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Should an illegal immigrant be student body president at Fresno State?

TalkBackLAPedro Ramirez, Fresno State's student body president, is an undocumented immigrant serving in the position without pay.

Some people on Twitter have been discussing the story. A student at Northeastern is happy his university has never elected an illegal immigrant to student body office, while @LatinoDemocrats supports Ramirez's position.

Read more: Fresno State student body president acknowledges he is an illegal immigrant, refuses to step down

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Why are you people all up in arms about a poor little Mexican boy going to school? Are you people (you know who you are) so afraid of Mexicans getting educated and becoming smarter than the average bear? Possibly leading to an uprising of the Mexicans to take over California and the U.S.? You people just need to chill

Comedian Paul Rodriguez said it best.....let me paraphrase.....'oh yea, we like your pretty senoritas, your language, your margaritas, your Coronas, your tequila, your delicious Mexican food, your gorgeous country, your stunning beautiful beaches , but we just dont like YOU!'

We can't have these silly laws in a country that never had borders to begin with. Did Native Americans have man-made borders? Of course not, just when Europeans got here did things change
Native Americans usually killed any other tribe that hunted on their hunting grounds, so yes, they did understand borders.

That said, do you understand that without borders, we do not have a country, nor any human rights? Only a country with a definable jurisdiction can provide its citizens with human rights or make laws to protect them and their property.

Not only should he not be student body prez, but he should be deported. I don't understand it when people who are here illegally choose to speak up and draw attention to themselves. We now know his name, why is he still here?
I'm guessing Nikki Diaz is still in our country also.

At least now we have a target for ICE to deport. No need to profile this guy as he has already been identified. Now deport this guy. He has already bilked US taxpayers for more than we owe him.

"Through no fault of his own?" Where does the fault lie? With his parents.
Americans have a right to be angry with his parents and he should also be upset with his parents. The fact that his parents broke the law and brought him here illegally as a three year old, does not mean that Americans are now forced to excuse his illegal status. No, he should be allowed to remain student body president.

If ICE doesn't deport this guy immediately... along with his illegal invader family then we should charge the Director of ICE for that district with dereliction of duty and violation of his oath. He and every member of ICE swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and to uphold the law of the land. If nobody else will do anything I'll go make a citizen's arrest of the Director myself.

This guy has gone public and admitted that he's here illegally... case closed!!!!

A Marine Corps Vietnam (combat) veteran

Emile Zola, why do you have to bring up that tired argument that this land was stolen from Mexico? "Illegals" have more right to that land than the stealers? Really? Mexicans where not here before the pilgrims. Spaniards where here and they laid claim to the land, not Mexico. I don't call native americans illegals, just anyone south of the border who show's up uninvited.
So, much like you believe, since the names of places in California are in spanish, it does not make it Mexican. There is a place called Guadalajara in Spain. Does that make it Mexican? Didn't think so. What about all those cities in the Phillipines ( San Fernando, Santa Rosa, Santa Rita, San Jose, San Pablo, La Paz)? Does that make them Mexican too? Didn't think so. You better think up a new argument.

Quidel: this is where you are wrong when you say 'they are uninvited'.... are you suggesting that illegals are only good for one thing? Like harvesting all our food? remember this when you are stuffing your fat face on Thanksgiving Day.

In response to this question...."Should the President of the United States of America be a legal US Citizen?" Hope someone can ask this question in person to Pedro Ramirez.

Right on Doug (Marine Corp Vietnam Combat Veteran)..."swore to protect and defend the USA from invaders foreign or domestic..." This country has lost some the true-blooded, steel-balled men who fought and died in previous US conflicts. ICE does not have any of the above...if not the job would have been done promptly.

Very happy to see this article, which said the contents of the far-reaching for the role we have, we will try to figure out thin essence of the article, thanks to this article.

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All parents who drag their childern over dessert and bushes should be prosecuted for child obuse and endegerment by US LAW.


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