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Five shot, two arrested in Hollywood shootings


Five people were injured early Monday morning in the area of Hollywood Boulevard and North Cahuenga Boulevard in two separate shootings within two hours of each other.

Two people were arrested in connection with the shootings, and investigators were trying to determine if the incidents were related, said Officer Sara Faden, a Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman.

In the first shooting, a man was shot in the back and stomach at 1:25 a.m. He was taken to a hospital, where he was in stable condition, Faden said.

One person was detained and was in the process of being booked in connection with the shooting, Faden said.

Four men were shot in a 2:57 a.m. shooting. They were all taken to a hospital and were in stable condition. A suspect was detained in the shooting and was being booked, Faden said.

Crime in Hollywood over the last six months (more at Crime L.A.):

Violent crimes (401)
Property crimes (1,422)

-- Stephen Ceasar

Photo: On Monday morning, LAPD investigators were at the scene of one of the shootings in the Hollywood Boulevard-North Cahuenga Boulevard area. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times


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Unfortunately, I spent at least a half hour trying to get away from the insanity that was the Cahuenga and Hollywood last night. It was literally a sea of foul-mouthed losers who seem to know how to do two things: make offensive remarks to women or stare down other losers which would lead to more f words, put downs, fights, and finally shots. I really haven't seen this many mindless idiots since the Raiders played in the Superbowl in SD. This is how these people celebrate a holiday?

Hollywood, you are partly responsible for creating these people, now you deal with them. I'm staying away.

Welcome to L.A. God bless the rich snobs of O.C. At least you don't get shot.

I live about 4 blocks north of this intersection just north of Franklin and Cahuenga in the foothills of the hollywood hills and it was a peaceful and quiet Halloween evening handing out candy to kids with their families. I built a most amazing cemetary. It was so much fun. A friend from out of town wanted to know where to go and I said West Hollywood because its usually an awesome event with lots of police and security on hand, and I said to avoid Hollywood Blvd. because its truly sketchy down there. I hate Hollywood Blvd. especially on Halloween. All the low lives come out, gang members, thugs, vagrants, druggies, drunks. And it smells like pee and the shops sell the most awful junk targeting tourists. Hollywood could be such a wonderful place if it was its own city, but the idiots in LA County keep voting against it. We just don't have the funds to fix it up. Its so ratty and ugly but could be so beautiful. The police don't do enough for the area. If we were our own city like West Hollywood, Santa Monica, etc., we could have our own police department and it would be so much nicer. Maybe someday. In the meantime, avoid Hollywood Blvd. There's really nothing to see here anyway and I see that "geez, we shoulda gone somewhere else for our vacation" look on all the tourist's faces. Wish it wasn't so. I knew something would happen last night.

awesome. 5 people get blasted in the heart if of Hollywood on Halloween and i wake to another "article" with no suspect or victim descriptions. .. . Thus
Black people must be involved. LATimes is a complete joke.

It sounds like a normal night in Hollywood to me!

I was there last night, and it seemed that there were 2 people killed in front of Popeyes... or that's what people were saying... but the thing that I remember was that there was a stripped not-moving body laying on the street...

They should shut down Hollywood Blvd during Halloween and set up airport scanners to scan everyone for weapons. Also LAPD should carry handheld scanners to periodically check people every few blocks.
There is no reason that guns should be present on Hollywood Blvd with kids around. This needs to stop.

Please put the guns down.
We are shooting each other over nothing.

Wat the hell happened to the face of that guy in the right in the picture.

You people have no tolerance for other cultures. Shooting each other over matter of "respect" is how Latino and African cultures do things. Stop trying to force your white values on people.

This will never end in fact it will grow worse and worse ignorant gangbang scum make them selfs feel like real men by shooting innocent men wemon and children thats a simple fact. And to do or say anything about it your labeled a racisit, so enjoy your furture hollwood.

I agree with Mo, you should have your own city, Hollywood, with your own police dept. Until they incorporate Hollywood the police should patrol Hollywood Blvd. where it sounds like they could find plenty of parole violators packing weapons, and gang bangers they could arrest.

All of the posts below are absolutely correct. It was the worse Halloween experience of my life.

If I didn't live in LA already, I would have had to contact the City to get my money back for such a horrible experience. It is such a joke how Hollywood is potraid as a wonderful happy place. When in reality its full of bums, hookers, drug dealers, and weido's.

It seems like the magic of Hollywood moved out of California along with the movie industry.

Bye Hollywood, Hello Hollyweird!

It was a crazy scene during the second shooting. I was on my back back to the car when the shooting happened. I'm avoiding Hollywood next year and going to party somewhere else.

