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Newborn baby handed to L.A. firefighters on Christmas Eve

A six-hour-old baby girl was nicknamed "Noel" by Los Angeles firefighters after she was handed to them by her mother on Christmas Eve.

The baby's mother brought the child to Los Angeles Fire Department Station 46 near the Coliseum about 3 p.m. Friday under a state law that allows new mothers to relinquish babies without facing abandonment charges, according to department spokesman Erik Scott.

The baby and mother were examined at the station and found to be in good health, he said. "The baby did not appear to be abused or neglected," he said, adding that the firefighters "affectionately nicknamed the baby girl Noel."

After wrapping "Noel" in a blanket, the firefighters took her to a local hospital for postnatal care. She is now under the custody of the county's Department of Child Services and will be cared for by a foster parent until she is placed for adoption or returned to a family member. The mother and child were given matching identification bracelets in case the mother changes her mind.

Firefighters, said Scott, often see sadder cases of infants who are neglected or abandoned and left to die. "So they were delighted this had an happy outcome," he said.

California's 10-year-old Safe Surrender law allows a baby to be surrendered to a hospital, designated fire station or other special site within 72 hours of birth. The Christmas Eve surrender was thought to be the sixth in Los Angeles County this year, officials said.

-- Larry Gordon

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There's never a happy outcome to a story like this. Hope the baby grows up and conquers the world!

Bless the mother for doing the right thing.

It's nice when the system works.

Amongst all of the crappy stories with crappy endings, it's nice to see a nice story like this on Christmas!

"THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY!!" What a nightmare to every Democrat!! If they had there way, Noel would have been another statistic of an innocent unborn child of God, being slaughtered at an abortion clinic.

Thank God, Mary and Joseph were a couple with love in their heart vs hate, or our Lord would never have come to earth to save all of his children even the "unwanted interuption of bearing a child"


I am glad this law is in place because it protects a newborn but without doubt this is also a law that protects women's inability to be responsible and they should not be permitted to legally endanger the life of a person. In a normal setting this is attempted murder and why are women not held responsible. If they were responsible to open their legs they should also be held accountable for their newborn.
The system allows women to get away with actions males could never contemplate. For without doubt, the male would be arrested and not at home like this woman is. She should be prosecuted at least for manslaughter. Enough of allowing women off so easy.

God Bless that Mother. It is probably the most giving thing she ever could have done.

i'm so glad new mothers have this option with no judgments. i especially love that they give the bracelets to both.

God bless this mother for making this difficult decision. Baby Noel will be loved and cared for, and perhaps someday know that her birth mother made a decision that may have saved her life, and given another family the opportunity to love a child and create a family they may otherwise not have been blessed with.

I'm not in favor of the many, many laws they enact every year, but I think the 'Safe Surrender' law is a good one. I don't understand why it's only for the first 72 hours, though.
Did you see recently that this woman and her boyfriend were convicted for killing their baby by putting it in the microwave? They each blamed the other, of course. I can't imagine cruelty on that level, but I acknowledge that it exists.

ANYTHING to permit a woman unwilling to become a mother to get out of it.
Could an unwilling father do this?

In exchange for allowing the mother to abdicate herself of all financial and other responsibility for bringing this new life into the world, shouldn't she be required to at least divulge the name of the father and be permanently prevented from having more children to foist on the taxpayers?
A little fun in the bedroom can cost taxpayers millions of dollars. This isn't funny or fun for them is it?

I'm glad that this woman had the piece of the mind to leave the baby at the fire station unlike others in the past.

This program sounds a lot better than wasting a lot of money with criminal charges.

This was a happy occasion. Glad to know there are some people out there that have some sense still to know there are alternative ways to deal with a problem than just walking away from it. There was love there, in that decision she made.
I do hope they can find the baby a loving home.

I applaud this brave young woman. She chose to give her unwanted child a chance at a better life. I hope more young woman do this instead of throwing their babies in the trash.

Great LA Times. These anonymous zones were set up so parents didnt just leave kids in dumpsters Why is this news???? Is your goal to scare parents from doing this and go back to the dumpster route. Yeah nice.

"God Bless the Child", Born Alive Infant Prtection Act". Who is the only Senator to ever vote against this act, which requires Medical Aid to a Newborn, who survives and Abortion".. .....That Senator is in the White house. BAIPA 2001. Check it out.

Thank God, that some mothers heeded the advise, and did not abandon their newborns.

This is wonderful, such a terrific law. My husband and I have an adopted daughter that is so very precious. I am also adopted but at an later age. I am very thankful I was and for my precious daughter who is now 37 years of age. So very much better option then abortion.

Thank you mother. What you did was a gift.

That brave woman for turning in her child instead of abandoning it somewhere - thank you for letting this child live and get a chance at a good life. That took courage!

It may be a sad and scary thing but it was very brave to do what that mother did. She had her reasons and did the right thing.

Thank god she she took her little angel to the fire station. So many don't know about the safe haven law. God Bless the little one and the brave mom who may have just given her baby a better life.


What are you talking about? You're either very ignorant or waaay too wrapped up in the Republican side of things. Democrats don't advocate for abortion for the sake of killing fetuses but instead give the woman the choice in regards to her own body.

by the way, if your God is like I've seen then he is cruel and evil, with no shred of compassion. After all, people are born, they live, they suffer and they die. Like a kid with a magnifying glass on an anthill.

Grow up well, baby Noel.


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