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Boy, 5, in critical condition after being shot in head by suspected gang member

A 5-year-old boy was in critical condition Monday after two suspected gang members walked through the alley behind his South Los Angeles home and shot him while he was in his backyard.

The boy, who was dressed as Spiderman and waiting to go to a Halloween party, was in the yard with his grandfather and uncle about 2 p.m. Sunday in the 1000 block of East 84th Street. One of the suspects opened fired and hit him in the back of the head, said Det. Chris Barling of the Los Angeles Police Department. The grandfather was grazed in the arm by a bullet; the uncle was shot in the leg.

The boy was taken to Harbor UCLA Medical Center where he remains in critical condition, Barling said.

The home in the Florence neighborhood lies near a border between two rival gangs. Detectives suspect that the men, believed to be in their late teens or early 20s, mistakenly thought that the family was connected to their rival gang.

Nobody at the boy's home had connections to any gangs, Barling said.

-- Stephen Ceasar

Aaron Shannon

Photos: Aaron Shannon in his Halloween costume. LAPD via KTLA News

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Cowards! Everyone of them.....but until the neighborhood decides to put a stop to it, it will continue.

Maybe they have some street justice in the area....find the scumbag and do society a favor before the cops can show up

That is pathetic of those idiots. They should be ashamed to call themselves gang members.

Stop making laws protecting these gangsters, let the police handle these animals like they should be treated. Shooting a little kid in a spider man outfit are you kidding me.

I'm sorry to hear there are young men out there who have so much hate that they feel justified in killing the families of their enemies, even very young children. I mean, what kind of animals would intentionally attempt to murder a 5 yr boy in a Spider Man costume? This is a very sad story. I wonder if those killers feel any guilt, especially considering they killed random people, not even their enemies' innocent family members. If the killers had executed the the people they had intended to kill, I imagine their enemies would retaliate and kill their families. I strongly hope the little boy survives.

Unbelievable. It's a friggin 5 year old. Aside from having pretty much the worst aim on the planet (because you idiots sure keep missing each other and hitting kids and old ladies), now you're shooting innocent kids that have nothing to do with your cheesy West Side Story BS.


Hey Villaraigosa, Trutanich, Jan Perry (your district?), Chief Beck and Sheriff Baca, you should all be ashamed of yourself for doing anything but working on the budget and finding more money to rid our streets of these venomous thugs. Even if this child was related to a gang member he didn't deserve to be shot in the head; the fact that his family has no gang affiliation just compounds this tragedy. We don’t need you before the cameras, lighting candles or marching down Florence Avenue, we need you to help us kick these vile creatures and their enablers back to whatever hell hole they came from and then plug it up so no more can escape. I am tired of hearing about young and/or innocent people being gunned down for no damn reason. You are allowing L.A. to become 1930’s Chicago! Don’t you people have souls? Don’t you care about anything except your wallet and yourselves? Stop the politics, enforce Special Order 40, do more gang raids and throw these bums out of the country or in state prison. The gangs are out of control, children are being killed and you play political games. Charlie Beck, Darryl Gates is watching you and he's not happy! And Bernie Parks, I’m calling out you too! Show up on time for a change and make a difference in the Great 8th, you haven’t so far.

oh.my.god. tragic. My heart goes out to the family and I hope this little boy survives and thrives.

such senseless, pointless cruelty...

ALL Gang Members Should be hung for Treason,they are Anti American Urban Terrorist Traitors, Friggin lowlife coward cockroaches hiding behind guns. We need to bring in the Military and start exterminating these vermin.

So where are all the Latino protesters? why aren't they throwing rocks and bottles at the gang members?? or do they all just except it as part of their culture?

With so many police and sheriff checking on the shootings at federal buildings in Washington, the museum and the pentagon, inclusive of closing down roadways for a couple hours, with no injuries, no human targets, if the same police and sheriff tactics were to apply to this situational trajedy, treating this child as if he were an innocent federal building with bullet proof windows if you will, instead of an innocent child that is not bullet proof, and using all available resources and manpower, inclusive of closing all necessary roadways in and around the site of occurance, the possibility of finding and arresting the shooters would increase 1000-fold and serve as a point of justice for the community of citizens in the united states that has lost esteem toward its federal governing process

I hate reading the news...there are so many sick-ass people out there, just trying to hurt people...it's depressing...what has our world come to... u know what, we all have to meet our maker sometime...

What scum! When it comes down to acts like this from gang members, it is time for society to take a stand and wipe them out. But why do they still get free reign? It's not the laws preventing us from doing anything about it. People are scared because these people have power and a good number of cops are corrupt and give intelligence to these types of scum or they simply don't do their jobs and let them get away.
Many cops in LA, especially LA County Sheriffs are taking money from the cartels. The people in the Mexican neighborhoods are completely aware of this and they want nothing to do with it because the people know the cops won't protect them. So all those big cop salaries and pensions and talk about how they put their life on the line every day are a joke! a joke to get you to pay them more than you make. And cops do not prevent crime! They just respond to it after they finish their coffee and doughnut.
What a tragedy visited upon this child and family. What horror for a parent to have a child injured of killed. These thugs are inhuman and deserve the death penalty or better yet, summary justice at the hands of the neighborhood they terrorize.

I hate hearing stuff like this. Hope he recovers and everything goes well and ok.

Black gang members or illegal alien offspring gang members?

Scum bags who injure innocent children should be locked in a deep hole with other scum bags like them and let them all rot

Oh ya... GOD, don't like ugly & he does'nt forget...
unfortunatly, that's the only satisfaction in life we will have. So sad for the family. I pray for the boy & his family.


OMG!!! Can you as a gang member, learn who the hell your gang rivals are!!! Why are you soo stupid as to not know who your killing or who your rivals are!!! He was freaking 5yrs old!!! U want that for your own babies???

May God be with this little boy and heal him. A special prayer is also that some way this family gets to move. Sounds like they are caught in the crossfire. May God also forgive who was responsible for this act and lead them on a path to a better life. Through God anything is possible.

I really want to know what member says this makes it worth being in a gang. Appalling. Oh wait, a better word for them would be "unbelievable" since they may not understand what "appalling" means. So sad.

another senseless shooting.. poor kid

This is so disgusting. This gang violence has to stop. I hope these terrorists are caught and they are held accountable in this life and the next. I also hope that this young man has a speedy recovery and that God blesses him with a renewed strength and health.

get well soon young little man, you have a lot of life ahead of you,, God Bless You

Please pray That he pulls through!

I hope these gang members don't have any children of their own, because in this life, they'll reap what they sow

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