security guards rarely shoot people because they rarely deal with these types of situations. Most private security are not armed and those that are typically work for banks, armored car services, or other industries where items of high value are involved. Cops respond to these situations non-stop.

Process your thoughts a few times before you vomit them out.

Another thug off the streets - permanently! Thank God; We tax payers save a lot of money not having to house this animal in the lockup, not to mention all the money that would've been spent pushing this case through trial.

NOTE TO ANYBODY complaining about the LAPD being trigger happy:
Don't cause anybody to call the police about a "disturbance"; Do not run around naked in public while yelling and behaving erratically; If the police arrives and ask you to put on your boxer shorts - comply; Do not run away from the cops; If you're stupid enough to run, do not escape if you're being caught; And if you're even more retarded to actually try to escape from them a second time, and then subsequently being caught - DO NOT repeatedly punch the cops in the face and head, and DO NOT try to take one of the officer's guns.

If you can follow the simple common sense life rules (as stated above), which we all have to live by in a civilized country, then I guarantee you WILL NOT get shot by the cops.

Good job LAPD!

Case closed. Next...

thank god the brave officers weren't hurt by that scary naked black man.

i'm surprised they even talked to him about putting his boxers on first. that was above and beyond the call of duty.

thanks for protecting us with your nice firearms, brave officers of the law. there was a real danger he would have "gone for your guns". and then where would we have been!

i am sure he went for their guns. they always do that just before they get shot.

Knee-jerk reaction is to always blame the cops when the assailant is "unarmed", but once a person tries to take an officer's weapon, ALL BETS ARE OFF!!

FAR too many law enforcement officers are KILLED with their OWN weapons...such a reaction is SELF-DEFENSE 0n the part of officers.

I don't think the cop handled it right at all. The guy had no gun. So why shoot him? They need quit being lazy and go Chase him down. By no means am I saying what the guy did was right or sane. But shooting him didn't show anything except why people don't trust cops now a days. They use their authority and abuse it. Thinking they can kill people. They no better than the people causing crimes. I if a officer would Shot him in the leg. Goes to show that its a rush for cops too to do things bad. Come on. He didn't need to get shot like that he had no gun. The cops need to learn to assist a situation a lot better and under control. They had the opportunity to handcuffs him when he was naked. They didn't and from there went the struggle.

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