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Medical marijuana dispensaries banned in unincorporated L.A. County

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 Tuesday to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas of the county.

The board also voted unanimously to develop a plan for stepped-up enforcement against shops that opened without a permit.

"Why don't you use everything you have to get them the hell out of unincorporated areas?" Supervisor Gloria Molina asked county staff.

Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky authored the proposal for stepped-up enforcement against a small number of unpermitted shops in unincorporated areas, but he said an outright ban would unfairly harm patients with a legitimate need. Yaroslavsky was the lone vote against the ban.

"This is not some sort of scheme or scam. This is not some sort of joke," Yaroslavsky said, noting that he had seen marijuana help friends afflicted with cancer.

The ban must be read again at a future meeting for final approval, and then would go into effect about 30 days later. Aides to Supervisor Mike Antonovich said the ban could be in place by the end of the year.

In depth: Complete coverage of the marijuana legalization debate

-- Garrett Therolf at the Hall of Administration

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Glad to see L.A. County Supervisors dealing with the REALLY important issues. What a joke.

These supervisors are clearly out of sync with the times. It is high time we voted them out of office. Why don't we do everything in our power to get them the hell out of office?

What exactly does unincorporated LA mean? What areas is this??

Good to know that there's at least one intelligent person - Zev Yaroslavsky on the L.A. Board of Supervisors (unlike Antonovitch and his kind of ignoramuses.

Finally! Our neighborhood watch has been complaining about the pot sellers for three years now! It is waaaay past time to get these greedy gun-toting merchants out of our neighborhoods. Now my third grade daughter won't have to dodge stoned-out drivers on her way home from school. The price of real estate around these drug dens will no longer be negatively impacted.

Sorry Zev, the whole 420 Compa$$ion Movement is one big greedy sham.
What the heck are you smokin'?

So, much like the ban on plastic grocery bags, this won't affect too many of us. Here's a map. The white areas are unincorporated LA County.


About 1 million people


San Diego County tried this and it didn't fly, legally. The court forced them to lift the ban since it's not against state law.

Ha. Stupid dopers = total losers.

What is new?

dodging stoned drivers walter go to hell at take your liberal views and granddaughter with you

I have the same question as galaxy420. What are "unincorporated areas" of LA? I've lived here all my life, read the paper daily, and I have no idea. The author should really explain this.

medical marijuana: The consequences of smoking marijuana include, but are not limited to the following: premature cancer, addiction, coordination and perception impairment, a number of mental disorders including depression, hostility and increased aggressiveness, general apathy, memory loss, reproductive disabilities, and impairment to the immune system. their is no supported document the use of medical marijuana

Screw you LA times im 12 years old and my opinion is just as important.

Walter G - This does not remove drug dealers from your neighborhood, ACTUALLY, it puts more in.

Think about it for a sec, no dispensaries = no competition for local drug dealers - who actually tote guns.

I cannot seem to understand, what intelligent arguement the government has in telling american's they cannot smoke marijuana.

This comments has been saved business, is typical of the times newpaper.
It's truely lost it's luster.

Glad to hear of the ban, that's the LAST thing we need in our neighborhood.

Glad to hear of the ban, that's the LAST business we need in our neighborhood.

Medical marijuana serves a purpose.
contrary to the red neck uniformed crowd, it saves lives.
After working as a commercial contractor,for over twenty years, I was almost killed in a very bad industrial accident.
After seven surgeries, to get me able to just be able to get up and walk around, I was left with constant attacks of severe chronic pain.
Years of using prescription drugs like vicoden, and darvocet, left me unchanged and addicted to pill, and on disability.
Under the care of my doctor I switched off the pills onto medical marijuana, to kill the unbearable pain.
I am off pills, working again full time, paying taxes, and supporting my family.
My blood pressure has RETURNED to normal, my blood sugar no longer sky rockets and crashes, and my diet is under control.
I have my life back. MY PAIN IS UNDER CONTROL.
Now as a result of the misplaced, uninformed, ramblings of three of our county bureaucrats, I must travel an hour on the freeway, to los angeles, to purchase my medical marijuana.
But not for you any more.
I only hope if you need the miracle of medical marijuana one day, some bureaucrat wont block you from saving your life and livelihood.

