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Steve Lopez: Meg, let's get together for that lie-detector test

Lopeztalkback OK, Meg, I've got a polygraph expert lined up.

That's right. In response to gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s pledge that she would take a lie-detector test to prove that she and her husband didn’t know they had an illegal immigrant cleaning their house for nine years, I made a couple of calls and got it all set up.


Lisa Javoric, a Los Angeles private detective, suggested I call her associate, John Grogan. And it turns out that Grogan, who has been doing polygraph exams for 23 years, has been following campaign news.

Before I could complete a single sentence, Grogan said:

"Oh, sure. I'll test Meg Whitman for you."

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/.a/6a00d8341c630a53ef01348543c899970c-600wi Grogan said he has done thousands of polygraph exams and considers himself one of the most reliable lie-detector guys in the world. I was thinking maybe I could persuade our cousins at KTLA to broadcast the polygraph exam on live television, if Whitman goes for it, and Grogan said that would be no problem at all.

"I'll go anywhere at any time," he said.

So what do you say, Meg? There still seem to be a few discrepancies on what you and your husband knew about the housekeeper and when you knew it.

Out of the goodness of my heart and in the public interest, I'm offering you the chance to clear it all up, and you know where you can contact me. As for readers, here's your chance to participate.

As soon as possible, send us your questions for Meg regarding her maid, her campaign promises or her time at Goldman Sachs. I'll try my best to have some of your queries added to Meg's polygraph exam.

Talk about direct democracy.

Don't delay; just ask away.

Photo: Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred speaks to the media as she represents Whitman's former housekeeper, Nicky Diaz, at Allred's offices in Los Angeles. Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images. Whitman. L.A. Times credit.

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If you push too much water through a pipe the pipe will break. If you put too much electricity through a circuit, the circuit will burn out. If you tell too many lies during a polygraph test, will the polygraph burn out? If so, your expert better have a couple of backups if he tests Whitman.

Steve, you are a genius. Here's my question for Ms. Whitman:
It has been my experience that the IRS is pretty thorough and persistant when they want to contact someone. If your housekeeper's social security number was in question because of a tax return she filed way back when, how do you explain your claim that you knew nothing about her illegal status until last year?

Sweeeeet! Put up or shut up, Meg.

Yes, let's start with the Goldman Sachs questions!
Boy did Meg ask for this, and I hope she has to deliver on this particular campaign promise.

On a side note -- I adore you, Steve Lopez. Your columns always make my life a whole bunch richer. Thanks.

Why aren't you upset at the maid, who addmitted using a fake Drivers License, a fake Social Security Card, signing an I-9 knowing that it was illegal?

I'd like to know why she did not vote all those years. Is it possible to make a statement regarding this matter in a format suitable for the polygraph?

I can't believe this garbage is in print. Typical leftist smear tactics..instead of focusing on the issues (jobs, economy..and yes immigration) they attack the person and not the issues/policies. Steve, Gloria, Nickie and yes you JERRY..you are all slumbags!

Ask her if she purposely tries to look like Viggo the Destroyer from "Ghostbusters 2" or is she was just born that way....

Meg: which was less important to you, (a) inquiring into your maid's legal eligibility to work after you received notice of a potential problem from Social Security, or (b)taking the trouble to vote in public elections?

I'm with you, Steve. Let's hold her to it.

Meg Whitman ---- BUSTED !

As a Republican, Ms. Whitman just lost my vote. Not because of her hiring an illegal immigrant, but on how she continually shifts responsibility once evidence proves her original story false. First it was her 30 year CA residency adjusted down to 23 years, then it was not having time to vote for the same time period, then a verbal fight turns into a physical altercation, and now this changing of the story again to fit the evidence. If Ms. Whitman takes the polygraph as promised, I may change my mind. However, I'm already guessing she'll find a way to duck out of that, too.

To me, Republicans take responsibility for their actions and work to improve this state. Ms. Whitman does not appear to be able to do either.

