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Latinos make up more than half of California's students; should this milestone bring changes?


Latinos for the first time make up more than half of California's students.

TalkbackAs The Times' Howard Blume reported, state numbers show an overall enrollment decline, down about 22,000 students from last year to 6.1 million this year. The current figures mark the sixth consecutive year of lower enrollment. Latinos now account for 50.4% of students, an increase of 1.4% over last year. (The Orange County Register has a breakdown by district in Orange County).

New federal regulations have added a multiple-race category, and 96,796 students classified themselves as such, or about 1.6% of the total.

California has now reached a milestone that the L.A. Unified School District reached some time ago. What do you think about the numbers and how should they impact the way students are taught? Share your views below.

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So, does LAUSD or the state need to need to determine what percentage of these "Latinos" are non-US born and determine how to "culturally" educated these kids? Will LAUSD teach their students in some obscure Mayan dialet as the language of LA, so we won't have the same problem in Westlake with Manuel Jamines Xum? Will non "Latinos" get minority status and benefit from affirmative action?

- I think it's a good thing that a State invests in it's own people via providing education. Whether the students are of one race or another doesn't matter.

- The State of California has a number of illegal immigrants hidden in it's society. I think it's the financial responsibility of their origin country to educate their own people.

- I'm also pro-voucher system. If parents want to take their kids out the system, then they should have the financial option to do so.

Of course they're the majority it's free. We are on track to third world status.

Stick to the basics but do it well....Reading, Writing and Arithmatic.

do it for la raza! mijos y mijas, CA is ours! the days when the aztlan empire will rise is coming soon!

There should definitely be a change in the way students are taught, not only in California but all over the globe, and it has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, color of skin, creed or sexual orientation. That change should simply be a constant demonstration of respect and dignity for everone involved, parents, students and teachers.

This article is about the % of latino's enrolled in school. What do "you" mean when you write." What do you think about the numbers and how should they impact the way students are taught when you write". Should ALL students be taught the same no matter if they are African-American, Chinese, ECT.... ?

I wish I could not pay taxes, get government money to go to school, get government money for food, get free health care, not pay vehicle registration, not pay vehicle insurance, not pay property taxes, not pay for a college education, eat fire hot Cheetos all day and especially talk about my country south of the border like it is the best place on earth yet want nothing to do with it. Its great to live in California!

Its a shame to see that so many illegals have been allowed into our schools and the by products of illegals. ( aka anchor babies ) It puts a tremendous burden on an already over crowded school system!!!!! This " milestone " SHOULD definitly force change!!!! This is just one more way that California is rewarding criminals!!!! I could care less what country or continent they came from, round em up and throw them out anchor babies or not!!!!!

Sure, Latinos make up more than half of the student population, but also has the highest drop-out rate.

The way I look at this is the United States took California from Mexico by force and now they want it back.

Greg Hall...maybe we should add spelling to your list?

I completely agree with you Laura!!! This state is in its worst state of financial ruin EVER!!!!! I wonder why... Could it be the overwhelming amount of illegal immigrants clogging OUR systems???? I dont care WHAT country they came from... if they dont have documentation to be here they ARE criminals PERIOD!!!! Yet we continue to reward this conduct. LA city council see's no problem, yet if you look at the makeup of city counsel, its obvious why this still continues! lausd is a disaster!!! union teachers, they're unqualified and hide behind criminal unions, yet they complain that their classrooms are over crowded!!!! It's time this state "mans up" and calls a criminal a criminal!!!!!


"CA is ours"

I'm always baffled by comments like this.

Who is "ours"?

For the "ours" who now "have it", are you going to develop it, drain it, or destroy it?

The wider the demographic gap between students in the state-run schools and voters, the more we'll likely see a reluctance to fund the schools.

For a country that has educated millions of children from other countries, a lot of people are really worried somehow that we will be unable to educate millions more. Double down on the basics, English, math, civics, and science, and let kids know what the requirements for going to college are, including a foreign language skill. Bring them up to speed on what they need to compete as useful citizens. What am I saying? Silly me. I forgot that schools never needed so much reform until reformers got their hands in 20 or 30 years agoand insisted on school reform. (That comment goes for BOTH sides of the argument.)

Most of the replies are baseless and indeed stupid. If I were to grade them I would give them a Fail. These are from people who talk about American exceptionalism but do not have the courage to enlist in the armed forces.


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