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Steve Lopez: Meg, let's get together for that lie-detector test

Lopeztalkback OK, Meg, I've got a polygraph expert lined up.

That's right. In response to gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s pledge that she would take a lie-detector test to prove that she and her husband didn’t know they had an illegal immigrant cleaning their house for nine years, I made a couple of calls and got it all set up.


Lisa Javoric, a Los Angeles private detective, suggested I call her associate, John Grogan. And it turns out that Grogan, who has been doing polygraph exams for 23 years, has been following campaign news.

Before I could complete a single sentence, Grogan said:

"Oh, sure. I'll test Meg Whitman for you."

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/.a/6a00d8341c630a53ef01348543c899970c-600wi Grogan said he has done thousands of polygraph exams and considers himself one of the most reliable lie-detector guys in the world. I was thinking maybe I could persuade our cousins at KTLA to broadcast the polygraph exam on live television, if Whitman goes for it, and Grogan said that would be no problem at all.

"I'll go anywhere at any time," he said.

So what do you say, Meg? There still seem to be a few discrepancies on what you and your husband knew about the housekeeper and when you knew it.

Out of the goodness of my heart and in the public interest, I'm offering you the chance to clear it all up, and you know where you can contact me. As for readers, here's your chance to participate.

As soon as possible, send us your questions for Meg regarding her maid, her campaign promises or her time at Goldman Sachs. I'll try my best to have some of your queries added to Meg's polygraph exam.

Talk about direct democracy.

Don't delay; just ask away.

Photo: Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred speaks to the media as she represents Whitman's former housekeeper, Nicky Diaz, at Allred's offices in Los Angeles. Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images. Whitman. L.A. Times credit.

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Whitman needs to get on the Jerry Springer show for that LIE detector test before the election.

Or were you LYING again, when you said "absolutely" you would take a polygraph test?

Put up, or shut up, Meg.

Thanks Steve for showing your true colors. Your real outrage should be with Allred who is exposing her client to felony charges and deportation. Brilliant strategy!

If Meg did know, why not fire her before. And does this mean that employers like myself now have to question the papers of every Hispanic? Excellent way to improve race relations.

Lopez, I can only hope you go the way of Sanchez soon. Your movie sucked (couldn't even finish it), and your columns need to be retired. GO HOME!

Why would anyone went to an employment agency and paid $23 an hour willingly to accept an illegal alien for a house keeper?

What makes you believe that "lie detectors" actually work? There's no real way to test them -- if you don't know the actual truth, the fact that the "detector" says "truth" or "lie" cannot be evaluated.
Your respected Mr. Grogan may get results that satisfy his clients, but, though we know we can get a thermometer that evaluates one's temperature or a blood-pressure monitor, there is no such thing as an objective lie detector. Even if the detector plus Mr. Grogan get correct results most of the time, you can't claim you really have a lie detector. And I'd like to see the evidence, and a quantitative estimate of how often, that they get correct results

Steve Lopez - you are one of the reasons that the LA times is losing circulation. Your leftist bias stinks. Why don't you ask for a polygraph on the accuser and Gloria the defamer? Also, why don't you do some investigative work and see how much money the accuser has been offered for bringing this accusation only a few weeks before the election?

Meg, wouldn't it have been easier to use some of your excess billions to buy off poor Nicky, they way you bought off that eBay staffer after an office shoving match which you conveniently didn’t remember either.

No wonder the LA Times is losing business, no one (except the left) likes reading biased stories. The fact remains, THE MAID LIED UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY THAT SHE WAS HERE LEGALLY. Allred is a scumbag, and so is the person who she may be doing this for, IF IT'S BROWN, FLUSH IT DOWN.
Instead of concentrating on the real issues of California, this crap is discussed.
The letter from the SSN, states (and you can look it up on line) so Lopez be truthful to your readers. it states that the employer can be prosecuted if this letter leads to firing. This letter did not have anything to do with this housekeeper being illegal or not, just a discrepancy in the SSN. So one is damned if they do and damned if they don't. I SAY DEPORT THE MAID AND DISBAR ALLRED, AND YOU LOPEZ SHOULD BE REPORTING THE TRUTH AND NOT LEAN TOWARDS YOUR LIBERAL READERS.

Yeah, right. Meg taking a lie-detector test is about as likely as a man being able to get one up to do her.

