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Marion 'Suge' Knight arrested Saturday on outstanding warrant, is quickly released

Knight pictured at his Death Row Records recording studio in 2002. Credit: Los Angeles Times Rap legend Marion “Suge” Knight was arrested on an outstanding traffic warrant early Saturday as he left a restaurant at Universal City Walk, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials. He was released after about an hour.

Knight had just come out of the unidentified restaurant about 12:30 a.m. when he was stopped by sheriff’s deputies, who discovered that he was wanted on a minor traffic warrant issued recently in Beverly Hills, according to Sgt. Shawn Ruda of the sheriff’s West Hollywood Station.

Knight was brought to West Hollywood, where he was cited and released, with the agreement that he appear in court within about two months, Ruda said.

He said that Knight, who has a long arrest record, was not doing anything wrong when he was stopped, and voluntarily agreed to talk to the deputies.

“A person who’s been arrested multiple times, you see if he has any outstanding warrants,” Ruda said. “And he did.”

-- Mitchell Landsberg

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Photo: Marion "Suge" Knight pictured at his Death Row Records recording studio in 2002. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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So you mean to tell me they pulled him over when he "was not doing anything wrong" because “A person who’s been arrested multiple times, you see if he has any outstanding warrants,”

And that's not racial profiling? Not to mention that they took him to jail? They could have just told him to go to court and take care of it if it was a "minor traffic warrant".

and thats exeactly what cops and the D.A. does around los angeles, spends all dam day arresting people on traffic warrants but they cant solve a crime or murder to save their lives

But Ed, how can law enforcement tell someone to go to court for their outstanding traffic issue, if you don't stop them?

ED: Are you just uneducated or stupid? Knight is a lifetime criminal, ex con and on record thug. Law enforcement yes, can stop & check him for warrants, drugs, guns. That's how it works. That goes whether he's Black, White or Orange.

Total Harassment...Suge sue the blue gangsters...

Suge Knight a "rap legend?" Hardly. C'mon LA Times, you're just pimping the news story.

The way you write it, you'd think it was about Dr. Dre or Jay-Z. Keep the comedy in the cartoon section.

why can't he pay his ticket in the first place ?

"Rap legend." LOL I need to go pick up his albums!

Dear Bob Bullen,

I must be stupid, because I hold 3 college degrees and 4 professional licenses. However, I have personally been subject to being stopped by the boys in blue just to be checked out without having a criminal record, warrants, or so much as having a teaspoon of cough syrup in my system.

So when a law enforcement officer is dumb enough to say "he wasn't doing anything wrong" then yes that is profiling.

" Rap Legend?? I couldn't stop laughing. He put together a record label through intimidation, and bullying. That, a "Legend" does not constitute...

How does this qualify as news? In a city this big I would think there has to be something more important to your average reader than Suge Knight being arrested for a minor traffic violation.


This issue isn't whether or not he had a warrant. The issue is freedom of movement without harrassment. The officer admitted that Suge was not doing anything wrong. So that means the officer recognized him, stopped him and ran a warrant check on him, and then took him to jail over a "minor traffic warrant". That is harrassment.

When I was 19 and a starving college student I was dropping a friend off late at night after coming home from a bowling tournament. We sat in the running car double parked talking before he got out the car. An LAPD officer pulled up behind me, ran my plates, pulled next to me and and asked my name. Then he told me that I had a traffic warrant for $350 and to go take care of it; then they drove off.

Several weeks later, I was on my way to classes at SMC. I got pulled over IN FRONT OF SCHOOL by SMPD for not having the front bumper on my 1964 VW Bug. They took me to jail for the same warrant. I spent a day in jail and was eventually transferred to LAPD custody and they released me. The transporting officer stated that it makes absolutely no sense in arresting a 19 year old student in front of a college campus for a $350 traffic warrant & that there are more important crimes to protect the public from.

I think the story reads that suge was stopped and he voluntarily talked to the deputies. So that makes it a consensual encounter. It said nothing about a traffic stop or the deputies detaining suge. So Ed, with all of your education and legal wisdom, your trying to inflame a situation that was totally legitimately according to the story. As far as the arrest, some cops arrest for any and all warrants some cops don't. That's called discretion which all cops have. If its busy the small stuff gets overlooked. If not, all career criminals go to jail if so WARRANTED. Thus endeth today legal 101 class. Ed, you may want to attend some more of my classes.

Ed, for crying out loud...this is not about racial profiling. This is a case of criminal profiling, meaning the cops recognized Mr. Knight as a career criminal and decided to see if he had any warrants.

You are trying to tie two separate arguments into one, and it's not working. Most people agree racial profiling, such as you describe in your experiences, is wrong. However I think upwards of 95% of Americans would agree that criminal profiling is a good thing.

There is nothing wrong with profiling a criminal, nothing at all. I don't know whether you are naive or just didn't read the article well enough.

To everyone in here, check your court laws and supreme court cases. You donot need resonable suspicion to contact anyone. Addionally, the warrant mitigates any possible wrong doing. As the United States Supreme court ruled, with an active warrant on file, law enforcement need not have any probable cause or reasonable suspicion. The active warrant is considered reasonable suspicionand probable cause.

Idiots.. and the warrant wasn't minor, it was 40,000

Let's get real here. The cops can stop you for any damn reason they please. Your choices? Stop and cooperate or stomp on it and have a posse of angry jacked-up cops on your tail. If you run, you run the risk of being arrested, shot, Tased, etc. A quick cost/benefit analysis will determine that, as onerous as it is, it is better to stop and cooperate with a man who is licensed both legally and LETHALLY to kill.

And when the Police stop someone and they did not "intend" to violate their civil rights,there is no violation of the 4th amendment. Which means the defense has to prove intent and that is virtually impossible. I feel for Suge, he has rights. There will come a time when we will look back on the pre-fascist US and wish we could bring back the days when the cops needed "Probable Cause". Anyone who thinks that Mr Knight was not profiled is lame, he was, and if recognized as Suge Knight the cops were fishing and that is the truth, like it or not.

To make the comment this was profiling is idiotic and absurd. You must be an uneducated. To use you theory, then every African American Mr. Knight was with and those around him, would also of had to of been contacted and harassed. The case was, they were not. He was the only one.

Suge Knight never serves real time, he always gets out immediately, most likely because he is an informant. That should be pretty obvious to everybody by now that has followed Suge's history.
It's not that he CAN'T pay his ticket, it is that he knows he does not have to follow the laws, because he has been given a pass for being an informant.
Go back and look at every time he has been arrested, and how his sentences are always the minimum, or NONE at all.
Suge has been arrested many times for things far deeper than "traffic violations."
Anyone else would have been in jail for a long time.


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