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Asian voters offer hope for battered California Republicans


One of the few glimmers of hope for the GOP in a poll published last week by the Los Angeles Times and the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences was the openness among Asian voters to consider Republican candidates whom many in the state, particularly other minority groups, have spurned.

Among the state's two ascendant ethnic-voter groups, Latinos and Asians, the poll found plenty of agreement. Both backed Democrat Jerry Brown over Whitman in the governor's race, and both supported Democrat Barbara Boxer over Republican Carly Fiorina in the U.S. Senate race. Both supported an activist role for government in regulating businesses, protecting minorities and aiding the poor.

But there were key distinctions as well, ones that drew directly on the different cultural experiences of the two groups. The poll provided a rare look at Asian voters, whose numbers among voters, estimated at 7% of the California electorate, are usually too small to analyze in detail.

If not as dominant a presence as Latinos, who were 19% of registered voters, Asians are also growing in number, part of the changing face of California.

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-- Cathleen Decker

Photo: L.A. Chinatown. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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Yes we Asians are more similar to the Republicans. We work hard, we do not compalian much, but we learn what we can and set up our own business to compete against those that pays us little. We are the real capitalist. We don't take on a job just to get paid but to learn all the in's and out. Understanding the trade makes one more valuable and competitive. Once we do good we bargain and if we cannot get what we want we go on .. look for better opportunities or set up the same business and compete if we felt that we can do better.

We do not ask for free handouts. We are a proud race. We condemn our own if they destroy the dignity and reputation of our race -- even our own sons and daughters. We take and we believe in our "humble pride".

To those who vote Brown or Boxer.. just prepare yourself for a tax hike, fees hike, inflation because all these taxes and fees will be pass down through all the business to you. A lot of Asians are really ill-informed. Many are fool by the corrupted media. The housing market will still be bad because as fees, tax and inflation takes place there is no reasons for people to come into California. There will be plenty of empty houses around.

I would encourage all those Asian Californians.. read, research and well look after your wealth before it is eaten away by the FAT STATE UNIONS AND LEGISLATURES.

We do not disagree with taxes BUT WHAT THE TAXES ARE USE FOR.

Who cares? Your state is beyond repair. You have too many first generation immigrants that have no clue to our history or what it took to build this country.

It's just more racism like the article on how Asians and Latinos care more about the environment. It's pretty clear that in the state of California, the racists are not the Whites.

Why do republicans think they are the only ones who work hard and succeed. I'm a democrat who owns a business and employ 30 people. But I also believe in helping those who are less fortunate. Is that a bad thing? And no not everyone is equally qualified or smart. As apparent with some of the comments here.

To Kyran, you are assuming that Asians such as the Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese are "racists" shows the ignorance in your post. I, myself am not amused, sometimes irritated that we are are bulked along with Latinos' due to white Democrats' "liberal white guilt" that is automatic for me as an Asian to vote Dem in their eyes. On the contrary, I am more comfortable with the conservative and libertarian cause that I work hard, do NOT blame whitey, and find repulsive that I get a free ride from the govt when they should leave me alone to prosper.

In addition, it is amazing to me that Democrats keep espousing RAISING TAXES to support their insane lib causes when cutting taxes where people have more money in the long run would be better for the economy. BTW, here in L.A.,unless you have been living in a cave..is a SEGREGATED CITY. Whites hang out with whites, mexicans with their kind, Asians with their kind. I just laugh at these white liberals who claim multi-culturalism when they themselves live in white neighborhoods and whine we dont have a kumbaya' society when they themselves could not even converse with non-white people in public.

We should know by now, that as the folks from various parts of the world come and take their place with us, have not experienced our way of being democratic. One has to have experienced the weekly reports of business cheating the customers, the government, and the troops in the far parts of the world.
Still it takes a great effort to get the Republican types to help the children of the poor get an education; to prevent child labor; to make the poor have to work 12 hour days to have enough money to feed their family; to see that the poor have health care. While at the same time, they want the children of the poor to fight and die for them in their business interest around the world while trying to make it sound patriotic.

Hey "Rockabye": Just because you only hang out with Asians doesn't mean that's what all Angelenos do. I for one hang out with Asians, blacks, Hispanics and other whites like me. Have fun with your racist exclusivity while the rest of live REAL lives ...

i am an asian but i am independent. i hate both parties!

I hate to burst your bubble, but I live in Chinatown, and I've seen your "proud" Asians paying with the welfare credit cards. What a joke!

Tell you what JP. Seems to me that the entire state of California has one big problem with race and the entire nation is not amused.

Thank you for bringing us back the New Old South.


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