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Bail for CSUN student accused of bringing explosives on campus boosted to $1 million

22-year-old David Everson appeared in court Friday.

A Cal State Northridge student was being held on $1 million bail after prosecutors charged him with possessing explosive materials and having a firearm on campus.

Officials asked for the high bail given the seriousness of the allegations. His bail was originally $150,000. The student,  David Everson, 22, pleaded not guilty.

Everson was charged with two felonies in connection with the case, according to a copy of a criminal complaint filed in San Fernando Superior Court.

The complaint alleges that Everson had the explosive materials with the intent of making a destructive device and that he possessed the weapon while he was on campus. The items were allegedly found in his dorm room, according to authorities.


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Photo: KTLA News. See video here.

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Their has to be more to this story. I remember guys in college that used to blow things up just for kicks. You know stuff like watermelons, trash cans, toys, etc. It was all in good fun. This guy must have some serious materials and motives for the police to lock up this guy.

What's up with 22 tear old something nowadays?? Is it some kind of "outer space aliens" controlling their minds as Jared Loughner had theorized, or fast held belief? The Arizona shooter is also a young 22 year old ex-college student and now we have another 22 year old college student. It definitely must be those liberal college professors fault, trying to brainwash young minds as Loughner, the tea party, Sarah Pallin and the GOP argues!

In that area, do they consider Airsoft gun's as Firearms? Some cities do consider toy guns to be firearms and allow nothing to be propelled through the barrel by any means or at any speeds. in such counties, doing so is considered discharging a firearm. And owning one is considered the same as having a real firearm in your posssession.

Either way, if it was a fire-cracker and a walmart spring-airsoft pistol or bb-gun. This would be Bull. If it's TnT and an AK. That's big time trouble.

Dear commentator, from your last, rather convoluted, sentence, I can't tell where you stand on this issue. Was this a feeble attempt at sarcasm? Please clarify.

It's impossible to form an opinion without knowing what explosives and what type of firearm he actually had in his possession. He's just lucky he wasn't in Long Beach and in possession of a spray nozzle from a garden hose, he'd be dead. Whatever he had, he couldn't have picked a worse time to get caught with it. Real genius!!!! Apparently Common Sense isn't a course of study at CSUN.

It's usually the pariahs that involve themselves in these kinds of anti-social, "let's hurt the masses," terrorist-gestures. I think these kids want to "get back at the world" because nobody pays attention to them. This kind of extreme anti-social behavior calls for proactive measures, but more importantly--an empathetic ear--prior to any danger happening.

Really what's up with 22 year olds? that's the base of your comment, age has nothing to do with it, just another kid brought up wrong with issues, these things happen and will continue to happen but due to recent events it's because they're 22 isn't it WOW

how about what is up with some people these days, and why aren't the early signs caught in time obviously from what's been reported Loughner had been troubled so why was it never truely looked into, I know people didn't take him serious just like any other time. others are more likely to sit back and taunt people and call them crazy instead of truely helping them and alerting someone, so really in the end what is up with the rest of us who can't take any little thing seriously and help others out who may be hurt mentally and may not be as developed as the rest of us?

I am concerned that these latest cases will cause bigoted unenlightened Americans to place a stigma on people who are mentally ill. Very soon, everyone who's mentally ill will be painted with a broad brush as dangerous. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Another victim of the GOP agenda. Another rush fan.

Previous reports said that the gun was a shotgun.

Maybe he just likes fire crackers

Like I stated before this has to be beyond firecrakers (m80's and bottle rockets). We used to light these in college dorms to wake up and anger our RA (resident assistant). It cracked us up but we did it as a prank to wake them up in the middle of the night. It was not our intention to hurt anyone. Though none of my college pranksters and roommates never owned any type of firearms.

Times are obviously different now to then so I realize the sensitivity to these, what seemingly harmless jokes to a college undergrad, jokes to now are taken with a heavy hand.

Again this young man must of done something that is not being mentioned so far because of it's serious nature of intent.

On the weapons possession charge, I think he'll get a walk, because it is in his own living quarters and it was a reported as a shotgun. (US v. Heller)

As far as "explosive materials with the intent of making a destructive device," were the materials-


Vinegar and baking soda?

Smokeless Powder for reloading?


A chemistry set?

Emergency flares?

I haven't heard any specifics. Has the LA times? Just a bunch of campus cops, running their mouths.

blame rush limbaugh!!!

Regardless of the current anti-gun, anti-skinny white male, anti-loner backlash...

he is innocent until PROVEN guilty.

People are judging him, but we still don't know exactly what the facts are.

Its nice to see that the Campus Police at CSUN are finally doing their job. In 1986 I got arrested in the Library, in a group study room, while studying for a Cell Bio final. The officer didnt like my attitude when he responded to a minor disturbasnce more than an hour after the minor disturbance had occurred. I was not even in the room when the orignal disturbance occurred. Officer James Stottler had a huge ego and arrested on a charge that only applied to non CSUN students. I had showed him a current CSUN ID. Later the charge was changed to disturbing the peace. I was handcuffed and marched out of the Library as if I was a criminal and taken to the campus station and then released. The city attorney of San Fernando dropped the charges immidiately in the "Interest of Justice". However, nothing happened to the office for this false arrest and the Library basically covered up the incident.

Is there a "white male youth violence" debate we are avoiding? It's too frequent to be random. If the perpetrators shared another common trait other than 'young white males' law enforcement would be treating it as a 'group-based crime'. It's time to protect americans from these 'not too random' acts of hate.

Yeah there was more to this story. He had a gay roommate and is utterly homophobic and had threatened to kill them, so he got moved to another room instead of CSUN addressing the problem. That's the story.

In my opinion, the stress of these times we are in is too much for some people to handle. We are only going to see more and more of this happening.


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