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Steve Lopez: Meg, let's get together for that lie-detector test

Lopeztalkback OK, Meg, I've got a polygraph expert lined up.

That's right. In response to gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s pledge that she would take a lie-detector test to prove that she and her husband didn’t know they had an illegal immigrant cleaning their house for nine years, I made a couple of calls and got it all set up.


Lisa Javoric, a Los Angeles private detective, suggested I call her associate, John Grogan. And it turns out that Grogan, who has been doing polygraph exams for 23 years, has been following campaign news.

Before I could complete a single sentence, Grogan said:

"Oh, sure. I'll test Meg Whitman for you."

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/.a/6a00d8341c630a53ef01348543c899970c-600wi Grogan said he has done thousands of polygraph exams and considers himself one of the most reliable lie-detector guys in the world. I was thinking maybe I could persuade our cousins at KTLA to broadcast the polygraph exam on live television, if Whitman goes for it, and Grogan said that would be no problem at all.

"I'll go anywhere at any time," he said.

So what do you say, Meg? There still seem to be a few discrepancies on what you and your husband knew about the housekeeper and when you knew it.

Out of the goodness of my heart and in the public interest, I'm offering you the chance to clear it all up, and you know where you can contact me. As for readers, here's your chance to participate.

As soon as possible, send us your questions for Meg regarding her maid, her campaign promises or her time at Goldman Sachs. I'll try my best to have some of your queries added to Meg's polygraph exam.

Talk about direct democracy.

Don't delay; just ask away.

Photo: Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred speaks to the media as she represents Whitman's former housekeeper, Nicky Diaz, at Allred's offices in Los Angeles. Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images. Whitman. L.A. Times credit.

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Professional liars or psychopaths (no emotion) can beat the test.


You have an admitted law breaker in the maid. Where is the INS sending her home? Then let's worry about what Whitman knew and when. Oh, and don't forget to collect back taxes from both.

It always seems to be an illegal household employee of a Government official in the news.

Can't our politicians find something original to get busted for? Need more imagination.

What's your last name Steve? Oh yeah I see - Lopez. That explains it all clearly. Nice hatchet job, but I wouldn't be waiting for that Pulitzer.

Gloria Allred needs to stop blowing smoke out of her ass. this individual provided a fradulent social security and other documents to the agency who sent her to work for whitman. it was not whitman's responsibility to investigate this person, even if she did investigate or question her, this opened the door for voultures like Allred to sue the Whitmans. it is shameful lawyers like allred that has many businesses running and taking their jobs out of the state of california.

Question to Meg:
With the growing number of illegal immigrants, their ability to use fake identity cards, drivers license and social security cards, and based on the fact that the local government and the federal government as well have done nothing to eliminate the problem.
How do you respond to the personal attacks made towards you for employing a so called illegal immigrant? How do you not call this a political stunt from your opponent? And finally how do you explain that someone who obviously broke the law and admitted to doing so can find a way to hire a lawyer, sue a citizen, and probably ask for damages ... all while being a law breaking illegal immigrant?
Thank you.
Maybe if the illegal didn’t have so much “rights” they wouldn’t have a chance to bite the very hands that fed them. But I guess even in California the Golden state … common sense has left the building.

While your at it let's get the maid,Allred, and Jerry Brown to take the test. This whole think stinks and you know it. This is another ideology play and you know it.

She's probably not telling the truth. Doesn't change the fact that Allred is a bonafide scumbag and the undocumented worker is just a gross pig.
Also, it is quite sad that 90% of most campaigns deal with finding dirt and slamming the opponent, rather than promoting themselves by explaining, in detail, possible solutions for the mire we are in. I don't trust Nutmeg, yet Brown is a total buffoon, as he has shown time and again. There are no good choices here.

I have never read so many ignorant comments in one place. This State is bankrupt and we pay higher taxes than any other state and you all listen to the biggest golddigger of a Atty Gloria Alred and want the big Government liberal Jerry Brown who contributed to the demise of our State way back. How dead brain can you all really be!Learn to take care of yourselves and not expect hard working patriots to take care of all your needs!

You know Marco and Darren Davis, you have no problem with smear campaigns as long they're aimed at Democrats. 2 can play that game, but obviously that's not convenient. The reality is Whitman is a big lier and you know it. P.S. illegals wouldn't be able to work here if there were employers willing to employ them (like your buddy MEG!!!)

Goldman Sachs is more important than this maid nonsense.

a properly prepared person can easily cheat a polygraph test. Recent evidence demonstrates that polygraphs are even less reliable than previously thought. If a person has the money and time to prepare for a polygraph test, the test is basically worthless. the form of the question is also of critical importance if you hope to achieve a result that is more accurate than a coin flip.

Better yet. Let's give all the reporters at the La Times a lie detector test. You newspaper distorts the facts and lies on a regular basis. I challenge you to e-mail me and I will point out countless specific examples of what I am talking about. I am anxiously waiting for your reply.

