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Fabian Nuñez gave Kindle to official at prison where son is serving sentence

Amazon Kindle 3.0 Former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez sent a present to an employee at the state prison where Nuñez's son is serving a sentence for his role in the stabbing death of a San Diego college student, a Department of Corrections spokeswoman said Monday.

Nuñez sent a Kindle electronic reading device to an administrative assistant to the warden at Mule Creek State Prison where Esteban Nuñez is serving a sentence in the October 2008 stabbing death of Luis Santos during a drunken street brawl.

The administrative assistant is the point of contact for prisoners' families and occasionally receives thank you cards, corrections spokeswoman Terry Thornton said.

When the administrative assistant returned from vacation in December and found the gift, she immediately returned it to Fabian Nuñez and explained to him that it was inappropriate for her to receive such gifts.

"Mr. Nuñez was very apologetic," Thornton said.

On his last day in office, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger reduced the sentence of Esteban Nuñez, now 21, from 16 years to seven years in prison. He had pleaded guilty to manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon.

Schwarzenegger agreed with Esteban Nuñez's lawyers that the 16-year sentence was excessive and that it was wrong for the judge to sentence him to the same term as the co-defendant who admitted plunging the knife into Santos' heart.

News of the Kindle gift was first published in the Sacramento Bee. A Kindle can currently be purchased on Amazon.com for $139 plus shipping.

Mule Creek State Prison is in Ione, 40 miles southeast of Sacramento. Esteban Nuñez was allowed to remain free on bail until he was sentenced in June.

Esteban Nuñez is housed in a "special needs yard" at Mule Creek along with Lyle Menendez, one of the two brothers who became notorious for the slayings of their parents in Beverly Hills, and Andrew Luster, the wealthy great-grandson of cosmetics magnate Max Factor who was convicted of serial rape.


Father 'outraged' Schwarzenegger reduced sentence of politician's son in murder case

Villaraigosa won't say if he backs Schwarzenegger's decision to cut prison time for Nuñez's son

San Diego County D.A. blasts Schwarzenegger's decision to reduce sentence of Fabian Nuñez's son

-- Tony Perry in San Diego

Photo: Amazon Kindle. Credit: Amazon.com Inc. / Associated Press

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People in California we need to STOP Former Corrupt Gov. Schwarzenegger and his partner in crime, Fabian Nunez, from committing other crimes in our justice systems.

Today, I am reaching out to everyone, Contact our new Gov. Jerry Brown's office for a full investigation, contact KFI-John & Ken to blast their phones, paste on your facebook, twitter accounts, contact the Supreme Justice Courts and demand answers to this lastest crime, Fabian Nunez has been doing under our nose! This type of criminal behavior by our governmental officals needs to stop today and the American People can control this now!

once a politician most likely a crock until proven innocent

goes to show that there are some upright people who know the difference between right and wrong. thumbs up to the admin assistant at the prison. trying to bribe the jailors nunez? unfortunately, the people involved with the sentencng of the people who killed another person (killed!) were way too easy on the murderers. 16 years for killing someone, regardless of the circumstances, is a mega slap to the face of the family of the victim. there is way too much corruption, and people who have family in high places think they can get away with murder.... oh, i guess they did in this case, didn't they?

I think Fabian Nunez was testing the waters.
He knew what he was doing since he has been living off the public dole for so long.

Funny now his son is living off tax payers as well just not at the same level as Pop.

Too bad we won't be seeing Nunez and Da Gubinator behind bars for the miscarriage of justice they called a pardon. Nunez' punk kid should spend the whole 16 years. Hopefully the illegality of the pardon will come to light and both Nunezes and Schwarzeneggar have egg on their faces for this back room deal.

[QUOTE] "A Kindle can currently be purchased on Amazon.com for $139 plus shipping.[QUOTE]

What's with the Amazon Ad?.........or did they pay you to put it in the story?

This apology from Fabian is like a snake saying, oh I didn't mean to bite you, I was just testing my fangs and poison. Yeah, all those Californians that voted for Arnold can now say to themselves "what were we thinking in voting for this guy". Arnold and Fabian go back a ways to slither out politics to please their inflated egos. That reduction of years in prison for that Nunez punk was uncalled for by Arnold. I hope he gets roughed up a bit in prison.

I swear we need to pass a bill that would prohibit the governor from pardoning known associates or their family members or friends! I'm glad I NEVER voted for Schwarzenegger.

Is it too late to send his son some morals, character, and a good upbringing? Being a lousy father should be a crime.

This is not that big a deal. There's a lot more to be mad at Nunez and his clan. I'm sure he had a lot of contact with the person. It's Scharzenegger's decision to reduce bail that is the outrage here. But if this was illegal and Nunez was in office when this occurred, then yes, it should have been at least investigated.

All members of that gang (somethng crew)are equally guilty, all had knives and all set out to kill someone. however if your father is politically connected then you are less guilty. This act of comuting that kids sentance truly undermines the rule of law that we all have to live under. It's just plain wrong !

Let's hope Mr. Nunez can become an asset to society once he is out. Speaking to kids in gang-infested areas would be a good start.

A low paid, unarmed security guard is instructed not to accept gifts while he is on duty. I don't see how that Kindle would have ended up in the possession of Esteban Nunez if that was his father's intention since it was gifted to an administrative assistent at the prison.

Outspoken: I've heard three talkradio hosts mentioning this case (there may well be more). Two of the three are practicing lawyers:

Kevin James (KRLA)
Larry Elder (KABC)
Doug McIntyre (also KABC)

All three are of one mind: the commutation should NEVER have happened. Hopefully, Nunez doesn't have his mind on another elected office.

Is there a way the commutation can be undone? And doesn't this Kindle deal look like a conflict-of-interest (even if Nunez is no longer in office)?

How can Arnold who had no law degree or had never spent a day as a lawyer, make a decision with regards to law.

Makes no sense..

Everyone knows Arnold was a democrat, behind the republican nod

it is absolutely disgusting that this official is getting his son out of prison early via the Arnold...right in front of all of us...what a crock of horsepoop.

What? No more Louis Vuitton gifts from Mr. Nunez???

"When the administrative assistant returned from vacation in December and found the gift, she immediately returned it to Fabian Nuñez and explained to him that it was inappropriate for her to receive such gifts."

I wonder if she would have returned an IPad...

I thought they put files and shivs in cakes. Welcome to the digital age...

As always...The apple once again appears to not have fallen far from the tree....

Who's Nunez trying to buy now ??? What a class act. Arnold should be ashamed !!!

The last that I check , the person or persons involve in a crime or murder, anyone involve in the incident, would be consider guilty of involment, and receive a sentence of murder if it happen; like it did in this time.
100% positive Mr. arnold (with small a) as he has behave on this matter,
won't be running for office in the future, because this is what people remembers of him , thank god he (won't be back)

What happened to our country? Do some believe they are born with spurs to ride the rest of us? One system for us and another for them? I'll never resort to violence, but I'm getting tired of the two tiered system, aren't you?

Even more interesting, whose money do you think he's using to buy that stuff--from his campaign slush fund??

I agree with "outspoken", especially in the light of the recent shootings in Arizona to include Giffords.'

The sentiments always seem to be different when it pertains to someone who is a 'nobody' in out society.

What's more, I have to wonder what Arnold gained from that nice little gesture.

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