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Infant killed when car crashed into home was driver's daughter

An infant girl killed when a car crashed into a Boyle Heights house was the daughter of the driver, authorities said Monday.

The baby's 19-year-old mother, the father's girlfriend, also was killed in the accident, which occurred just before midnight Sunday near Mott and Cincinnati streets.

The man, whose name had not been released, was arrested, and his motive was under investigation, police said.

The couple’s daughter was about a week old, said Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

The baby and her mother were pronounced dead at a hospital, said LAPD Officer Gregory Baek. Their names were being withheld until their relatives could be notified, Winter said.

-- Stephen Ceasar and Robert Faturechi

Photo: A woman passes the scene where a 19-year-old woman and her 10-day-old baby were killed when the infant's father drove his vehicle into their home. Credit: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times

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Dang! This guy was either soused, drugged out or in a homicidal state of mind. If it was a true accident, this guy will have a hard time forgetting and living with what he has done.

The Father/ driver of the car, if it is determined that he INTENTIONALLY crashed the vehicle into the house, should be charged with DOUBLE HOMICIDE, (NOT manslaughter), and if anyone was inside the house at the time of the crash, even if they were in the furthest part of the house away from the accident, then an additional charge of attempted murder should be added to the charges.

Give this guy plenty of time in prison to think about what he did, if indeed, its determined that he intentionally crashed the car.


Let me get this straight, the baby, baby's MOTHER, the baby's father's GIRLFRIEND were also killed?? So he had both his FORMER girlfriend and his CURRENT girlfriend in the car with him. I wonder if the baby was in a car seat or being held by the baby's mother.

Hmmmm. I wonder what their immigration status is. Interesting that the LA Times doesn't care. When it does start to care about doing its job, circulation will pick up again.

What does immigration stauts have anything to do with it? The baby and baby's mother was killed. If the man intentionally killed them then he should be charged with murder. It is important to know the facts before we judge.

Poorly written article. Were the deceased in the car or were they in the home when the crash occured?

What in the world does their immigration status have to do with anything? You wouldn't even ask that question if this happened in suburbia. Doesimmigration status have to be included in every crime report? How about all the white-collar crime that happens everyday and the immigration status of those execs.

meyahoo states:
"Hmmmm. I wonder what their immigration status is. Interesting that the LA Times doesn't care. When it does start to care about doing its job, circulation will pick up again."

Two people are killed here but it wouldn't be newsworthy to you unless you knew their immigration status. What is it about supremacists that they can dehumanize with a simple word "undocumented". I live in Boyle Heights and my family has been here since the 1800's, do you want to question my immigrations status? I wonder if I can dehumanize you by asking your membership status is in the KKK.

dear old dad - what a swell role model
don't these young women care what type of louse they are having sex with?

I heard this story on AM 640 KFI. Listen to Bill Handle or John & Ken to get these stories straight. The driver was the 6-day old child's (girl) father. He killed the child and the baby's 19 year old mother, as THEY slept in the house. Impact was so strong it broke through 5-6 feet INTO the house. No matter what the immigration status, this is horrible. And the reason they do this is because they know they will get a defense and in they end, NO punishment to fit this crime. End of story.

reply to ed:
you should re-read the article it states that the mother and the infant were sleeping in the house and the father drove into the house.

I just heard on ch 9 news that the guys is 21. The family doesn't want their names or info given out to the public. Why What are they hiding and how does a 21 yr old afford a Cadillac SUV. Can you say DRUGS!

Try this girls: Use birth control until you are married. That way, many unwanted children will not be born, abused and murdered.

I agree with Salazar. I wish I could afford an Escalade like that. Maybe I can get that one cheap at the salvage yard.

Is anyone at the L.A. Times employed in the capacity of "proofreader"? I was just wondering, because this article is extraordinarily badly written. I challenge the author of this piece to read the headline aloud to his/her self.

This clown killed them intentionally, lets not be dumb. Look at the time and he knew they were there asleep. What a coward, he should be put in general population and let it be known that he is a child killer. The homies will take care of him real quick, no protective custody for this clown.

@ohmy- @ed was right. It is poorly written and does not state anywhere that the mother and baby were sleeping inside the house.

This piece is horribly written. Completely confusing. Are there editors looking at this stuff?

Girls, let this be a lesson to YOU and demonstrate that having a THUG for a boyfriend does not make you the "shiznik." These types of males (and I'm not going to call them men because they are not) are truly a menace to society and drag you into a life of misery. Get an education, establish a good life for yourself and choose your partner CAREFULLY. Set your standards high!

I agree with Kathyo. Girls, let this be another lesson to you. Thugs are not glamorous, they destroy lives. Get an education, establish a good life for yourself, then choose your partner WISELY. Set your standards high!

Damn , that was up the street from my house.

Most definately family is involved in drugs. Cadillac SUV driven by a 20 year old idiot. There is a deeper story here that needs to be investigated.

From what I read elsewhere they were going through a custody dispute. I don't condone this at all. It's horrid. But, after 5 years of going through a custody battle of my own, I blame the family law judges more than the man the drove the car. I finally gave up my own daughter after endless torture done to me by this legal system. I never thought I would or could give up my daughter. But I was pushed past my limits. I'm not surprised that some men, when pushed far past their limits end up getting violent.

They should just tell men to not love their children when they are born in California. Because the government can and will take them away over and over just based on accusations. The same thing happens over and over, "in the best interest of the child to be cautious". Supervised visitations which take all your money and you pay both sides legal fees. Plus you lose your child for 3-6 months each time. I lost my daughter 3 times just based on accusations.

Family law judges are murdering children, not the men that finally lose it.

Maybe he was the som of another wealthy family (like the jerk last week who killed a pedestrian and tipped a school bus nearby).

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