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Child abuse investigator allegedly sexually assaulted mother whose child's safety was at issue [Updated]

Yadullah “Eddie” Lorghaba, pictured in a police booking photo. Authorities released his photo in an effort to reach anyone who may have been victimized by him. Credit: LAPD Police were preparing Wednesday to arrest a Los Angeles County child abuse investigator after authorities said they found evidence that he sexually assaulted the mother of a child whose safety he was assigned to assess.

The mother was being investigated after an arrest on shoplifting charges in September. Authorities said she reported that she told Department of Children and Family Services employee Yadullah “Eddie” Lorghaba that she would do anything to keep her child with her.

At that point, she told investigators, Lorghaba took her to a room where the alleged assault took place. Los Angeles police discovered Lorghaba's DNA in saliva found on the woman's bra, according to county records, and he is expected to be charged with sexual assault by color of authority.

Norma Eisenman, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department, said the case is being handled by the department’s Topanga station. She was unsure, however, when and where Lorghaba was expected to surrender.

[Updated at 2:50 p.m.: Lorghaba was arrested at 11 a.m. at Van Nuys Superior Court and booked into county jail at noon, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department records. He is being held in lieu of $75,000 bail.]

Lorghaba was originally scheduled to surrender to authorities on Tuesday under an agreement worked out by his attorney but it was postponed for unknown reasons. Lorghaba, 53, of Valley Village, did not return a phone call seeking comment.

Lorghaba is a 12-year veteran of the department who was most recently assigned to the West San Fernando office.

After the alleged sexual assault on Sept. 18, he was placed on desk duty. On Tuesday he was placed on a 30-day unpaid administrative leave.

The department said it has received no prior complaints about his performance or conduct, but officials are now working with police to determine if he has victimized others.

The department’s internal affairs unit, however, has already found serious problems in his management of cases involving abused and neglected children. In three instances, the unit believes he falsified investigation reports, according to county records.


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-- Garrett Therolf

Photo: Yadullah “Eddie” Lorghaba. Authorities released his photo in an effort to reach anyone who may have been victimized by him. Credit: LAPD

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And what happened to the child in this case?


How can he explain his saliva being on her bra? Busted.

Lovely. Just great. That poor kid.

This story dosent give enough information. She also could have slept with him on order side track the investigation against her. What is his 15 year track record? Does she have any other prior arrests?

what an idiot! it could have been consensual but he fell for the trap. no pension , no nothing. Wonder what else he would do to fudge his reports?

Crooks and criminals run our local government.

So you basically have two upstanding citizens in this scenario... the gal who tried to pull a Forrest Gump with her child, and the guy who accept that proposal.

Why the arrest? The lady was the one who propositioned him. Sounds like sex between two consenting adults not sexual assault under the color of authority.

Now if he told her that the only way to keep her kid was by submitting to sex then I would understand, but she was the one who instigated the act.

What a pig

What? He thinks he is a priest? God will get him for this. Seriously- it seems whackos are all through government. Afterall, we've had whackos making laws for a very long time. And they're still at it.

And now we should cut off his winky dinky doo da and then throw3 him into prison for 10 years. THAT's what he deserves.

And this is the one they caught for gross sexual behavior. All of the investigators in my opinion lie and falsify documents ALL THE TIME. public just doesn't know or see it. The investigators do this and the children's judges and court system don't do anything about it. then the poor kids are separated from their parents.

Why the heck would any woman say something like that? Watching his eyes she smelled that he is that type of guy, and she setup the trap to muddle the case against her. Both guilty, not sexual molestation.

I think dcfs should take away all his kids now...and his grandkids, just for the fun of it like they do all the time...but they probably won't cause he was one of them.

Dear Raprunner:

This incident is outrageous and inappropriate--to say the least.

But seriously--who are you kidding--parents are responsible for their children. If a parent is being investigated by the department, then there is just cause. Why do you blame the department for taking care of these "poor kids" when it's the parents fault to begin with.

Trust me--a worker does not just go into a home and detain the child. It's a process that must also be approved by a Juvenile Judge (so, it's not just the worker involved).

Parents are not victims, children are. If you're not fit to be a parent--DON'T HAVE CHILDREN!!

Dear Take Action for yourself-

It's obvious you feel very strongly about this and probably have no personal experience. I've met and read too many stories of how these investigators abuse, falsify and lie on their reports. Personally, it was done to my family and a few others that I know. Investigations can be called in by anyone (with any motive, financial or vengeful) and I'm sure you've never seen (in person) how the children's court system works...

Juvenile judges are there to "stamp" what the dept. writes and their investigators lie and twist up reports. The parents have no way to defend themselves to this process.

It's too late, already had the children and I'd like to hear more from you in regards to your belief that dcfs doesn't victimize families. Sounds like you're here reading about one of your colleagues...

You should also see some of the "care" the department places children in. If you care, monkette@gmail.com. Don't be so angry without investigation first.

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation."

And what do you want done with this man?

All those cases from alot of years should be looked into from the offices he and his fellow friends worked at. So how many years and how many offices turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the victims. This is not a thinking game this is an educated guess. There are victims who complain all the time only to be told "Our workers don't act like that, they don't talk like that". Well, they do "wow, how shocking", I bet they never knew, huh? The system is bad because of the people who work in it and make it that way. My belief is this is no different than a child molester, or rapist and should be treated as such, along with his co-workers. Then to lie in reports when assessing the household, no shock. People can look at the system everyday and see the problems they cause with families. The sad part is it takes years, to prove differently and then it is too late, because tha children they were supposed to protect get molested, killed, or seriously injured while under the care of the system. So, who really wins?


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