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Is Charlie Sheen irreplaceable? Sitcom actor's problems raise questions about star treatment


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Actor Charlie Sheen is back in rehab -- and his popular show "Two and a Half Men" is in hold until he returns. As The Times' Yvonne Villarreal and Scott Collins reported Saturday, this a pattern is emerging for the Sheen, who narrowly avoided jail time last year in a domestic violence case:

It's all-too-familiar territory for Sheen -- who reportedly earns almost $2 million an episode -- and his TV bosses. Last season, Sheen's three-week stint in rehab — "as a preventative measure" -- forced production to rearrange the work schedule and deliver two fewer episodes than planned.

One expert questioned whether the pattern should be broken: "In his mind, [Sheen] thinks he's irreplaceable, but CBS needs to show some backbone," said C. Kerry Fields, a professor of business law at the USC Marshall School of Business. "Sometimes you have to do the right thing at the expense of losing a profitable show."

Do you agree with Fields? Share your view below.

Photo: Charlie Sheen. Credit: Associated Press

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Why does Hollywood continue to cater to these loser, spoiled brat, stars who deliberately mess up their lives. They can't find someone who isn't a flake? He only got this career because his Daddy helped him.

Everyone in Hollywood is replaceable. There are so many great, good looking, responsible/talented actors out there who actually care about their family and their reputation. Such a shame this boy should be enabled like he is. Trust me, no one is doing him any favors. The people I have known like this are no longer with us. What are you afraid of, Hollywood? Find some balls and do what is right for once. You may save a life.

Google “Mexican Drug Cartels” and see what type of mayhem Charlie and his cocaine addicted friends are causing. (Caution: Graphic and Explicit Photos) CBS, you have to separate yourself from this criminal and try to save some face by doing the right thing.

Google “Mexican Drug Cartels” and see what type of mayhem Charlie and his cocaine addicted friends are causing. (Caution: Graphic and Explicit Photos) CBS, you have to separate yourself from this criminal and try to save some face by doing the right thing.

Why would you want to replace Charlie Sheen in 2 and 1/2 men if it is basically written based on his life and specially for him????....So what!!! if he has sex...Thats Good!!!....means we dont have another homosexual on our hands pretending to like girls on TV.....I think Charlie behaving like that gives 2 and a half men more credibility....stop piccking on him because he likes to have fun and lives his life.....give him credit hes not trying to hide it like tiger or others

I agree about Charlie ( and any other substance abuser/wife-child beater). But what about the other actors on the show? They lose their jobs because of what HE did? Just reformat the show or find another actor to take his place. They used to do it all the time back in the day. People groan for awhile but then they don't even notice. No one is irreplaceable.

I certainly do agree with Fields...get rid of this druggie punk who thinks he can get away with anything (heck, he already has). I also think he'd better stay in rehab at least three or four months, because one of those token two or three weeks stints won't be enough.
That said, I think Channel 7's report last night said that the show still had two shows in the can and ready to air and that there are six or so left to film. I'm not sure how it works, but I really feel sorry for the rest of cast and crew...will they still get paid during this hiatus?

If CBS doesn't want to be remembered as the network that enabled Charlie Sheen, they need to put an end to it. All they're doing right now is showing how greedy they are. Sheen clearly doesn't give a damn, and is going to go back to the same behavior as soon as he gets out of rehab--the pattern will continue as long as he's welcomed back to work with open arms.

Drug-addled, wife-beating, prostitute-choking, porn-addicted pervert Charlie Sheen is the highest paid actor in the history of Televison, on a show that portrays substance abuse, promiscuity, and irresponsibility as hilarious and entertaining. Idiots like Oscar idolize Charlie, because after all, he's "just having fun" and "proving he is not a homosexual!" Yes, Charlie is a REAL MAN!

charlie is the show

in the old days
when tmc wasnt around this stuff wasnt made public

its only the glut of e t shows

that increases our info on the private lifes of people

the private lifes of people are private

the other cast memebers want charlie back because it will continue their pay cheques

the media should butt out of peoples lives

The remaining cast and the crew should be paid - and it oughta come out of Charlie Sheen's salary.

