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Villaraigosa angling for White House job? Speeches have people talking

What's up with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa?

In his element


As Times Political Editor Cathleen Decker noted, the mayor has spoken out recently on problems at the teachers' union, in support of President Obama's tax deal and on the need for pension reform:

To those more Machiavellian in nature — say, the entire political establishment — other possibilities came to mind: Villaraigosa was angling for an Obama administration job. He was declaring independence from party positions and powers in preparation for a future statewide run. Or he was trying to redefine his mayoralty in a way that could reap benefits down the line, were he to decide to exercise options one or two. At minimum, last week gave voters a chance to see Villaraigosa in a different light, more like the Energizer Bunny model of his early tenure than like the mayor dragged down by the endless bad news that has bedeviled all elected officials in this dour economy.

What do you think of the mayor's latest moves? Share your views here.

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Villaraigosa getting an Obama administration job right away is the best thing that could happen for the city. A lame duck mayor does us no good.

Can we send him off to Washington now? Please?

As usual the midget mayor has no time for the business of the city of Lost Angeles. He's got time to travel around the world on our dime with his entourage and run his mouth on every subject except those that are really important to the legal American citizens of our city... jobs, poor business climate, crime, gangs, graffitti, criminal illegal alien invaders and much more. No... he's out of the country talking to other mayors about climate change. They have no power. There is nothing positive that any of them can do.

He's pathetic and useless and should resign immediately.

I did not post the comment below signed "Hypatia". Either there are two of us or someone is stealing my identity.

If Hillary Clinton got a job there,the Villaraigosa should qualify too.

Isn't this the same person that falsified an accident report? Wasn't his wife driving and had an accident and he filed a report saying he was driving? Isn't that dishonest and shouldn't he have been fired? We can't afford another dishonest person working for the city!

As much as I would like him to "poof be gone" today - I love my country to much to inflict little Tony Villar on the rest of the US. Can we send him to Mexico City instead? Seem like thats where his interest lies anyway.

VillaUseless in the White House????Oh, please, don't make me sick! VillaUseless running for President is enough to make me vote Tea Party.

I guess he can hang out in Washington and do nothing as easily as he can hang out here and do nothing. Except he'll be colder and hotter.

I need Antonio Villaraigosa to eliminate his inter-latino issues with Central Americans and their communities before he starts up clearly unwarranted climb to some WH job.

You bozos voted for him and you can keep him. We get enough bad characters from CA as it is.

Luizito:Hillary has more been going for than the mayor. As follower: brain, class, passed the bar, and common sense. The mayor education was at just getting by, and did that pretty well until he became mayor. Now, everyone knows how inept he is. His supporters are more inept than he is because he can still fool them.

If Obama, hires him, it will only be for the Latino vote, but he will still lose. The Pint Size Mayor has nothing to offer, not even Smarts.

I just threw up in my mouth. Give a hoot. Don't pollute. Make him retire/leave quietly into obscurity.

Anything to get rid of this smiling fool.

The useless narcissist egomaniac cheated on his wife when she was ill, carried on publicly with newscasters, ran around having to show his disgusting mug at every sporting/entertainment function-claiming it's on city business, can't utter a sentence without 1000 uh's between each word, flunked the bar exam repeatedly. The creep isn't capable of running a vacuum let alone a city. He needs to GO AWAY and SHUT UP. There has NEVER been more of a pathetic moron.

You have got to be kidding!He didnt even come to our 13 hearings about the 'missing' 89 million that was traded to contractors in my neighborhood
as 'CRC' . The city screwed the old people and encouraged the knocking on doors and 'threats if they didnt sell... the redeveopment money? CRC? ask the voting citizens of north hollywood what happened to the 1000.00 signatures! maybe Tom LaBonge could be his running partner! Villarosa needs acting lessons if he wants to be a star!
RaMona Fleetwood

He's not taken care of this city. He's not taken care of his own personal baggage. Let him go.

He makes me want to vomit, then eat my vomit, and vomit again.

Liberal crap, trial balloon - I remember LA Times floating the notion that that inmeasurable dolt like former Chief Willie was heading from Los Angeles to the White House - idea rejected in panick by the White House -
The dems have no need of an obvious dolt like Villaraigosa in Washington - for these times, the tokenism of an "janitors czar" appointment will be a burden, not a boost for their dwindling fortunes - (he might be useful for working for the pardon of Guttierez's son) -
Silly try, really -

Liberal? Who? Not Bony Tony Viagragrossness.

Seems to me that Bloggers here have said it all. What more need I say? 'Nuff said already! Get a clue little guy!

The Mayor (Channeling Sally Fields): You HATE me....You really HATE me.

Yes, Tony, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being.

I love this guy!!!!! He should be Governor !!!!! Don't Hate!

He's so desperate


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