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UC regents approve 8% tuition increase for fall 2011


UC undergraduates will be paying an additional 8%, or $822 more, for their education next year as a result of a regents’ vote Thursday.

The full board of UC regents approved the hike in a 15-5 vote despite the pleas of student leaders and some board members. Among the most vocal opponents at the San Francisco meeting was Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado, a regent by virtue of his office, who said he wanted UC administrators to find more efficiencies throughout the 10-campus system before adding to the burdens of students and their families.

Also voting no were regent Charlene Zettel, student regent Jesse Cheng, alumni representative Darek DeFreece and regent Odessa Johnson.

The opponents acknowledged that expanded financial aid will shield low-income students from the increase and that families with incomes of up to $120,000 will have a one-year reprieve. But they said that middle-income families still face a tough time financing a UC education.

“Those are the ones who are silently crying. They are not at the microphone,” DeFreece said. “They are at work trying to figure out how they are going to pay for it all.”

Students seemed resigned to the final vote and only about 15 were present in the UC San Francisco meeting room by the time the debate was over. On Wednesday, an estimated 300 students and union activists had held a raucous rally outside that led to 13 arrests. 

In other action, the regents voted to change the name of the charges student pay from “fees” to “tuition,” to recognize their steep increase over recent years.


Should the UC regents raise undergraduate fees?

UC regents give initial approval to 8% student fee increase

13 people arrested in demonstration outside UC regents meeting

-- Larry Gordon, reporting from San Francisco

Photo: From left, California Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado and University of California President Mark Yudof listen as UC Regents Chairman Russell Gould speaks during a meeting Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010, at the Mission Bay campus in San Francisco. Credit: AP / Ben Margot

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Education for the rich only....it's coming!

Big deal, it's about time. It's cheap for a big-league education. Now do it at the community college level. Times have changed from the dreamy 50's when all was supposed to be nice and fair.

The students are getting a good lesson in real life. If you hipsters want to vote for fiscally irresponsible social scientists (democrats) don't be surprised when you get left paying for their "lab equipment".

those who can't do, teach. a bunch of real world failures retreating to the classroom, where they now extort from the students to fund their untenable salaries and pensions.

Too bad. They should pay more. If the kids better applied themselves, they could finish in 4 years and it would cost them less.

And, of course, some of the UC staff earning over $400,000 will take a pay cut.

In the meantime that insane state is giving illegal aliens an in-state tuition break. This is sick.

This is more an economic justice program to have a minority of mid to upper middle-class families paying the tuition hikes. The majority of students don't pay the tuition hikes at all. If the paying families quit sending their kids to the UC (and they should), of course this whole scheme will come crashing down. Then the UC will become nothing more than a poorly funded 4-year community college system with high-rise buildings.

It is really unjust, the way public colleges are being used to help balance state budgets. In Florida, the board of governors that control the university system, seem not to care or be empathatic to student's needs. They do not have the interest in keeping school affordable for poor and middle class families.
The people who run state university systems in the USA, only see dollar signs when it comes to increasing tuition.
Over here, the students are being fleeced with the cost of textbooks, tuition and rent.
Now, they all need more money to run the state government, because property taxes and sales tax have declined substantially due to the economic recession.
In my opinion, this is fundementally wrong and unfair. Why won't they cut the police departments' budget? All that money is being used to oppress the populace. And why are the cops never charged by the district attorney for murder when they shoot and kill someone?
Well, I surmise it is a good thing for student governments to pursue, at a time of fascism by local mafias control of city government and the police.
Let's see other states' univeresities student government presidents give speeches about this problem ,in protests. And pass resolutions in student senates to show your dislike of the new policy.

While tuition increases are always painful for students, the students also need to remember that Liberals in their state approved illegals to only have to pay In State Tuition. Perhaps if that hadn't of passed, this could have been avoided. Or perhaps not, but, it sure didn't help.

Well, well... So the reality finally comes home to roost for these "apt pupils" to socialism, eh? Yes, that's right kiddies...there is no such thing as a "free lunch", let alone a "free education" - Somebody has got to pay for it, and with California being bankrupted by the same crooked politicians who refuse to enforce our immigration laws, and the working tax-payers become a vanishing breed here...the buck comes 'round to YOU! How 'ya liking it now? Hehehehe

What really shows how PATHETIC you are is, that while you are perfectly willing to get outraged over this, like idiots you probably celebrated when the ILLEGALS were told they did not have to pay out-of-State tuition, but be treated the same as a LEGAL Resident!
Talk about becoming the proverbial "beggars to their own demise"!