This should be interesting. You have a guy who has tons of money and whose lifestye is a death spiral but seems to be enjoying himself. He may not want to get clean and sober because he has one hell of an amends list to work through and that's no fun at all. Then you have a network that makes $$$ from the same guy. In all likelihood neither the guy nor the network wants him to be in rehab. I wonder how long this will last.

Sadly, some people never hit bottom until they die from their disease. Only then do they hit bottom -- the bottom of their grave.

and this is news worthy why? Love the show but not enough to keep this "drama" in my life (via the media). Let's move on world........

Sheen is irreplaceable in that show. Give the guy a break. The "right" thing to do is to allow him to deal with this health issue. The show is a great comedy. How would you replace Charlie in the show? Focus on Allan and Jake's characters. It wouldn't be as funny, especially for the men who appreciates Charlie's free spirited lifestyle. All I know is that Sheen's character is the reason I watch the show.

Is Charlie Sheen irreplaceable? Absolutely, we all are.

This "star" treatment has got to end. Any actor is replaceable and should be replaced with this kind of disgusting behavior.

Charlie Sheen is not funny on his sitcom... he looks like a pitiful old man. In fact..why is that show still on? It's not funny or even amusing.

I do not agree with Professor Fields: The professor claims to be a professor of business: yet it would be a very bad business move to fire Charlie Sheen. Thats why Fields is a professor and not a wealthy business person. Charlie Sheen, like many famous actors lives his life under the microscope of public scrutiny and public opinion. Mr Sheen has some problems with substance abuse like millions of Americans, Charlie Sheen has the right to get into rehab and turn his life around, and like all other California workers is protected by the law. substance abuse and addiction are viewed as a disease that can be treated, and that is what Sheen is doing! I do not know what goes on at the USC marshall School of Business, but it appears that Professor Fields does not know very much about business in the real world or the laws governing Californias workers and employers. If any one should be fired, it should be Professor Fields who lets emotion and personal jealousy guide his or her thinking!

CBS is a shareholder corporation. It's primary duty is to make a profit for its shareholders. If that means catering to an ego like Sheen's, that's their job. Social responsibility belongs to the churches.

Charlie Sheen is completely irreplaceable. He's a cultural icon and one of the greatest horn-dogs since Caligula. I remember reading an interview with Sheen one time. Evidently, one of his favorite pastimes is to fly to Amsterdam with a friend, then see who can have sex with ten hookers in the red-light district first. SHEEN IS A HERO AND A DEITY! If anything, CBS should pay Sheen more and the crew of "Two and a Half Men" less every time he goes into rehab.

Yes I agree with Mr. Fields. CBS has got a soft porn show because of Charlie and the writers. Look at the shows, same old same old. Charlie drinking, Charlie taking girl upstairs. Now you have Allen doing same thing No change. Show is longer being funny, just another dirty show. They need to replace Charlie and give Augus an hair cut and better and cleaner lines. The farts are no longer funny. As I said same old show every week. You know the stars get paid wheater they work or not but not all the people on this show that really work hard get paid. CBS needs to clean up this show and make a charge that will hold the public. Charlie is not a draw for CBS anymore. He is just a spolied old used star who needs to retire. NOW. Tell Daddy he is not star power any more.

Charlie Sheen looks washed-out and wasted this season on his show and he's not very good; he's a little slow on his timing and often seems to not be paying attention. His character is a type, but he used to play it well. Also, the show is not very well written this season. The writing is a large reason for the show's success. The show is going to end at some time. CBS will need to find a new money-maker and the cast and crew will all have to find new jobs. Why not make that time now? Cancel the show. Just cancel it and be done with it.

$ 2 Million dollars per episode for only one person. Where does the entertainment industry get that kind of money ? Through advertising. Who in the end pays for this guys drug addiction ? The consumer. The same people that go to the store and try to make it through the week and still feed their families. Something is very wrong here.

Fields presumeably knows what "the right thing" is, does he?

Then why isn't he at the helm of CBS network programming?

Because of a lack of real life experience Fields can only "suggest" since he doesn't know how to do things right.

And btw, I agree with @Lynn's comment: Everyone's replaceable. But Lynn should have stopped there.

get rid of him, he is nothing but a drunk and a druggie.

Great time to search for a replacement ,have guest stars(replacements) come in to stay and "visit" him while he is in rehab.The one that gets the best ratings gets the job and tell him ADIOS.

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