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Oceanside man challenges airport's full-body scan [Updated]

A recording made by an Oceanside man who refused to undergo a full-body scan at San Diego International Airport over the weekend has gone viral as Internet viewers ferociously debate whether airport security measures have gone too far.

John Charles Tyner, 31, said he wasn't trying to pick a fight when he refused an X-ray scan of his body Saturday, but he was ready to defend his rights, according to his blog, if they made him do it. He is opposed on principle to the X-ray machines because it would show an image of his naked body, said Tyner, who blogs as "Johnny Edge."

[Updated at 9:33 a.m.: At one point, as the airport screener explained that the patdown would include brushing his groin, Tyner replied, "You touch my junk and I'm going to have you arrested."

He also refused to be patted down by a TSA agent, Tyner says on a blog post recounting the details of his confrontation with airport security. Tyner recorded most of the face-off on his camera phone, and the images and audio have gone viral on the Internet.

Tyner said he wanted to draw attention to an erosion in liberties and "senseless" efforts by the government to detect terrorists before they board a  plane.

"Every attempt to blow up a plane since 9/11 has been stopped by passengers after the government failed to provide protection for them.... All I did was draw attention to this," he wrote.

Tyner said he would have gone through a metal detector but that airport security did not give him that option. Instead, they refused to allow him to board his plane and he had his ticket refunded.

As he was preparing to leave the airport, another unidentified security official told him he could be sued civilly and fined $10,000 if he exited without undergoing a search, Tyner said on his blog.

Tyner refused and left the airport.


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-- Catherine Saillant

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This is stupid. Who doesnt know you have to be searched before boarding an airplane. This guy has too much time on his hands, and probably watches too much television....

When the Congress, Senate, and Supreme court members get daily "pat downs" by highly trained RANDOM citizens that change each day as they enter official buildings, airports, courtroom settings, etc. ...then there will be a change in loss of rights.

Well the J.O. wanted to throw a hissy fit, I guess he did

Ah the airline industry, which assumes every customer is a criminal and then wonders why profits are down

The government can go to far if a vigilant citizenry is not on alert. This is close to a hugh invasion of privacy. Good for Mr. Tyner standing up. He has a right to his opinion. Also, the scanners can pose a health risk with radiation. That is why the pilot's union is also protesting.

How does this get so complicated? It’s simple:
1) Airlines are businesses owned by people, not the government.
2) But, all private businesses must abide by government guidelines.
3) As a private citizen you are paying this business for a service—in this case, to SAFELY transport you from one place to another. If you don’t like their rules THEN DON’T FLY.
I don’t mind being put through a pat down if I know everyone else is getting the same. You can’t catch everyone but many have been caught

Seriously? What is the big deal? I have gone through those full body scanners many times. I never feel like my privacy is being invaded. I was patted down once when I forgot that I had lip gloss in my jeans pocket. Did I care? No. I know the rules and I forgot to remove my lip gloss (liquid). Five minutes later I was on the way to my gate sans lip gloss.

A pat down is not the TSA agents dream come true. They don't want to touch your junk, they just want to be thorough enough that they can say they did their job. People need to stop being so uptight. Unless you have something to hide (like the fact that you are a tranny), I don't see why you would care if a faceless/hidden person looks at your computer generated body images or a professionally trained TSA agent has to pat you down.

Cops have been patting innocent people down for ages as a safety precaution when it is unclear whether they are in fact innocent or a true threat. This is no different really. To serve and protect. True for cops and true for TSA agents these days. Follow the rules of these private (yes, airlines are privately owned) companies and you won't have any problems. The government may interfere a bit, but they only interfere when necessary. Just as the government wouldn't allow someone to abuse children or animals in their own private residence... the government doesn't allow people to put others in danger on privately owned airlines.

Deal with it or stop traveling. I'm sure flights will be much more relaxing without those who don't understand the purpose of travel or that traveling is a privilege even if you are doing so for work.


"I believe the x-ray and pat down are to detect weapons not terrorist, what an idiot...I think they have an elaborate computer screening process to detect terrorist...don't allow him to fly, I don't want him on the same plane as me...I don't trust him...

How long did the legitimate passengers have to wait...Couldn't this guy have written a letter, he already knew the process...He should receive a heavy fine..."

If you are willing to sale your self into virtual slavery to the governement for the faux (that means fake) promise of security then go right ahead but the rest of us know how utterly stupid and in effective all of this is.


Your as bad as TheBigPicture. Let’s take a look at your empty comments, shall we?

1) "I'm confused" - This one is understandable so need to comment here.

2) "which is it, government is supposed to 'do its job' protecting us, or the private sector is going to do it if the TSA simply goes away? " - Well DG I got some bad news for you. Not oinly is it not the governments job to protect you but its also not your local law enforcements job either. The police are NOT required to protect you but to respond to a crime that has been committed. They can of course opt to protect you but they are NOT required to. If they were then people they could not get to in time would have family members suing law enforcement left and right.

