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Villaraigosa shows it all in support of LAX body-scan machines [Updated]

Villaraigosa-lcb4junc Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa declared his "strong support" for body-scanning technology at LAX and attempted to quell passenger fears by putting his own body to the test Monday.

With cameras rolling, Villaraigosa stepped into a scanning device in Terminal 6, raised his arms and allowed an X-ray screener in another room to see through his dark suit and peach tie for signs of contraband. Within five seconds, the screening was done.

Villaraigosa said he welcomes the technology and hopes the public will embrace it too as the best way to detect dangerous materials that a terrorist might try to sneak on a plane. HIs comments came at the start of one of the airports busiest periods, with 1.53 million passengers expected to board flights through Sunday.

"Let me be clear: My job is to make the airport as safe as possible for all of those passengers,'' Villaraigosa said at a morning news conference. "I'm asking the public to understand that the reality of these times requires a higher level of security to be safe."

Officials are trying to head off potential unrest in security lines stirred up by an Internet-based campaign to "opt out" of the body scans Wednesday, as hundreds of thousands of fliers will be trying to reach holiday destinations.

Critics of the scans say they are an invasion of 4th Amendment privacy rights and are not a fail-safe deterrent to terrorism. Although many people have concerns about the scans, and about the alternative pat-down searches, very few refuse to undergo them once they get to the airport, officials said.

More than 2 million have passed through LAX security lines since enhanced security measures were introduced a month ago, but just two have opted out of the body scans, according to Randy Parsons, TSA's security director at LAX.

Villaraigosa said radiation from a single scan is equal to about two minutes of flying time, making it safe for passengers. The so-called advanced image technology machines were put into use beginning in January, after an alleged attempt last Christmas by Umar Abdulmutallab to use explosives concealed in his underwear to blow up a Detroit-bound passenger jet.

LAX has more than a dozen of the machines, which are used on a random basis, Parsons said. More of the machines will be put into use in coming weeks and months, Villaraigosa said. If other airport managers don't want them, he said, they should send them to Los Angeles.

The machines are just one of several layers of security used at LAX, including metal detectors, pat-downs and "behavioral detection," Parsons said.

Villaraigosa said those talking of opting out as a protest are taking the wrong tack.

"The vast majority of us understand we are living in a different time and we have to be vigilant,'' he said.


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-- Catherine Saillant

[CORRECTION 5:38 p.m.:  An early version of this post incorrectly reported that 200,000 people had passed through LAX security lines since enhanced testing was introduced a month ago.]  

Photo: Mayor Villaraigosa at LAX today. Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times


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In a shocking development, the TSA reported that the Mayor was naked under his clothes, just like everyone else. Shocking! Will surprises ever cease?

Good, if you can't handle a simple scanner, you shouldn't really be flying.

If it actually made us safer that would be tolerable, but all the scanning, shoe removal etc...makes no difference to security. A mildly determine 14 year old con figure ways around the scans and pat downs. Also NONE of the commerical cargo that these planes carry is inspection - recalll a recent printer issue from Yemen. So it is all BS. The more they inconvenience us the more we are suppose to believe we are proactively protecting ourselves. The only people benefiting from this are the companies that sell the scanners and all the new public employees that get the jobs.

The whole thing is nonsense and it is an infuriating waste of time!!

Did his hair set off the grease detectors?

Go through with your family and without the 50 cameras and special attention. then see whats up

So where are the pictures of the scan? Was it even turned on? When the Mayor is groped, then we'll see what he says.

One born every minute

We clean your toilets AND go through X-ray screenings. Si se puede!

“Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security”
Benjamin Franklin.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is a traitor and a coward and behaves in a manner diametrically opposite to everything about America that right and good.

Its nice to have a scientist for a mayor to re-assure us that the radiation levels are safe.

Its ok with him since he has no balls they can fondle

This guy is such a joke. He's the only one who believes he's the coolest guy on the block. I'm a city employee and along with most people I work with think he's a clown with his entourage.

"Let me be clear: My job is to make the airport as safe as possible for all of those passengers,'' --Oh please, didn't know you moonlighted as a fellow TSA fondler.

Villaraigosa said radiation from a single scan is equal to about two minutes of flying time, making it safe for passengers. ----We'll i'm glad we can all be put at ease now because Villar says it is safe! hahaha

Funny because David Brenner, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University and a professor of radiation biophysics has a different take on it! Check out this interview/article from CNN!

Puhlleease! He's probably receiving kick-backs from the scanner companies.

He's apparently never had much problem sharing his junk, has he?

What a stupid stunt. I'm so glad I didn't vote for this self-aggrandizing moron.

"very few refuse to undergo them once they get to the airport, officials said." -- But they are willing to have two floor mats behind Villaraigosa in preparation.

The Los Angeles Mayor is standing there with his coat and shoes on; he probably has his belt around his waist and there are definitely things in his pockets. Of course he loves this layer of security that he does not have to go through except for the photo ops to show his support for Pistole's gropers.
These gropers were the ones that strip searched a youngster at the Salt Lake City Airport and then TSA said it was his dad that made him take off his shirt, but were silent about the strip search the child went through. Just looking out for our own good!
What about the fellow that had the urine bag break even though he attempted to warn the gropers that it could fail?
And to say that the passengers will clog the system but not the TSA is baloney. It is the invasion that they have levied on us and the constant changes in their policies that show us how presidential that leader is.

Someone should tell the Mayor he has to take off his jacket, his watch, his belt, and his shoes. He would be finding himself in "the chute" waiting for a "male assist" with that kind of cooperation.

I can't wait till these machines are proven unsafe after a few years of use.

You really trust the government to tell you what is and isn't safe?

Yeah, but he didn't get a genital groping session.

When the radiation machines register an "anomaly" (usually based on the attractiveness of the passenger), those ex-McDonald's employees are going to fondle your private parts.

Why didn't the Mayor get groped? Did he find it too distasteful?

If the Mayor found groping to be a "compromising situation" for the cameras, why shouldn't we?

That will be the one and only time Villaraigosa ever goes through a radiation scanner, and he'll never be subjected to a groping session.

Can we see his scan?
I didn't think so.

Has Tony ever read The Constitution?
I don't think so.

Here is the relevant part (that is being violated)...

The 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

The Pat-Downs also violate California Penal Code Section 243.4

California Penal Code Section 243.4 (e) (1) defines misdemeanor sexual battery as the non-consensual touching of the intimate part of another for (1) sexual arousal, (2) sexual gratification, or (3) sexual abuse. ("touches" means physical contact with another person, whether accomplished directly, through the clothing of the person committing the offense, or through the clothing of the victim. )

THE LA paper can't take the truth so they deleted my post..lol

So if he showed it all, how come we didn't get to see?

Right, forcing children to choose between naked porno-scanners or sexual assault via the gloved hands of the TSA.

Mommy, teachers & priests can't touch me there, but the smelly airport man can? Mommy, Daddy HEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!! Sick, sick, sick.

The TSA should be immediately dissolved as the incompetent & dangerously abusive gang of thugs it is. Take back America & our Constitution!!!

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