The way the Times has handled this story reminds me why I cancelled my subscription years ago; arogant, biased, sarcastic and elitist. Such is the left.

Your willing to spend over a hundred million, but not a 100 grand to make sure this lady keeps her trap shut?

Why stop with Meg? Let's make this a reality series. Let's get current and out of office politicians to sit for polygraph tests. Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Bill Clinton. Let's see how much they are fudging on the truth. And did Dick Cheney really accidentally shoot his friend. This could be a hot new show.

Isn't it a bit paradoxical that, on the one hand, liberals want to hamstring Arizona's efforts to protect their borders from illegal aliens, and on the other hand castigate a current candidate for maybe hiring someone who turned out to be illegal. One would think you would applaud Meg for welcoming an illegal into the country with a job. Make up your mind.

#1 Nicky is in this country illegally and has been for how many years now?
Since when is OK to opening break a law or go on TV and tell millions of people. ICE says they are too busy and now that it's political they won't even go near this.

#2 Nicky forged documents and lied and put those lies in writing...last time I checked forgery and altering a documnet such as a drivers license and social security card is illegal. How did she cash the checks made out to "her" forged someone elses name? Why aren't they going after Nicky for that? Did she take out credit in someone elses name too, as that would be fraud too?

#3 The illegal immigrant made $23 an hour...took a job that a legal American could've had. Not all illegal immigrants are picking fruit at sub standard wages. Come here legally the right way and earn a million dollar job for all we/I care, but do it legally. Not selling drugs either

#4 When Nicky was hired they used a job placement company and paid them. Part of the service they paid for was to get a person to take the job that was legal. You don't pay a head hunter or job placement agency to find an illegal alien...once again Nicky had lied.

#5 Mr. is a Brain surgeon and Meg running a billion dollar company...do you think they have time to do garbage like a back ground check. No once again that's what the company they hired Nicky from was for.

#6 Dr. may have seen the letter in 93' he completed as much as he could and gave it to Nicky for her to complete and handle, per his note. He obviously thought it was an error, thus his hand written note. Is it Meg's handwriting, NO. She took her husbands word at the time.

#7 When Meg decided to run did she fire Nicky? No, why not? Because at that time she had no clue Nicky was here illegally. Nicky was fired later when she finally told the truth to Meg. When she told the truth thinking Meg had no choice but to now pay to have an attorney help Nicky become legal. Meg obviously didn't take kindly to being lied to and did the right thing and fired her, as our laws says she should do. She also should've turned Nicky in but Meg and her Husband didn't.

The IRS letter actually says if you assume or take action against the person you can be liable, sued etc... It is not required to complete and send it back...there were no fines etc... the letter is assuming the discrepancy is/ was in error. Even though the IRS know a majority of the time the issue is the person in question is illegal they are too afraid to say that or act. Leave it up to our government...we have a bunch of laws we don't enforce and pick and choose.

Gloria Allred saying Nicky needs a voice..as Meg has one and has spent 120 million. What about the rest of us here in California, Gloria...where is the voice of the people not breaking the law, just trying to stay afloat and keep their house for their family? I haven't seen you on my front door trying to help my family and myself.

Have Gloria take a polygraph as to why she is doing all this....right along side Meg and Nicky to see who is really doing what.

Arnold...you're moron for not doing something right and changing the pension plans today....stop being a sell out to special interests and unions.

Thought of one more question for Meg. The maid also worked as a nanny for Ms. Whitman. Ms. Whitman said the reason she didn't vote was that she was busy raising a family. So if the nanny was watching the boys what family was Ms Whitman raising and why did she not vote as an example to her boys about how democracy works?

I do not like Meg Whitman. I would never vote for her. However, I think maybe the person who really needs the polygraph is that low life Gloria Allred.

There sure are a lot of people suggesting Lopez is "spinning" this and that a lot of other people should take LD test too.

She offered and Lopez is accepting. No spin there. No one else offered to take a lie detector test.

This is simply political assasination. The concern for most Californians is the economy. I believe Meg will help bring California on track. The Democrats have no record to run on. So they bring this out, which I believe will backfire. Americans want JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. Steve - if you want to use the lie detector, then give it to Obama. The machine will not be able to handle his lies. This will cause the lie detector machine to burn out.

This person Meg, will outsource California's state jobs to the private sector, like people in Texas. Texas has little state tax because they tax oil associated properties. Comparing Texas and California is not very smart. I do not plan to vote for Meg. This person was in charge of watching your child(ren) as a nanny, yet the SSN flag did not bother neither parents. In this state parents use common sense in hiring caretaker for their kids, instead of the word of a temp for hire business.

Santillan worked for Whitman for nine years, even taking care of her kids, yet Whitman cruelly fired her ("like a piece of garbage" or something like that), while lying to her own kids about it. Does she have any kind feelings at all toward Santillan? Santillan worked for her for nine years; why won't Whitman support a path toward legalization, especially knowing someone she trusted for so long would be positively affected by it? Why did Whitman lie to her kids about the firing?


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