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Federal appeals court appears to support some parts of Arizona's immigration law and reject others

A federal appeals court that is reviewing Arizona's tough new immigration law appeared inclined Monday to permit the state to require police to investigate the immigration status of people they have legally stopped but also seemed ready to reject more punitive provisions giving the state enforcement powers.

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, meeting in San Francisco, appeared likely to rule that Arizona may require police in certain situations to investigate a person’s immigration status if there is reasonable cause to suspect that person had committed a crime.

But the panel also seemed to agree with a lower court ruling that other provisions of Arizona’s law were "preempted" by the federal government's sole authority to regulate immigration.

The court appeared likely to reject provisions that would make it a state crime for a person to not carry immigration papers and that allows for criminal punishment of illegal immigrants who seek work in Arizona.

“This is going to be a mixed verdict,” predicted UC Hastings Law Professor David I. Levine, noting that the law may ultimately be rendered meaningless.

About 200 demonstrators turned up outside the court, with about half opposing the Arizona law and the others backing the legislation. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer also attended the proceedings.

The 9th Circuit judges chosen randomly to hear Arizona's appeal are John Noonan, an appointee of Ronald Reagan and a moderate; Richard Paez, a Bill Clinton appointee and the son of Mexican immigrants; and Carlos Bea, an appointee of George W. Bush who was born in Spain and once was ordered deported from the United States. Bea appealed and won.

A decision by the 9th Circuit panel could be appealed to a larger circuit panel and then to U.S. Supreme Court. The three-member panel’s ruling could come within weeks or months.

-- Maura Dolan in San Francisco

Photo: Jeff Chiu / Associated Press

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Google with quotes, "Conspiracy Fact: New World Order"

"Vetoe". That's priceless. This is who we're leaving our future to...


There is NO LONGER a United States of America...it's over, kaput, null and void, zip, nada.

Forget this protesting back and forth--THERE IS NO LAW.

You are on your own...get used to it.


I thought police officers were required to enforce all laws.Whether it be state or federal ?So much for the suspicion factor.How many times have you heard the word " suspect ".We need to revamp our justice system soon.This is just "not right "!

Arizona does not need the permission of the Court to protect the citizens of that state. It is already a historical fact, that when the Federal Government fails to do it's duty, then the States may enforce the laws. These illegal aliens are invaders, and the sheriffs of the various counties may call up their legal citizens, and deputize them to aid in getting rid of the invaders. The news media, to no one's surprise, don't like to mention this simple fact of our law and history. The citizen also has the Right to protect their private and personal property, and if needed, shoot these invaders. They are citizens of the United States, and therefore do not carry the same Rights as legal citizens. The Media spends their time quoting the United Nations, which is a Communist organization. Put the Invaders on notice; leave or die.

(Not you maybe because your ancestors payed the price for you (oh, yes, killing Native Americans- and if you think I'm being sarcastic- read your history books again). I think we should take the immigration matter in a more realistic and ethical way) As I quote the Political nothing-more "Seriously"

As I said Learn English The Native Americans did.. Asides that lol, I just so happen to be White And Native American Mix, And damned if they didn't have the same problem. See, in your Famous Quote as seen above is testing my clear memory of my own people, That Indians Had wars keeping the Mexicans out of their territories.. See won, we wrote the constitution, as do most Upstanding Country's... Mexico should have figure this crap out by now! Thousands of years? in the same place.. We won this land killed each other in Civil Wars, and mixed with the remaining Indians, And brought Everyone here for a dream. This dream is in its constitutionality, a easy country to get into if you speak English and learn our ways.. This way, our country doesn't segregate each other! I know more Spanish, more than all the immigrants know English.. See the issue is, a literal Take over, and If it continues, well I imagine it could piss of enough people to get a reaction politically.. I have been to Mexico, and what needs to happen their is Legalization of all high risk imported drugs. Then their is a market.. like Amsterdam/Canada.. lol.. Thats all.. I sympathize everyone, and feel for them and their dream, but its the same rules applied to anyone going to another country to live..

Are we still a country of laws that protect those citizen born here,those who legally immigrated & adopted the USA their country of choice and without question the American Indian. If our present congress used as much energy in protecting our boarders as it did in handing out bail outs we would be better off!

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