Seems Meg is true to the current crop of Tea Bag Republicans.
First they lie, then get caught and run from the press. They have no shame and for them it’s totally acceptable. I bet she’s a no show to the next debate.
Boycott Arizona ; })-

Ya know what, Steve? California is going down. If you think Brown will do anything but speed the destruction of an already horrific business climate, you need to step outside of your ivory tower and start doing the math. It's not good.

in the times we have met at the music center, I looked at you with respect. Today, I find you a man who deserves none. Your attempt to justify your salary with this garbage is pathetic. The media, including you, are deliberately ignoring the real story here, why? Gloria Allred is being paid by a third party. SEIU and two members of Brown’s staff are knee deep in this and has been for weeks now and have provided this lady with money and a promise of employment and legal assistance, IF she goes along with this Taliban style stoning. Allred will not reveal who is paying her, she will not allow her client to provide a sworn deposition, and she will not allow her client to be interviewed or questioned. Were you in on the character assassination of Schwarzenegger in 2003? It’s each to join the media in this public lynching, when I shook you hand I though you were better than this. My mistake.

I just love how we can take the most important election and the future of our wonderful State... and degrade the discussion to such cheap attacks. Thanks Brown for showing your true colors. This 1970 stuff doesn't work; Californians are smarter than you think Jerry Brown.

Funny that no one seems to remember Zoe Baird, the disgraced Clinton nominee for Atty General 17 years ago who withdrew her nomination over the Republican attacks that she hired an illegal alien. Nannygate. Hey there Republicans, you started this and now the shoe is on the other foot! Boo hoo.

I think most of the people here are kind of missing the point. Whitman *offered* to take a polygraph test. Mr. Lopez here is just being nice enough to help her out by setting it up.

As far as a question to ask, here's mine: given that you've spent $119 million and counting on your run, do you wish you'd just given your maid 500K or so when you fired her to shut her up?

Questions for Ms. Whitman:

Are you trying to buy the Governor's office?
Do you care about the middle class?
Do you think it's fair that you got preferential treatment from Goldman Sachs?
When did you start voting?
Would you physically remove a legislator who disagreed with you from the room?
Did you suspect "Nicky" to be an illegal immigrant at anytime prior to terminating her employment?
Would you say anything, regardless of the truth, to win?
Are you running for Governor because you want to be President of the United States someday?
At what income level would you consider a person wealthy?
Do you favor eliminating social security?
Do you favor rolling back the State's environmental protection laws?
Do you support offshore drilling for oil?

It is hypocritical of Meg Whitman to claim be tough on illegal immigration while she herself employed an illegal immigrant. Definitely, I will not be voting for her in the elections.

Let's give a polygraph to Nicky Diaz and Gloria Allred as well!

I've got questions for both of them.

Meg should have had Nicki fill out her absentee ballots.

This is hilarious ... holding a candidate who threatens the status quo to a standard that the federal government is completely unwilling to uphold.

I'm moving to Canada.

I think both Meg and the housekeeper are lying. Meg knew, but didn't want to know. The housekeeper lied on her forms. They're both liars. And don't get me started on Gloria Allred, AKA the Bimbo/Mistress Attorney.

Big Jim writes: "Since the Times in the polygraph business now, there's a few questions we'd like Obama to answer. Villaraigosa might need to schedule a few days with your tester as well.

Or does the offer only apply to conservative politicians, Steve?"

Apparently, Big Jim, you haven't kept up with the news the past few days. Ms. Whitman OFFERED to take a polygraph test.

Polygraph tests are neither accurate or reliable.

Drop the grandstanding and stick to journalism

Whitman's 120 million being spent on this campaign includes the hacks hired to attack Steve, the maid & Allred so as to take the focus off of Whitman pathological lies.

Or they deflect the spotlight on her past unethical conduct by saying instead we should talk about our state's real problems.

The root cause of California's problems are inexperienced/incompetent governance: by those like Arnie & Bell's city manger.
Neither the maid, nor Steve or Allred are running for governor thus we should examine closely Meg's dishonesty.

oh Sure I 'll go anywhere any time! Give me a friggin break LA TIMES. John Grogan would say anything to get publicity for hiscrappy business. thousands myass. I am a retired Secret Service Agent and a friend of mine who polygraphed everyone from Gerry Ford to Obama will tell you. you have to be working 10 hours a day 6-7 days a week for years to do what he claims. for you to print this garbage with the likes of gloria Allred who is Al Sharpton in Drag at best is despicable. Check you sources before you print this crap.

I don't care much for this article. I don't care much for Lopez. Your articles are as worthless as my used toilet paper.
But that's something for another day.

SO, some here are commenting that "As a Republican" they can no longer vote for Whitman?
Yeah right. You're not a republican if you vote for Jerry Brown. So either you're a Republican, or you're voting for a 3rd party, or (to answer another question) you're choosing not to to vote to send a message. Shocker huh? Some, in fact many, vote by NOT voting.

But if you vote for Brown, you are NOT a republican.

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