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Retired police chief pleads not guilty to indecent exposure [Updated]

A retired Huntington Park police chief charged with indecent exposure pleaded not guilty Monday in an Orange County courtroom.

Anaheim Police said Paul Lawrence Wadley, 56, had left sexually explicit photos in Anaheim parks and allegedly flashed a woman. He turned himself in Monday and was released on $15,000 bond in connection with the alleged misdemeanor.

Detectives last week conducted a search of the ex-chief's home near Toyon Park, where many of the incidents occurred. Wadley surrendered to authorities after returning from overseas.

[Updated at 3:10 p.m.: Wadley’s attorney, Al Fadel Amer, said the retired chief was working overseas last week when Anaheim detectives were looking for him, and he immediately returned to clear his name.

“He was working in Kosovo with the European Union on policing when he heard about this case,” Amer said. “He immediately quit his job to come back to deal with this case. He is innocent and is looking forward to his day in court.”

Amer said he had just received the evidence in the case and could not discuss specific allegations.]

Detectives tied Wadley to the crimes after his fingerprint was found on one of the explicit photos left at the park, said Anaheim Police Sgt. Rick Martinez.

Anaheim police said an eyewitness to the indecent-exposure incident gave a description that matched Wadley. They said they also have additional evidence gathered from his home.

The investigation began Nov. 4 when a woman contacted Anaheim police to report she found a photograph of "male genitalia" on the ground near a running trail at Oak Canyon Road in east Anaheim, Martinez said.

The woman told investigators she had found similar lewd photographs on the trail on a previous occasions. She did not notify police then, she said, because she destroyed the pictures.

In another incident on Thanksgiving Day around 6 a.m., a woman reported that she was hiking on a trail near Toyon Park when a man walked by and exposed himself to her by lowering his pants to his knees, police said.

And on Nov. 29, three women returned to their cars in the Toyon Park parking lot and found lewd photographs on their car windshields, police said.

Martinez said that patrol officers found additional similar photographs near the trail in the days after those incidents.

-- Richard Winton

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A grown man acting this way. How truly bizarre. A retired former police chief who acts like a child.

that's awesome. can't wait to hear the crumb's defense.

The guy was clearly concerned that viewers would not be able to recognize him in his photos without the addition of a fingerprint.

A police officer is arrested every day in America..........

"Clear his name", huh???

Yeah, we'll see how that all works out.

Uhhh, Tornadoes28...

I gather you are a visitor, or a recent immigrant. If so, welcome to our country, and to one of our most important principles.

In America, we presume INNOCENCE. Until someone has been convicted of a crime, they are not guilty of a crime. This fellow has only been charged. He has not been convicted. He may never be convicted.

You describe behavior that has only been alleged. It has not been proven, anywhere. BTW, I do not know this man, nor the facts of the case in any way. I only know that in our country we make an automatic presumption of innocence.

One day, you yourself may be glad of it, should you ever be falsely charged.

And welcome to America!

Hmm.... Well, from an investigative standpoint, it seems quite possible that the Chief also found a pic on his vehicle as others did and threw it on the ground.
That would leave a print, hell, that would leave anyone's print and that doesn't mean they left the photos there. No one identified him and one person gave a "similar" description. I've gone running there and there are a ton of people his age. Police said several photos were located in the jogging trail, probably because they were removed from windshields and thrown on the ground, because that's what I would do. Sure it's littering, but who the heck wants to touch a perv's photo??!!!! YUK!!! It really doesn't sound like they have much, but I guess ya never know...

He's been a SICKO for decades!

Could be a hard case to prove.

People, we need to all understand that PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. The problem here is that we don't expect or want to see that Police, Judges, government folk can be bad or commit crimes. The Mayor of Bell CA is another good example of a scumbag who was hired to play a role. The truth is he's a criminal and scumbag. What you need to pay attention to is our judges also have this same problem. Check avivakbobb.com about a Los Angeles Superior court presiding judge, a person we expect to be honest, fair and just, however this judge is anything but that. She, yes she is a woman was caught stealing, lying and even has killed a woman due to her criminal activity. Google Richard Fine a lawyer that stood up from right and wrong and called out Judge David P. Yaffee another Los Angeles judge who was caught accepting over $50,000 a year to rule against citzens of Los Angeles in favor of real property giants wanting to screw us out of county owned land. This is going on nation wide, corrupt judges, lawyers, police and government folk.
http://stopguardianabuse.org/ is yet another website of thousands of cases of corrupt judges and lawyers who steal from our mothers and fathers, they steal and kill seniors for cash. This is no joke, this goes on in our court rooms every day.

what kind of satisfaction did he get by knowing that random people were going to get a gander at his package?

I'm guessing that at his age, he doesn't look much like a Jockey Underwear model.
Keep your pants on, people! We don't want to see your junk.

I was originally thinking that maybe someone did this to embarass him, but if he was ID'd by someone as a flasher then it's probably all him.

Who will want to serve on that jury and have the opportunity to 'compare' the photos to the alleged original equipment....

I find the whole thing rather amusing. That dirty little bastard.

As soon as the chief left the country all forms of perverse acts ceased. I wonder why?

He's an ex-cop - so they will protect him and he'll get off scott free.

@ Stephen59...you know the grim sleeper is innocent until proven guilty too, right?

You are obviously a guy in uniform. Stop playing the roll for this guy that he is innocent, or MAYBE innocent. How else did his fingerprints get on to the picture of a pair of nuts?

You can lie to yourself, but you can't lie to us!

Good talk. Love, an born adn raised American citizen.


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