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Oceanside man challenges airport's full-body scan [Updated]

A recording made by an Oceanside man who refused to undergo a full-body scan at San Diego International Airport over the weekend has gone viral as Internet viewers ferociously debate whether airport security measures have gone too far.

John Charles Tyner, 31, said he wasn't trying to pick a fight when he refused an X-ray scan of his body Saturday, but he was ready to defend his rights, according to his blog, if they made him do it. He is opposed on principle to the X-ray machines because it would show an image of his naked body, said Tyner, who blogs as "Johnny Edge."

[Updated at 9:33 a.m.: At one point, as the airport screener explained that the patdown would include brushing his groin, Tyner replied, "You touch my junk and I'm going to have you arrested."

He also refused to be patted down by a TSA agent, Tyner says on a blog post recounting the details of his confrontation with airport security. Tyner recorded most of the face-off on his camera phone, and the images and audio have gone viral on the Internet.

Tyner said he wanted to draw attention to an erosion in liberties and "senseless" efforts by the government to detect terrorists before they board a  plane.

"Every attempt to blow up a plane since 9/11 has been stopped by passengers after the government failed to provide protection for them.... All I did was draw attention to this," he wrote.

Tyner said he would have gone through a metal detector but that airport security did not give him that option. Instead, they refused to allow him to board his plane and he had his ticket refunded.

As he was preparing to leave the airport, another unidentified security official told him he could be sued civilly and fined $10,000 if he exited without undergoing a search, Tyner said on his blog.

Tyner refused and left the airport.


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-- Catherine Saillant

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OK Napalitano says same gender pat downs. What if the TSA agent is gay? Do they have a "Don't ask don't tell" policy? I had an obviously gay TSA guy pat me down and it was more than embarrassing. Maybe we need to make a gay line and a straight line so no abuses can occur!!

Why don't they just make people take all their clothes off and the inspectors should be naked too and there would be no problem. lol

Fight the powers that be.....
Power to the People..........
Give me Liberty or Give me Death.......

Apparently for most of you stupid, heads-buried-in-the-dirt, beat down sheep who have bought into the fully engineered SETUP constructed by YOUR corrupt government (i.e. GHW Bush/Clinton/GW Bush and of late YoBama) to tick off foreign radicals to pose such travel security threats, you deserve everything draconian that's heading your way. You WANT to be enslaved, GOOD!, because you're going to get what you ask for.
And just to make it all the more painful, the words of Benjamin Franklin cannot be beaten into your useless little brains enough:
"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Thank you for that reminder Brian!

I totally agree with this man. This has gone too far. I hope the airlines lose so much money in canceled flights and people refusing to fly because of the personal rights violations, that they have to rethink this whole thing. This is nothing short of sexual assault, and people have spent time in prison for doing less to a person. Don't worry, I won't be holding up any lines. I refuse to ever fly again.

It's time Americans make the government understand that they work for us! Taking precautions for security is one thing, but the demeaning invasion of a persons utmost privacy is ridiculous and should not be allowed to take place. It is time for a group of people to take this to the Supreme Court and put a stop to it. There hasn't been a hijacking of an Israeli airliner for years and they don't do this invasive search.

If you dont want to it, you dont fly!
look into a bus ticket or look at a map for the shortest route.

Let's see here. So if you fly often then how many times can you go through this full body scan without harm? Also what a violation of your rights. We need to profile just like Israel. And those of you who do this as stated below are fools. They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

I think the passenger was a bit of a jerk. The airport is not the place to stage a demonstration. None of the events with body scans and searches are last minute decisions. You're warned from the time you purchase a ticket until you get on the plane.

You get more rads from flying at high altitude than from the backscatter. Also, have you paid attention to how much emf rads are being put out by cell phones/towers. There are other things to worry about and appropriate places to voice concerns over the loss of rights.

Holding up other passengers and making someones job difficult just isn't fair.

Good for John. The TSA have never found one explosive or weapon on any domestic flight. The all have been on a flight from overseas. The TSA is a joke I know of cases where the TSA have hired convected felons, certified nut jobs that were boarded out of the military, and people that were hired based on the fact that they could get a security clearance. The TSA needs to tighten out on their personnel.

Some people pay for this kind of stuff, and he turns down a freebie? I guess it turns out we're more prude than we are paranoid.

