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Deputy and his training officer confronted by parolee in East L.A. shooting, authorities say [Updated]

East L.A. deputy shooting A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy was shot in the face Tuesday night in East Los Angeles after he and his training officer were attacked by a reputed gang member on parole, authorities said.

The suspected gunman was fatally shot by the training officer after a struggle ensued, authorities said.

Deputy Mohamed Ahmed, 27, was taken to a local hospital and may lose sight in one eye, said a source familiar with the incident. The Sheriff's Department  initially reported that the deputy had been shot in the cheek.

Ahmed did not appear to have suffered any brain damage and was listed in critical condition. He joined the department in April 2007.

“I'm grateful that the wound does not appear to be life-threatening,” Sheriff Lee Baca told The Times as he was on his way to the hospital.

The shooting occurred while the two deputies were on routine patrol near Floral Drive and North Brannick Avenue. They saw a woman and a man in a vehicle parked in a red zone.

As the deputies exited their cruiser, the man got out of the vehicle and allegedly fired at the deputies, according to the source, who asked not to be named because the preliminary investigation had just been launched.

The training officer tried to wrestle the gun from the suspect, apparently deflecting the weapon as it was pointed at his chest, the source said. The officer fired at least two shots, fatally wounded the suspect.


Deputy wounded in East L.A. shooting incident

-- Andrew Blankstein and Robert J. Lopez

Photo: Shooting scene. Credit: KTLA



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Mofo suspect deserved it. Amazing that the LA Times hasn't ties the deputy to having "far right" views.

I hope and pray the deputy is alright.

Why a crazy like that is let out of prison in the first place is beyond me. Certainly there has to be some sort of parole hearing where someone who knows him from the community speaks and and let's everyone know that this guy is going to go back to his old ways once he hits the street.

Bet they stopped cause they simply seen a bald head... usually cops don't get out to tell you to move from a red zone, seem the trainer was trying to show his trainee how cool he was, and his new eye patch will do that. Being bald, and with a chick... cops player hate. Seriously, cops... a little respect goes a long way. And some trouble makers keep guns for protection, seem this guy was pushed too far and shot. L.A.P.D.... stop thinking your Glocks are stronger than civilian Glocks, and be careful... overall, respectful.

this guy must have been from the lott stoners gang. good job lasd


.......you're an idiot

Since politics got brought up: What is amazing is how amazingly thin-skinned right wingers are these days. All you guys seem to come up with lately is some whiny variation on noun-verb-"left wing media." Feeling the pressure of rhetorical inadequacy? Your leaders' soundbites not quite cutting it these days? Keep at it, please, so the independent vote comes my party's way; I'll gladly grant you the 33% that makes up your base. If Sarah runs for President, let me know where I can make a donation. Palin 2012!!!

Oh yes, and lock this vato up. don't need to throw away the key; cop-shooters rarely if ever are granted parole. and he has priors. . .


What relevance do your personal political prejudices have to do with this story?

You're OT.

Amazing that Thinline72 hasn't claimed that the "mofo suspect" was an "illegal" immigrant. But I bet the suspect was a gun toting, gun rights activist!

Glad to hear the Deputy is going to live, get healthy brother.

Why do I think the Times will never publish the identity of the suspect?

How horrible. Wishing the deputy a speedy recovery and a big Thank You. Good thing the gang rat was permanently exterminated. Let's hope it hasn't reproduced. Another example proving prison and "rehab" simply don't work for gang maggots.

Hats off to the LAPD for closing the books on another violent predator. Prayers for the young officer who was critically wounded.

As one of the many new non hispanic residents of the new and much improved East Los Angeles I give the Sheriff's dept very high marks on fighting crime. They are aggressive against these criminals and they use deportation as a very effective tool. They could teach the LAPD a thing or two about how to rid areas of crime and gangs. I feel safer here then when I lived in a so called better neighborhood near Siverlake. I hope and pray for this deputy and his family and that he makes a full recovery

Parking in a red zone. That's a good reason to get your eye shot out! LOL!

I really hope the deputy pulls through! As for the suspect--good riddence!

This suspect could of been arguing with his girl in the car and may have all ready been thinking of doing her but the Sheriffs pulled up before he did anything. Things happen for a reason, to save her life perhaps. I feel bad for this guy, because he probably never had a real chance at life, don’t know his life story but it ended badly. I hope God has mercy on his soul cause if not he will end up in hell. WE NEED TO START PRAYING FOR OUR FAMILIES AND NEIGHBORHOODS, BECAUSE THE ENEMY IS WORKING DOUBLE TIME (DON’T BELIEVE ME LOOK AT THE NEWS) GOD IS OUR ONLY WAY OUT AND INTO HIS PRESENCE. I lived and grew up in these streets. It wasnt so bad then, but I thank God that he chose me to go thru what I did so I can be writing to you today to tell you that he is the only way. God bless

The sheriff's department and the LAPD are not the same...

I find the comments of Montana Gold really strange. Very few things merit shooting a person, and this wasn't one of them. After these comments I have a feeling I know who (what) Montana Gold is, though.

At Jim Q...It was NOT LAPD it was LASD, just thought I would correct that.


Montana Gold talks about respect...seriously?? I respect the cops that put their lives on the line protecting us from trash like you and this parolee that was killed. I pray this deputy makes a full recovery & that God protects the men & women that protect us.

Yeah, it's because the police were disrespectful and not because he was brought up in a low class, gang culture.

Wow, a Hispanic, parolee gang banger. What a surprise. Glad he is dead. Hope the cop recovers from this. The difference between good immigrant and BAD immigrant. Just think, there are thousands of these guys roaming around LA.

Great City.

Montana Gold, you are scum, just like the dirt bag that lost his worthless life for trying to kill 2 men trying to keep our streets clean and free of lames like you. Tell the suspect I said hi when u see him in hell.

@roughrider1990 I TOTALLY AGREE WITH U!!

@MontanaGold estupid views dude seriouly wat does LAPD have to do with this matter and why doe everything ALWAYS have to be about race, if the cops do something ppl like u get upset and if nothing gets done ppl get upset, its not like he was an innocent guy that did not have priors....


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