Each one of these ILLEGALS who are here constitute yet another mouth at the trough YOU are having to compete with for educational benefits established for YOU, and not them! And whereas they would have to pay an average of $22k per year in out-of-State tuition...which would tremendously help our ailing budget...they're not only ripping YOU off by being here illegally in the first place, but they further insult YOU by refusing to pay that extra $12k any other out of Stater would have to pay.
It really amazes me that despite being in the collegiate class, you are such dumb-a$$es as to not see what open contempt this is for YOU!

I've lived in California since the days of Pat Brown, and have never seen such a brainwashed mass of sheep as Kalifornians have become. It's disgusting.

Do you think the students will be in the streets like U.K? Their tuition tripled to 9,000 pounds. Do you think they are any better able to handle the increase? U.K is under financial seige as well. So who is this benefiting? The wealthy who can send their kids anywhere? Useless eaters, useless educators, useless students. Has an awful ring to it.


If you are low-income, or a small business owner who appears on paper to be low-income, you're not paying these fees anyway, the Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan (State taxpayer paid "scholarships") does. It is the middle-class who are paying the taxes AND paying full tuition and fees for their own kids who are really feeling the rise in fees. C'mon, don't you realize why only 15 people showed up at the meeting. The 60% receiving "financial aid" don't care, they know they won't be paying for any of this anyway, we the State taxpayer will be.

Can't help but wonder how many of the individuals voting for fee hikes - benefitted from FREE UC's and/or Cal States? Or benefitted from affordable FEE rates? I know I did! When I attended GCC, I paid $44 dollars a semester for 12 units. When I attended a Cal State, I paid approximately $150 for 12 units or more a quarter. Therefore, I know we have a responsibility to make a college education obtainable for everyone whether RICH or POOR!

Tuition is still a bargian at the UC and CSU schools.

Wow, as a person who supported myself through college...both B.S. and M.A. Everyone forgets so easily. I spent my first couple of years in the ca community college system and I am very happy that it was affordable. Who cars about all the political crap, think about your kids and the next gen.

They can start by cutting a lot of fat and excess from the top and run a more efficient system. There are too many duplications of programs and support services on a lot of these campuses. THINK LEAN AND STOP PENALIZING THE STUDENTS!!!

Come on kids, suck it up and take out a loan. Look, college isn't for everyone. It's an investment, like a home. So, if it's worth that much to you, then borrow money, graduate, get a job, and pay it off like the rest of us.

Hey kids--think outside the box. Maybe college is a huge ripoff and a bigger scam than the South Sea Bubble or the Mississippi Bubble (eg. John Law's ponzi that destroyed the French govt. and helped cause the French Revolution). Your degree will be useless unless the jobs are already there when you graduate--and of course they won't be there with Calif. about to go bankrupt. I would rather stock shelves at Wal-Mart than get 5 calls a day from Sallie Mae forever. Do you want fries with that? --and Sallie Mae just left you 5 messages on your iPhone.

Gotta pay for those illegals getting in-state tuition somehow!

Boohoo, Boohoo. You want diversity (read subsidized tuition) and in state tuition for illegals (more subsidies), somebody has to pay for it. Better you than me! And if you can't get in to a UC, thank that foreign student paying out of state tuition that also helps to keep fees high.

Thank your luck stars that you are getting a first hand look and education on how liberalism works in america.

Tuition is NOT a bargain at UC schools. I'm a UCSB Honors student who's contemplating taking a year off to pay for school. I've held a job, I have over $40,000, and I my pockets are empty. If I wanted to pay Ivy League tuition, I would have gone to Ivy League. Please support our students

In my opinion, this is fundementally wrong and unfair. Why won't they cut the police departments' budget? All that money is being used to oppress the populace.

Hey Arenas - Why don't you lobby your local legislators to remove police protection from your neighborhood? I'll tell you why you don't, because your compadres are criminals and you know it!

@ bettye198

Tuition fees haven't tripled to £9K in the UK ... it's proposed ... and it would only affect England, not Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales ...

My tuition fees were around $40K per annum when I was a student back in 2000 at a private college. I think for the ivy-league type of education the University of California provides, students should fork out a bit more than what they're currently paying.

As for blaming the Democrats ... it seems people are forgetting that George Bush doubled the sovereign debt with his trillion dollar 'War on Terror' and crypto-Republican Obama is simply trying to clean up the mess while ensuring that Big Interest come out on top.

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