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Lindsay Lohan is suspect in attack on Betty Ford clinic staffer

Actress Lindsay Lohan is under investigation for misdemeanor battery for allegedly attacking a female staffer at the Betty Ford Center, where a Beverly Hills judge ordered the actress to stay for violating probation.

Palm Desert officers are completing an investigation into the Dec. 12 incident and will turn it over to Riverside County prosecutors to decide whether the actress should face criminal charges.

The incident also could be determined to be a violation of the terms of her probation in her 2007 drunk driving arrest, which could send her back to jail again. Under the terms of her probation, the “Mean Girls” actress is required to obey all laws.

Palm Desert officers were called to the 74000 block of Daisy Lane on Dec. 12 at 1:03 a.m. for a disturbance at a Betty Ford clinic housing complex. A staffer claimed she had been battered by Lohan, said Sgt. Joseph Borja of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

“The victim desires prosecution," he said.

Because it was a misdemeanor offense and officers did not witness the crime, Lohan was not taken into custody.

Lohan checked into the Betty Ford clinic in Rancho Mirage in September, even before Beverly Hills Judge Elden S. Fox ordered her to remain there until Jan. 3 to undergo treatment for chemical dependency.

The judge turned down a request by the prosecutor that Lohan serve six months in jail for failing drug tests while on probation. But he sternly warned Lohan that if she violated probation again, he would sentence her to jail.

Lohan has twice been sentenced to jail time, but in both instances she got out early because of overcrowding in L.A. County's women's jail in Lynwood.

Earlier this year, another Beverly Hills judge sentenced Lohan to 90 days in custody, including 30 days in County Jail.

During the hearing, the actress who rose to fame in "Freaky Friday" and "The Parent Trap" was captured on camera with an expletive painted on her fingernail.

She served less than one-third of her jail sentence and was released from an in-patient drug rehabilitation center at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after 23 days.

Then in September, she admitted on Twitter that she had failed a drug test required by her probation.

When Fox learned of the failure, he ordered her held for 30 days in jail. But that same day, another judge overturned his ruling and Lohan was freed on bail and entered rehab.


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Maybe if we all just ignore this idiot, she will drop off the face of the earth, or at least off the front page of the news. Why is this even news? Who cares?

Free Lindsay !

She's a good kid, that kid.

>Because it was a misdemeanor offense and officers did not witness the crime, Lohan was not taken into custody.

Why are suspects of domestic disputes taken into custody, when the officers never witness the crime?

You can only beat up strangers?

Sounds to me like a power mad staffer initiated the confrontation and Lindsay was merely defending herself against oppressive behavior. But because Lindsay's famous the staffer wants to "get her". We're all familiar with nursing homes that abuse patients. It sounds like rehab clinics are the same way. Did this staff person even have any professional credentials?

The judge is clearly going to have to release her!
Haha what a joke.

Her career is over, the thing that might have changed things for her, DWTS, was never really an option because she doesnt have the work ethic. Bristol Palin may not have been the best dancer in the world but at least she had the work ethic. I see Lindsay ded with a year or two and I blame her mom.

How is it that California can send overflow criminals to states like Arizona to serve-out their sentence, BUT "twice," Lindsay get a reduced sentence due to overcrowding...

The Judge should have sentenced her to watch her own horrible movies, that's punishment enough! That'll teach her!

She is NEVER going to figure this out...

Some people just need to be locked up.

Poor Lindsay. What a mess she and we are making of her life! The courts, with one exception, are now trying to manage her life, which is far beyond the reasonable mandate they have to deal with a DUI. Regrettably - and this is not a justification for it - without their repeated intervention she would probably be dead or utterly defeated by now. There has to be a better path to rehabilitation.

Hey, what do you expect--the staffer probably wasn't treating her with the deference due to someone with Lohan's celebrity status. What is it again that she does?

Haven't you government employees got anything better to do than chase around a 21 year old women for possible taking a drink or even getting drunk. No wonder the State is broke. Get a life and stop ripping off the tax payers with your make believe jobs.

It's a *legal* system, folks, not a justice system.

Those with the most dough for expensive lawyers never do the time poor people have to do.

wake up you live in the USA two systems one for the rich one for the poor,
Lyndsey can do what ever she wants the peasants are disgusting !

pretty little girl at one time - got that kinda hard life look nowadays

Reading about her life gives the rest of us something to do.

Go Lindsay Go!

Wow. Most of the comments here are indicative of the poor job our educational system is doing. Where does it say the staffer initiated the confrontation? Why do you think Betty Ford employees are state workers? This is a world-class rehab facility that Ms. Lohan is responsible for paying her way. Idiots.

Keeping people from driving while intoxicated is NOT a "make believe job". Go have a look at http://www.alcoholalert.com/drunk-driving-statistics.html if you still think so. And the idea that Lindsay Lohan is being mistreated or something is repugnant. How dare the courts try to enforce the laws against a beautiful celebrity??? Yeesh....

Clearly she did something to insult a staffers job there at Betty Ford. Betty Ford has rehabilitated numerous stars and celebrities like Lohan without bad attitudes, sassing back or trying to break rules for personal gratification from other clients or staff. Yes, they have certain rules they [must] abide by in there and she's in a sober living house at Betty Ford right now, not the initial stricter inside one.

So I'm assuming she hit someone. People do not realize how getting a simple DUI can truly ruin many of ones years. Yes, probation means to follow and obey all laws, breaking any law breaks ones probation and there are penalties anyone who is on it must and will face. That's a fact and the law, no matter who you are and that's the way it is, I know.

Just remember, all you ordinary people out there, don't get a DUI, or drive after you drank to get one. The Law will not be kind and as lenient as they have been with Lohan. Getting a DUI nowadays is taken very seriously and you don't ever want to have your life controlled as it will be, if you get one. We're talking about lots of money involved, no driving, or with restrictions, 3 years probation, just like Lohan, but for an ordinary person, if you break the driving restrictions or the law, you will go to jail. The overcrowding and early release, is for the select few too, don't be fooled thinking otherwise. Do Not Drive, After You Drank, Period!

I wish someone would send this loser back to the trailer park she was raised in. What a jackwagon.

Move to France and get a fresh start like Roman Polanski.

great example for kids - who worship celebs at least as much as adults do. this is the kind of person society rewards most - this needs to change - even a little bit.

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