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Activists gather downtown to call for federal appeals court to overturn Arizona's immigration law

Several dozen immigrant rights activists rallied in front of a federal building in Los Angeles Monday morning to call for overturning Arizona’s tough new immigration law. The protest was scheduled to coincide with a federal appeals court hearing in San Francisco, where a three-judge panel heard arguments for and against an injunction a federal district court judge placed on some of the most controversial provisions of the Arizona law known as SB1070.

The Obama administration and civil rights groups have challenged the law in separate lawsuits. The injunction, which Arizona is appealing, prevents the state from requiring immigrants to carry papers showing lawful residency in the United States. It has also halted a requirement that local law enforcement officials check the immigration status of anyone they lawfully stop and suspect is in the country illegally.

Critics of the law have said it would lead to racial profiling. “We don’t want a partial injunction –- we want a complete overturn of this law,” said Paulina Gonzalez, a spokeswoman with the Todos Somos Arizona -- or We Are All Arizona -- coalition, which convened the rally in Los Angeles. The activists carried signs urging a boycott of Arizona and declaring “Arizona = Police State.” They chanted “Up with the people -- down with racism” and “The people united will never be divided” in Spanish.

Maria Aide Hernandez, a 27-year-old Mexican immigrant who has lived in L.A. for 10 years, said immigrant workers at the Los Angeles carwash where she used to work were afraid to protest against being short-changed on wages or forced to work in unsafe conditions because of the coordination between the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and immigration officials. “Our community is going to be afraid to denounce crimes, afraid to cooperate with investigations and afraid to seek help when it’s needed,” she said in Spanish.

-- Abby Sewell

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How come "several dozen" is news worthy? Do these protesters even realize that there are hundreds of laws that deal with immigrant issues throughout our Nation? Personally, I could care less what the Arizona law is about-hello I live in California! To me its the bigger picture; How come once again a State has to possibly inact their own law because the Federal Government does nothing until it is too late?

M. Hernandez has been here a decade and not bothered to learn the language:

this speaks volumes - an illiterate peasant from a 3rd world country, unwilling to abide by the law, and unwilling (or intellectually incapable) to speak the language of the country she has invaded.

throw her out now.

"Immigration Activists?" - Free Services for Foreign Nationals seems more accurate.

Watch the pickup trucks loaded down with illegals going from polling station to polling station voting for (D) Democrats.

Moonbeam already said he would challenge the court ruling allowing illegals to vote.

Stunning - foreigners voting for Democrats to get more "free" services

Why are these idiots gathering in LA? Do they think Arizona law governs in California?

It's time we stopped supporting this ILLEGAL UNDERGROUND ECONOMY and the businesses that accept ILLEGAL WORKERS. These GREEDY business people don't SAVE us money by hiring ILLEGAL WORKERS, the money they SAVE on ILLEGAL WORKERS GOES INTO THEIR OWN POCKETS! They probably report higher wages or revenue loss and POCKET everything else. Don't ever think that you are helping someone out or saving money, don't let these THIEVES steal from you on the premise your saving, you're not, you are spending more because your TAXES are raised to supply MEDICAL CARE, FOOD STAMPS and EDUCATION for ILLEGALS that don't PAY TAXES that FUND those SERVICES.

Who is the real force behind these demonstrations and why are we empowering the process for complaints from/for criminals at tax payers expense for their agenda? These are the same people dividing the people by their own means of racial profiling. No wonder Arizona was willing to make a change.

I learned a new word today" crimaliens" are these aliens from another country or are they from another planets, I would think that probably the person who made this word up is also an alien, in less they are an American Indian or a hawaiian, they too are also aliens from another country.

Idiots, each and everyone of them. Zero and his Democrat partners in crime are using these people to boost their numbers and support by enticing them with entitlements that they don't even deserve. Talk about buying votes.

They better Get Gloria Allred on it , She Hasn't been in the news for a couple of days...Shes Always Looking for Free Publicity

Illegal aliens are screwing our country!

Why the hell don't they go to Arizona and boycott?? Or how about this why don't they go back to MExico and boycott THEIR GOVERNMENT and get the HELL OUT OF HERE.

Here is a Pew poll the Times has chosen to completely ignore. I wonder why?

ICE should have taken the opportunity to arrest and deport them!!!

Mexican isn't a race! It's a culture. Therefore racism shouldn't be an issue. The issue is that they are illegal and breaking the law. Anyone breaking the law is usually afraid unless they are sociopaths.

Love how they protest to stay in the country...in Spanish. Been here 10yrs and still can't bother to learn English but sure can demand her "rights".

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