Angry voter, ex-supporter.

@walter: wtf are YOU smoking? bringing down house values (look at west hollywood), dodging stoned drivers (wtf, you actually can tell who's stoned?). Guess we should ban alcohol while we're at it! Let me guess, you're white, republican, and religious? ding ding ding

You have to be kidding me. Look the drug cartel must be buying off the local officals. It is so dumb that rational people would ban a plant. Guess alcohol pays for reelections.

zev's been on medical marihuana for the 40 years he's been in office. get rid of this loser, now.

Medicinal Cannabis is highly effective in a wide variety of medical conditions, ranging from cancer to glaucoma to chronic pain, to PTSD.. It is amazing that in our day and age the Feds and their DEA cling to outdated "dogmas" and suppress further research into the remarkable medicinal properties of the Cannabis plant. I cannot believe that this Inquisition-style repression with regards to science and scientific research is even possible in contemporary America, of all places. But the fact remains very clear: Cannabis is not physically addictive and the so-called "gateway drug" theory is nonsense. I was very impressed with Arizona voters this past election because despite all the scare-tactics, all the deceptions, all the distortions, the voters of Arizona, many being rather Conservative, still voted for their own interests, for the medicinal Cannabis, and against the "politicos" "dogma". Cannabis is Medicine, people, it has been medicine for thousands of years, and it will still be medicine long after the current prohibitionist crowd pass into oblivion! Legalize Medicinal Cannabis in all 50 States ASAP, and stop persecuting the retail outlets that allow Medicinal Cannabis patients purchase their supplies!

unincorporated areas of LA County are as follows:

Maybe people should be spending time on actually doing somthing usefull like helping define a standard for all Americans to enjoy...
Medical Marijuana is for ALL who find it usefull! Does this mean we wont see freak cases of dependancy? NO! People allways take it too far, but it is this constant bullying of friendly users by politicians and media officals has got to stop.
I blame the deaths on those at the State government! They allowd those companys ( or Charitys) to open and the first sign of trouble, they quickly blame the new buisness? Makes no sense! You all set up a house of cards, then all cry when the wind blows it down!
God forebid we actually have a national emergancy, you all will be crying then huh? "OMG , how could this happen!?"
SIMPLE, you made youre Beds this way, now sleep in them! You could have done something for everyone, but no, you have to be greedy! Take MONEY!!! STACK PAPER! RIGHT?
Answer this then..." What perscriptions are taxible?"
the awnswer is..................... NONE! Medicine is NOT TAXED YOU BUNCH OF SIMPLETONS! Medical Marijuana will NEVER PROFIT ANY MONEY! Only way it makes money now is my deception. The "MEDS" in the "collectives" is second rate. They have no real clue about organics or how its grown... Makes me wonder what the hell they are doing standing behind the counter! THE STATE SHOULD RECORDS TO BE KEPT OF ALL MEDICAL MARIJUANA DURING AND THROUGHOUT ITS GROWTH AND LIFE! SORT IT OUT! WE WANT GROW FACTS! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! STOP TELLING EVERYONE THAT MEDICAL MARIJUANA WILL GENERATE BILLIONS CUZ ITS A BUNCH OF CRAP! IF YOU ARE MAKING MONEY OFF OTHER PEOPLES PAIN AND SUFFERING THEN SHAME ON YOU<------ (maybe LA times will hire you!)

I am a disabled veteran and medical marijuana has helped me tremendously. Pharmacuticals that were given to be before cannibus REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hurt my internal organs and I could not even function on them. With the help of medical marijuana I have been able to deal with my pains, I have been able to go back to work. I have my life back. My kids have thier father back. Marijuana is harmless, our forefather smoked marijuana and our constitution was written on hemp.
No on alcohol
No on pharmacuticals

If California doesn't want you think about Arizona. We have approved prop 203 which requires 124 state wide dispensaries and also small scale medical marijuana care givers. The application opening date is rapidly approaching, and potential new business owners are setting up now. The opportunity window for something great is always small. If you would like to learn how search these words: "Arizona Medical Marijuana Consulting FAQS"

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