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Surfer hospitalized after Mavericks accident [Updated]

A surfer remained hospitalized Sunday after he almost drowned at Mavericks surfing area near Half Moon Bay on Saturday, according to news reports and interviews with authorities.

GrindTV,  a surfing website, identified the surfer as Jacob Trette.

Paramedics called to the scene about 10 a.m. Saturday found a 30-year-old surfer who had been rescued and revived by surfers and an emergency medical technician, with the help of bystanders who were at the surf spot, said David Cosgrave, a battalion chief with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

The surfer was flown out to Stanford University Medical Center. A spokesman at the hospital said he could not comment on the condition of the patient.

[Updated, 5:15 p.m.: A hospital spokesman said the surfer is in critical condition.]

Officials did not name the man Sunday. An Internet post from Frank Quirarte, a photographer who witnesses the incident, said the surfer had suffered a brain injury but was moving his arms and legs.

"They're lowering his body temp so he doesn't use as much oxygen and keeping him heavily sedated,” the post read. Too “early to tell how much damage has been done if any.”

A big-wave surf contest was planned for Saturday, but it appears to have been scrapped because waves weren’t high enough.  GrindTV reported that the surfers had moved closer to the shore because the waves were breaking more consistently in that location.

But a 25-foot wave took the pack of surfers by surprise. Video footage shows surfers trying to paddle over the wave, but several surfers were sucked in by the wave when it crashed down. The footage shows another monstrous wave striking a surfer identified as Trette.

Once the waves had cleared, Russell Ord, a photographer who was on a personal water craft, moved in to pull one surfer out of the water. As he was bringing the surfer toward shore, he came along Trette’s body floating face-up in the whitewater, according to GrindTV.

Ord jumped in and pulled Trette’s body onto the rescue sled attached to his vessel and brought him to shore.


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Photo: Nikki Brooks

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You Play, You PAY!

It's not too often a surfer gets injured or killed. You have to be in fantastic shape to surf, not to mention an adrenaline junkie. Mavericks is famous for rogue waves. Not to many of the surfers I knew from my days in South Bay (Los Angeles) surfed Mavericks, as it was considered a break for the elite among them. Best of luck to Jacob Trette, and kudos to his quick-acting rescuer.

Just curious ... How did Duke Khanamoku do it in the old day's when their were no wave runners and such ?

I'm sorry but so for as I'm concerned the headline was the news: Adrenaline junkie injured. These guys have to have their thrills and sometimes they get hurt. Glad he's doing better however if he recovers he will be right back out doors taking risks. Good luck to him.

The raw video footage was incredibly intense. Would that have been considered a "rogue wave" so to speak, especially since the surf contest had been canceled?

He was riding on Gods beauty and is in Gods hand now. I pray for you.

Gnarly waves dude....

If you don't believe in a higher being, a 25' wave will go a long way towards convincing you....

What they're not telling you is that the ever-present envirowackos got personal watercraft banned at that beach, and so the only reason this guy is alive at all is because some photographer defied the ban and pulled this guy out with his PWC. He was delayed, however, because he was the only PWC there, and was rescuing someone else before Jacob Trette was spotted, floating face-up, but not breathing.

Envirowackos push their passion, and people are hurt, maybe killed. They can't just say, "Hey, for the reason of human safety, the critters that may be hurt or killed in this particular spot are going to lose." Nope, can't do that...

I am surprised that surfing has not been banned in California. If they can do away with the "Happy Meal" because they think that people are not smart enough to make "healthy choices", then why can't risky behavior like surfing or rock climbing be banned or, at least, heavily taxed?

As someone who has had the priviledge of surfing in Northern California, I can say that being sucked over the falls and held down by large surf can is a humbling and terrifying experience, and I have never experienced anything like Mavs..Prayers for this surfers recovery!

Every experienced surfer knows their limits and they know the risks. I don't surf anything over 8 feet and I love how my long board floats. It's always going to be a dangerous sport.

Now that we have outlawed smoking almost everywhere, it is time to outlaw dangerous activities like this!

Lame Gotti. Our prayers need to go out to this brudda.

He went looking for danger and, sadly, found it.

It would seem that the government should step in and require safety devices to protect surfers just as seat belt usage is required in vehicles.

lets see the mavricks leaders want to keep the public off a public beach for there own safety during this event, yet the surfers go and get hurt themselves, yet the general public is to be prevented from going to the beach becuase the mavricks organizers are afraid someone might fall in or be washed by a wave. what a hypocritical bunch of nazi's the organizers are.

however my hopes are for a rapid recovery to the injured and a safe event, but dammit, let the public down on the beach, we the public can be "supermen" too. The elite do not own this beach, but the elite sure act like it, then they get hurt themselves. what irony

"Sharks in the ocean, 30 foot waves on the ocean, surfers in the ocean..." I'm staying right here on the sand." Hope this man makes it back from past the boundary he pushed the envelope.

Kudos to the photographer.

Sad, but it goes with the territory.

I thought California had good surfers? My grandma still rides 2o footers on the North Shore.

regardless of how it happened,a car accident,surfing injury,or something falling on your head in a warehouse,it is not to be mocked.as far as this person "being back out there",when you are put in a thermal coma,reducing the body temperature,it means you are in very serious condition.he will probably be lucky if he ever leaves the hospital.

For all of you bashing this guy and surfing as a sport, I know him personally and he is not an adrenaline junkie nor is california ever going to ban surfing. You will never understand the thrill of the sport unless you do it. You play basketball or baseball, or football you are in danger there as well. Dont judge people for what they find pleasurable. And he is lucky to be alive and is actually going to be ok and go home soon so stop hatin on surfers and california


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