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2-year-old who fell to his death at Lakers game had crawled out of parents' sight

Staples The parents of a 2-year-old who died after plunging 50 feet from a Staples Center luxury suite had lost sight of their son and were searching for him when they learned he had fallen, said sources familiar with the investigation.

The boy, Lucas Anthony Tang, had been crawling around the suite during the Lakers' game against the Golden State Warriors, sources said. At some point, his parents noticed he was missing and began to look for him.

They did not know then that their son, who would have turned 3 in January, had fallen. Witnesses at the game told The Times that the boy was moving his arms, legs and head before paramedics took him out on a stretcher.

A spokesman for AEG, the company that manages Staples Center, said he had no comment at this time.

The death is being investigated by the LAPD's abused-child unit, a standard practice that officials said does not necessarily mean a crime has been committed.


Child dies after 50-foot fall at Lakers game

Child-abuse unit investigating boy's death in Staples Center fall

Boy hurt in fall from Staples Center luxury suite after Lakers game

-- Andrew Blankstein and Kate Linthicum

Photo: A security guard, top, looks down from where a young boy fell to where a second guard stands after the Lakers' game against the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center on Sunday night. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

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Condolences to the family of the child. I hope the comments that flow today do not punish the family - they are suffering already.

They better not charge his parents with anything. It was an accident. You can't have your eye on your kid at all times....although parents today think you should. These things happen.

Please watch your kids at ALL times. Truly sad...

Another example of irresponsible parenting. My heart goes out to his folks but why in the world did they take a 2 year old to an arena filled with people and then not keep a careful eye on him. Any number of things could have (and eventually did) happen to him. This is why kids get kidnapped, injured and killed. I have a nine year old and when in public, she's never out of my sight. How can TWO parents lose a 2 year old? Sad, really, really sad.

instead of the parents being held accountable, something tells me staples and the lakers will be sued and found at fault. either way, such a sad story

how terrible

Parental neglect. Parents should be jailed. No sympathy for them.

geez what can you say? how long till the finger pointing of the blame...tragic story

RIP, little angel.

This is such a tragic accident. I cant help but think the parents were distracted by something in the arena and perhaps thought the child was safe. Either way, we will most likely never know, but sadly, the parents will have to live with the result of their actions forever.

R.I.P. Lucas

I am very sorry to hear this....in this type of setting, one needs to keep a closer eye on children because it only takes a second.

My sympathies to the family. RIP Lucas

Wow, I can only imagine the unfathomable pain and sense of loss this couple is feeling. Don't blame yourself, of course you will think these thoughts, but realize things happen and there is not always anything you can do about it. I know being a minister that that child is in heaven right now, and if you are believers in Jesus you will see him again.


Horrible, horrible, horrible!! These parents should be arrested and punished to the full extent of the law. How dare they lose sight of their 2-year-old! In these skyboxes, there can be dozens of people milling around and drinking to their hearts content. This poor little boy was doing exactly as 2-year-olds do and that was being adventurous, and seeing as his parents were not watching him, he obviously climbed the railing. Also, what about all the other people in the skybox? Didn't they notice him wandering about? They all should be accountable. Just because the child isn't yours doesn't mean you shouldn't care what he's doing, especially when you're perched fifty feet above the ground...Horrible, horrible, horrible!!

Man, that is just awful. And the poor little guy was moving around after it happened? Tragic.

People love to tell me that I 'hover' or that I need to give my children 'space'. See what happens when you don't watch your children?? You have several responsibilities as a parent and the most important one is to keep your children safe from harm. What in God's name were these parents doing?? The baby was two years old!! I hope they get what they have coming to them. They can't suffer enough as far as I'm concerned.

My heart goes out to that little boy! I have a 2 year old and can't even imagine. Accident's like these are very much preventable. Keep your kids close by at all times! My prayers are with the family!

Maybe a basketball game is not the place for a two-year-old. (What do they possibly get out of it?) More like a convenience for parents, sorry to say. But, hey, it looks dangerous just with that grown man standing there! If someone accidentally bumped him, he'd be plunging 50 feet too.

Number one: A sports arena is not an appropriate place to take a two-year old. He is too small to enjoy the game. He's a nuisance to others who have paid good money to see the game. There are numerous physical and social risks to which he would be exposes.

Number two: You don’t let a two-year old “crawl around” unattended anywhere expect maybe a playpen in your own home.

I’m sure these parents feel bad - now - and I see no real purpose in charging them with a crime; however, the tragic results of their actions were entirely predictable. What do you expect to happen when you take a two-year old to a sports arena and let them run wild?

Bottom line: If you're not ready to put in the time and energy necessary and adjust your lifestyle to raise a child, don't have one.

Why would anybody bring a small child to a game? They lose interest after a few minutes of sitting still, then want to crawl all over the place.
I feel bad for the parents. This wasn't child abuse.

Curious. It looks as if there is protective glass or plastic to at least a 4 foot height (note the official leaning over the glass). How did a two-year-old get over that?

Other than wanting to annoy other people, who would take a three year old to a professional sporting event?

Tragic story, but completely avoidable. Reminds me of the time some moron brought a newborn baby out to a UCLA game at the Rose Bowl on a 100 degree day. Get a sitter people.

My condolences to the parents. Everyone else who has a toddler - please watch them closely. I took great pains to childproof everything and yet still the toddlers kept on coming up with creative ways I never imagined to try and hurt themselves (luckily, I saw them and they were ok). Who knew that they could pull out the cords between the slats in blinds and get caught? Or that they would pull all the drawers out of a dresser a little to make "steps" to climb to the top and pull the dresser down? Now matter how childproofed a room is, you have to watch them constantly.

RIP young Lucas. My prayers to the family.

Surely this was an accident but as an avid sports fan who attend many games I often wonder why parents bring their young children to sporting events such as a Laker game or Dodger game, etc. Perhaps for the experience when they grow older or perhaps there was no babysitter. Even with my grandson who is 8, I literally strap him next to me. I cringe when I see kids hanging on the railing.....even though their parent/guardian is watching them.......accidents do and will happen and it only takes 1 time!!

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