You are so wrong that I have to wonder if you are actually working FOR Meg's campaign! You jump so quickly to judge Meg, yet the fameseeking attny and her "victim" don't receive equal scrutiny??
Way to go, use your position in media to spin this. You need to step back quickly before you receive the very same type of pass off that is regularly given to Allred and any of her so-called clients. Allred simply uses people for her own ego and exposure, don't slide down to her level.
Maybe you might consider questioning the way the maid finally confessed and the actual comments being attributed to her in that she asked for help from Meg and her husband....pretty close to extortion if Allred was working on the other side. Maid didn't get her way and sought to create major problems for Meg but no one is asking WHO is employing the maid since she was terminated? No one asks Allred if she even considered the fallout consequences for the maid before she marched her out in front of the cameras with the full tear drama, that woman is now publicly confessing to several felonies and I would love to see her prosecuted for them.
If she isn't prosecuted, then we lose more of the social order in our society and say goodbye to our legal system that is already on life support.
All an employee has to do is create falsehoods about their employer, fast track method to a green card now? Let's see how quickly maids get terminated all over the state, no one can afford the possible future fallout of employing household help even if they use an agency.

Why don't you test the accuser first? In this country we prove the crime, not the innocence.

I wonder if Steve Lopez can arrange a group rate for the entire California state legislature while Meg is taking her lie-detector test? To heck with KTLA, broadcast that on every channel. Hey, we could even start with city of Bell officials just for fun.

Might be the right thing to do but I don't see what an illegal maid has anything to do with the election of California. I couldn't remember what I did 7 years ago not to mention running a billion dollar company. Not sure which is a bigger crime: lying with fake ID or the employer.

Please ask Meg if she wins, will she be more diligent pursuing illegal immigrants in California than she was at her home?

Is "ignorance" is a sufficient excuse for an employer who hires illegal immigrants? If so, does ignorance means a company can go scott-free from blame?

Would she have prosecuted herself, even though she was ignorant of the legal status of her employee?


I'd rather see Ms Nicky (you don't know me) Diaz take a lie-detector test.

yeah, i have a question-you never asked in NINE years whether or not the woman was legal? It never came up?
Gee Meg, for a sharp little business gal such as yourself, that's just a BIT hard to buy...as will be my vote this year because i DONT LIKE YOU, MEG (next time take all that money you spent and donate it to charity)

Since the Times in the polygraph business now, there's a few questions we'd like Obama to answer. Villaraigosa might need to schedule a few days with your tester as well.

Or does the offer only apply to conservative politicians, Steve?


Ms. Whitman why do you have Pete Wilson working for you and are your views aligned with his views on immigration?

Hey Steve: why not get a LD test for that loser, ambulance chaser Allred and Niki. Oh- and afterwards toss that felonious illegal in prison for ID fraud, Allred too for coaching. Kinda missing the bowl and hitting the floor here, aint ya? What a joke. An illegal commits 3 felony's in one sitting, lies for 9 years, runs a knife in the back of her employer to the hilt and everyone is all over Whitman? Are you kidding me?

Great investigavtive journalism, on everyone's part. You'll surely get a Pullitzer for this gem after the book comes out.

Getta clue, pot stirrer.

Did you fire your housekeeper because you were going to run for office?

The fact that the illegal alien is an admitted liar doesn't require any comment in this article? I know that when you are a juror in any court in this country, you are clearly told that if a person lies on the stand, then you MUST disregard the rest of their testimony.

The fact that Allred is a financial contributer to Meg's competitor in the election doesn't require any comment in this article? That's certainly strong motivation to manipulate a situation.

Even if you have a clear bias in your editorials (totally fine) shouldn't the journalist in you at least report about the entire story, as a foundation for the reader?

Further. It certainly makes for a good story if Whitman is on the record about being hard on illegal immigration, and knowingly hires an illegal alien. But, didn't she pay the employment service? Weren't they the ones who technically hired the woman? Shouldn't your article make note of that fact?

I am definitely not a supporter of Meg Whitman.

However, on this case, I believe her.

She tried to hire a legal employee - she checked documents. It's the housekeeper who provided false documents and is the liar in this case. The letter received showed a discrepancy about social security number, not about immigration status. What I learn is that Meg Whitman pays taxes for household employees, something that most people don't do, so she is really trying to do the right thing.

The housekeeper should be prosecuted for providing false employment documentation and should be deported for working illegally in the US.

I wish Gloria Allred stuck with real cases instead of trying to create media frenzy.

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