I'm just going to drive this Thanksgiving. I'm not really into this airport porn thing. I think they're going a little overboard now. Also I didn't know that if you punk out on a search they can fine you $10,000 and bring charges against you. I think I'm going to give up flying for now. I'm starting to think it's a bigger pain than driving.

All this distracts from the still incomplete security checks of air cargo. That worries me more than what granny might be hiding in her crotch (yes, no age discrimination from the TSA!). Also...screening pilots is ridiculous and a waste of time. If one were inclined to crash the plane, he could very well do it.

"People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both." - Ben Franklin.

This is an invasion of privacy but more importantly to refuse the body scan and touching of genetials is standing up for our current rights as citizens and those who cannot stand up for themselves, namely children. TSA could not tell there were weapons in the underware bombers pants, hence TSA claims the needs. But if the image doesn't really show all parts and they are not digitally recorded then: how would TSA know what was under a females menstrual pad? How would TSA prosecute if the image is not digitally recorded. Is the next step body cavity searches? How many fathers/mothers will authorize that for their children? What happens when TSA Chester the molester posts your childs photos on the net? What happens when terrorists figure out (if not already) another method? Why not use bomb sniffing dogs? The dogs know the difference between metals, plastics, various elements, etc. Less invasive, can't end up on the net. Perhaps the concern are dog bites but I would take a bite vs my childs image sent around the pedophile world in secords never to be removed. "People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both."
- Ben Franklin.

This dude is a dummy

What a f r e c k i n drama queen. This traveler must really need the attention.

Next time I take a flight, I'm going in a speedo, robe and flip-flops. The only thing they'll be able to charge me with is "Grape-Smuggling".

Can both views be correct? The process should be streamlined so people are not easily irritated. But, with budget cuts and layoffs, there aren’t enough resources to make the experience pleasant for customers.
I’d suggest that management and shareholders take a payment reduction and use the extra funds to hire more staff and provide means for insightful security infrastructure.
Individuals receiving a higher income when customers favored how the business was managed should now accept a reduction as their methods have been failing.

It's really disturbing how many people are on here yelling "just do what you're told already!".
What is wrong with you?
Americans have a self image of individualistic tough guys. Based on these comments (and the fact this guy sticking up for himself is a news story) this is obviously baloney.
No wonder third world countries are doing better than us these days.

We MUST start profiling! Enough with shaking down little old ladies and babies! Middle Eastern Muslim males were to blame for EVERY ONE of the terrorist acts on airplanes. Profile folks! Profile! Start screening them, not the innocent folks. It's what keeps the Israeli airlines safe!

Flying at 30,000 ft exposes you to far more RADs than the scanning could ever produce.

Furthermore, when you buy a ticket, it's clearly stipulated, you agree to all conditions and terms (of flight safety); its a contract.

This guy us no hero. He's simply a sh!t disturber. Recording the entire process is a setup - Unquestionably illegal, clearly stipulated as such.

He should be arrested and fined for intentionally wasting time, holding up the cue, delaying passengers, distracting TSA agents, recording the screening process, etc...

Given his blog, he's obviously making a career out of this.

I don't want him flying with me or anyone else.

Find another way to get around.

Yes let's just all turn over our papers to the government and beg for their permission to be allowed to go anywhere. Just a reminder this is how the Nazi's controlled the Jews leading up to the final solution. Oh and by the way BigPicture what is a "legitimate" passenger in this context? Someone who is a sheep to the government? Why are our men and women of the armed forces fighting and dying for our rights if we are so willing to just abandon them at a whim?

I would like to see this happen to some big shot actor like Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston to name a few. What would they do. They would say pound sand and get cartblanch.

Interesting Mr. Tyner just happened to record this incident. It got him his 15 minutes of fame. Too bad he accomplished this by coming across as a hysterical twit feigning outrage that he had to either have a full body scan or be pat down.

Does the boy have issues or what? I would suggest that Mr. Tyner get himself a very good vehicle and next time he wants to travel, drive to his destination.

Or will the next video we see from him be a hysterical outburst because the seatbelt in his vehicle is getting too close to his precious little junk??

Finally someone stands for the constitution. They can NOT tell us we are guilty and then forces us to show them we are not. There is a presumption of innocent until PROVEN guilty and due process, which the TSA violates.

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