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Authorities investigate whether figure in Lindsay Lohan battery case is being prevented from talking

Riverside County prosecutors probing the battery allegations against Lindsay Lohan by a Betty Ford Center medical technician are also seeking to determine whether anyone tried to prevent the woman from cooperating with authorities, according to a source familiar with the probe.

Technician Dawn Holland initially told Riverside County sheriff's investigators that when she tried to administer an alcohol test on Lohan on Dec. 12, the actress grabbed her wrist and hurt it. Later that month, Holland spoke to TMZ.com and restated the allegation, leading the Betty Ford Center to fire her for breach of confidentiality.

Holland then had a change of heart and informed authorities through a Beverly Hills lawyer that she did not want to pursue the matter because as a recovering addict herself, she sympathized with Lohan.

Authorities were frustrated last week at being unable to interview Holland, the source said, and are looking into whether someone was blocking Holland from talking to them.

In the last few days, she got a new attorney, who told The Times that Holland will fully cooperate with authorities.

Authorities are determining whether to charge Lohan for the incident at Betty Ford, which could also be a parole violation for the star.

Lohan spent three months at the Betty Ford Center under orders by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox, who spared the actress jail time in October after she tested positive for drugs. He directed her to stay at the center through January.


Actress never drank, took drugs while at Betty Ford

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer blasts detectives' handling of battery case

Alleged battery victim planned one-on-one meeting with Lindsay Lohan

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Lindsay Lohan in October. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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Aren't we in a budget crisis right now? Can we really afford to run down every single case of every single addict who may or may not had a slip up in rehab?

Because I'll tell ya -- people do have slip ups in the recovery process. If they're all going to be investigated like this one, then where are we going to get the cash to pay for it all?

Our tax dollars at work. Untold thousands squandered on a trivial misdemeanor investigation.

Hmm, a Betty Ford employee can afford a Beverly Hills lawyer??? Methinks Lindsay is financing her attorney fees as part of the "hush-money" settlement.

yup, if you are going to go after Lindsay for this, then you have to go after every seingle person who has **EVER*** smacked or shoved or touched any hospital or rehab person evar.. this is obviously for money for the worker and fame for the prosecutor

When a person is in rehab medications are being tweeked to help that person --if perchance they are on anti depressants...when meds are adjusted moods are altered..A person is in a facility to get well /With each medication change positive or negative personality issues can arrise--like talking to much--being angry--and such.... if lindsey would have been any other rehab patient--non of this would have been reported except to the TEAM of Docs who are looking after the patient--Non of this has ever been mentioned for Lindsey--Also there are hippa laws --privacy--The aid working at Betty Ford should have been fired.

It's not a "slip up" to assault someone.

To all you idiots decrying a supposed waste of money here, your idiot Lohan may be guilty of assaulting a health care worker. There are special rules around this particular issue, and there should be.

You've got to be pretty much low life scum to assault someone in health care. You don't get some free pass because you happen to also be an addict.

Now there is at least the appearance that Lohan is trying to buy her way out of trouble here. You also don't get a free pass to mess with the justice system like a coward just because you happen to be an addict

Stopping a person from telling the truth in a court of law prevents a just judgement and is an obstruction of justice with which thoughtful Americans strongly disagree. If the potential witness lied to investigators and if someone coerced her to lie, this constitutes an obstruction of justice.

I see that the comments deploring the pursuit of justice are being made by thoughtless Americans. Thoughtlessness is the new paradigm, something to strive for and is a novel source of pride.

I understand this to form the basis for an attempted gradualist shutdown of rational thinking and replaced with a justice system centered on faith-based beliefs. It makes sense; They fully expect to be Raptured out of the mess they are making of the justice system.

Patricia, it all depends on how important you thein laws are.
Do you think addicts like Lohan deserve a "special" kind of justice, which means they can do anything they want and buy their way out of the consequenses. If it is found that Lohan paid he off to keep her mouth shut we are dealing with a lot more than an assault case.

Whould you expect justice if someone walked up to you and hit you in the face or would you say Oh well the state doesn't have the spare change to give me justice? Would that apply if they shot you or perhaps if they robbed you?

Darlin justice is justice and if you can't understand the concept or think it is something to be indulged in only when the state has a surplus there really isn't much to say.

This is more about eliminating the possibility that someone can prevent authorities form questioning an individual or that someone can use (money or threat) to silence or change events.
If power-players have the ability to silence or prevent investigations it corrupts the idea that all individuals are treated equal and it assures that individuals cannot circumvent the wishes of the `court`.

This is actually an important case in that regard.
Finally the notoriety of the series of events with Lohan is strictly to prevent a DUI by a person who can afford powerful automobiles and has shown the wanton disregard for safety.

Ms. Lohan needs to learn that she is not above the law. Unless she can find a job on Wall Street or K Street, that is.

I totally agree with everyone who wrote this is a total waste of our tax dollars. Our system is so messed up. We go after stupid people and small problems while we ignore the blatant corruption and outright illegal activities associated with the financial industry!

This is all about tearing down an individual who's made a few mistakes because that is what we do. It gives a false sense of rising to the stars ourselves, however seemingly fantastic and short lived that may be.

she's not talkin cause Lindsay's people are paying her not to!

Leave Lindsay alone! Hasn't she already proved she's above the law? Besides, she got rehabilitated in jail!


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