3) "And if the airlines take on the job, what do you suppose the fee will be if a pillow costs $8? " - The airlines is going to nickel and dime travelers no matter what happens so this is a hallow comment at best.

4) "Or, we could issue weapons to 100% of passengers, as a condition of boarding, so everyone feels safe." - This would be more effective then anything any individual or agency could ever do. I can only guess you had a lapses of being you for a second and that’s why you made this comment.

5) "As Condoleeza Rice aptly put it, we have to catch 100% of the terrorists to be successful; they only have to be successful once." Assuming the terrorist threats of airplane hijackings is even real, you do realize that no matter what screening measures they put in place it is impossible to prevent this %100 of the time. The government can't guarantee anything even %50 of the time other than guaranteeing it is working hard to take more and more from you each and every day.

6)” And he's just calling attention to what?” - He’s calling attention to the flagrant and abusive actions of an agency of the federal government against lawful citizens of this country. You may like being treated like a terrorists but most normal people do not. Just go back to your lounge chair and your beer and finish watching the game and let the rest of us who still have not been totally gutted and dumb downed deal with stopping an over aggressive power grab by the TSA. Besides you don’t want to miss the game over something stupid like your constitutional rights now do you?

Systematic training to have you "get used to" surrendering your rights and integrity. Just another ploy to make us "accustomed" to "percieved authorities" TAKING liberties they have no right to.

This is suppose to find hidden two part chemical bombs? Really? It's extremely easy to look at the Israeli methods and their outcome. Most of it is defined by use of prior intelligence and then quiet, determined examination of the action of the passengers. NOT mass impossition of degradation of their dignity. Remember chemical sniffers? Ah, but that didn't strip dignity did it?

You can not strip dignity from a man that will stand up and fight for it.
You can not strip liberty from a man that will stand up and fight for it.
You can not strip a nation from a man that will stand up and fight for it.

So they settle for chipping away, piece by piece, our dignity, our liberties and our nation.

We, as Americans must stand up and fight this. We need not be a nation ran by bankers, but for that we must fight and regain the right of not only us but of our nation.

A sovereign nation does not exist when it's moneys are manipulated by others.

Now is the time to find and encourage the statesmen in our nation that we don't want them to serve, we NEED them to serve, to help us get this nation away from the liars and politicians. Our government was never meant to be a "business". They serve FOR the people and this needs to be reminded abain
and again. We do not work for the state or the gvernment. They exist to insure our equitable rights to work and live in the freedoms we have fought to have and keep but it is our responsiblity to maintain them at home and around us. Vote for America, not for the best "politician". Remove the "business".

Again in 2012, get rid of the corruption in legislatures from the town hall through the state and even the federal systems. Fight for the rights of your children and THEIR nation. Fight for the morality and dignity of truth and justice.

Ironically enough, on Monday 11/15/10 I was departing San Diego airport and also had the same situation happen to me. This was the first time I ever encountered a full body scan, pat down, and my hands were wiped with wipes. I proceeded to ask questions as to why I was chose, or if I had done something wrong. I was very confused and felt completely violated. Almost to the point that I never want to fly again.
Many believe we should just shut our mouths and allow this but honestly when its your body that's being violated its a different feeling.
I, like the majority of passengers want to arrive safe and sound to my destination but I also don't want to walk away feeling like someone just violated my body without telling me a reason why they are touching me... I might as well strip naked and really give them something to gawk about...

To get an x-ray ordered by my doctor, the x-ray technician must be licensed. So how are TSA employees allowed to push a button and x-ray someone? Who is performing the maintenance on these machines and monitoring the amount of radiation someone is actually getting? Mark my word, those going through these scans will see an uprise in cancer rates in the future.

The pat downs are an outrageous violation of human humility.

I heard a congresswoman state that the scans/pat downs are a pilot program. Since when do we subject Americans to radiation and criminal pat downs as part of an experiment?

What a corruption government !!!!!

Maybe we should all start wearing proetective plastic athletic cups around our junk, which would really prevent them from touching our junk. Plastic is allowed on airplanes. Think of the aftermarket for this type of product. We can set up a Kiosk outside of security. Men's junk protectors'. 10 bucks.

Maybe we should all start wearing proetective plastic athletic cups around our junk, which would really prevent them from touching our junk. Plastic is allowed on airplanes. Think of the aftermarket for this type of product. We can set up a Kiosk outside of security. Men's junk protectors'. 10 bucks.

Is that what this airline drama has come to? I fly quite a bit and I think that the airport security is not right. I think the airlines need to explain the way the food service works. I went to Subway in San Fransisco airport and had to go threw security. It was a joke I forgot my ticket and I.D. I thought I was still good
after all I had just went threw the security, by the time I got to my gate I had only the sandwich I had to throw away the soda because it was in a bottle, Why is there no signs that tell you where the areas are that you can get something to eat with out going threw the whole security thing again. Soda are 4.00$ each I hated tossing those sodas in the trash!

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