I've lived in LA for almost 20 years now and I'm just above Hollywood in the Beachwood area. Hollywood Blvd is not the place to go at night...it's really like LA's version of what 42nd St in NYC used to be. All of the "action" is there. Plus, these shootings were both late at night or early in the morning. I don't think that taking a midnight stroll through Central Park would be a good idea, so I would stay away from the Blvd at night. It's a nasty place...tourists be ware!

im an officer that worked in hollywood this weekend including last night. this is what happens due to budget cuts every election there is a ballot intiative to hire more officers and everytime it does not pass in the end offcers are undermanned overworked and disrespected appprox 160000 people came to hollywood last night we may have had 1000 offcers out last night thats 1 officer for every 1600 that visited hollywood hopefully for those that pay taxes and the fewer that vote think about this weekend and most weekends in LA that never make the news cause this is what happens. BTW election is tomorrow and for the person wh0 says officers dont do enough we have suspects in custody in both shooting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hollyweird seems more proper to call it.

@hwd copper

You have "suspects" in custody. Not confirmed shooters.
In regards to your post -
Want dont you tell your watch commander to alleviate some staff at the damn checkpoints you all are setting up.

I passed one with about 15 officers on it. I kinda call this mis-guided delegation of prioritizing an over emphasized necessity. More should be out patrolling neighborhoods.

All in all - you guys do a great job.


I was there last night. The cops did get the suspect(shooter). If the guy running away with a shiny nickel plated .380 isn't suspect enough for you, I don't know what is.

some people were shot in l.a.???? this is A HUGE DEAL!!!!! shootings happen every day in almost every city in every country, whats new.. sad but true, it is human nature to slaughter our own kind, it will never end.

Brad -- Thanks for the heads up. Keep thinning out the herd for the rest of us who don't resort to violence to resolve our disagreements.

Thank you police officers. I was at a club in L.A. that night and as I left, I saw the police doing their job. You are appreciated.

In a LA Times article regarding the Holloween celebration in West Hollywood, it was mentioned that there were about 150,000 celebrants and 400 deputies on scene and it was peaceful. In this article's commentator posts, "hwd copper" stated that there were about 160,000 celebrants and "may have had 1000 officers out last night" (need to verify those numbers) and there was 2 shootings (I'm sure there were lots of other criminal mischief going on too). I'm going to state an obvious fact, as noted by other posters... Hollywood has lost its glory and glamor. Hollywood seems to attract the troublemakers. The people that wanted to have fun went to West Hollywood, those that wanted to cause trouble and chaos went to Hollywood (I've seen it time and time again). I don't know when LAPD lost control of Hollywood but its obvious. When you let the idiots get bold and brazen and they start to cause trouble and you don't shut it down immediately and decisively, they get a foothold in the area and trouble lingers on. It's called "broken window" theory in criminologist circle. I know the LAPD Hollywood officers are stretched thin and its not their fault but somewhere in the past, a decision was made to let the "broken window" linger and the trouble makers saw it was ok to come to Hollywood. Now, its going to be difficult to get that back. Does LAPD have the manpower to do it? Nope. Will they need to make some policy changes regarding how to deal with troublemakers? Yup. And those changes will need to trump political correctness.
When I heard about the Hollywood shootings, it didn't surprise me at all. Other posters have stated their observations that the people were staring down each other and making offensive remarks, basically looking for trouble.
People who live in the area know that Hollywood Blvd is a place to avoid. I've always told my friends to stay out of Hollywood, especially on friday and saturday nights. I've told tourists to be especially careful around Hollywood. I don't know what it will take to fix it and make Hollywood a fun place to visit but as it stands, it's not a safe place.

I was at a bar called Loaded on Cahuenga and Wilcox. A shooting occurred outside and apparently police thought the suspect had entered the bar. All of a sudden the gate to the bar was shut and locked with everyone inside. (Apparently the police thought it a good idea to lock the alleged shooter with a loaded weapon inside a tiny bar full of people who could not escape. )

While waiting to figure out what was going on and looking outside the gate, police cars pulled out front and armed officers stood outside pointing their guns inside the bar. Then, the street was closed off and everyone was forced out of the bar with our hands up, and made to stand against the wall outside.

We were forced to stand facing the wall on the sidewalk with our hands up while about fifty armed officers screamed at us with their weapons pointed at our backs for nearly a half an hour.

A traumatic experience to say the least.

Was on the way home from seeing Dj Shadow last night when my friend had to hit the breaks as people started running out into the middle of the street at an intersection. Turned out this was the first shooting at Hollywood and Cahuenga. Kind of left an eerie feeling to the end of the night.

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