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‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman ignored advice, her doctor testifies

The Beverly Hills fertility doctor who assisted Nadya Suleman in conceiving octuplets said she insisted against his recommendations that he transfer a dozen embryos and he felt he had no choice.

"She just wouldn't accept doing anything else with those embryos," Dr. Michael Kamrava testified Thursday during a state hearing to determine whether his medical license should be revoked. "She did not want them frozen, she did not want them transferred to another patient in the future."

"Did you feel you were compelled to put in as many embryos as she wanted?" asked Kamrava's attorney, Henry Fenton of Los Angeles based-Fenton Nelson.

"That was my impression -- that I had to go with the patient," Kamrava said.

Kamrava is facing charges that he was grossly negligent in his treatment of Suleman, who he also helped conceive six other children, and two other female patients: a 48-year-old who suffered complications after she became pregnant with quadruplets and a 42-year-old diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer after receiving fertility treatments.

The doctor said that the last time he saw Suleman was when he performed the in vitro fertilization procedure in July 2008 that led to the octuplets.

He said he had recommended transferring four embryos, or using some embryos she had already frozen -- but Suleman refused. He noted in her medical records that she wanted to go against his recommendation and that he had advised her of the risks.

Kamrava said he was "apprehensive," but Suleman had agreed to fetal reduction if she became pregnant with more than triplets.

In the months that followed, the doctor said he repeatedly attempted to contact Suleman by phone, but she never answered or returned his messages. He said he assumed Suleman received follow-up care from her Kaiser Permanente doctors.

When Kamrava heard Suleman had delivered octuplets, he said he was "shocked."

On the day of her delivery, Jan. 26, 2009, he said Suleman called him at least once from her hospital room at Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center, where the babies had been born nine weeks premature. (The children remain the world's longest-living octuplets.)

Kamrava said Suleman told him, "That was me that you heard on the news" and that news reporters were outside her door.

He said she asked him what she should tell the reporters.

"I told her well, tell the truth," Kamrava said.

-- Molly Hennessy-Fiske

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She's a monster. A cold, hard, calculating monster.

Hey, doc, ever heard of "first, do no harm"? Didn't they teach you that at Quack Medical School? The woman already had six children when you inseminated her with a dozen more embryos. What did you think was going to happen?

This "she wouldn't listen to me" defense isn't going to fly. Kiss your medical license, and your career, goodbye.

IMHO.....they are BOTH monsters.

TWO sickos who just happened to meet. And do their dirty. Together.

While Doc K is on trial....they are both guilty.

Let's hope the state goes after her for fraud....paying a lot of money for IVF while on welfare programs....and....the IRS goes after her for undeclared income (used to pay for IVF and who knows what else).

Kamrava had also said that he did an ultrasound at one month and detected 5 fetuses! He makes it sound like she was a runaway right after the 12 embryo implantation. His notes are so messy he can't even read them himself! She went to Kaiser next in her first trimester. Why didn't someone there suggest selective reduction if she didn't want to hear it from Kamrava? They just let it slide by too? One of her delivery doctors, Dr. Maples also had her as a patient in '99 for gyn surgical procedure according to her Worker's Comp documents but on video interview Maples acted like this was her first encounter with her.

I remember clearly octofraud's video arguing w/ her Mother and indignantly arguing about how she couldn't afford the storage on her last frozen remaining embryos and how she didn't want them destroyed so used all 6 , just because that was all there was left. I also remember her claiming that two embryos split into identical twins. When questioned earlier this year about the accusation by State Attorney that Dr. K used more embryos I remember octo quick on her feet thinking and then stating that if anything different was done, she wasn't aware of it....that maybe she didn't read all the papers. Well, one has to remember taking shots to induce egg production and having those eggs removed prior to fertilization before an embryo transfer. There's abslutely no way she did not know. Her constant lies to cover this up makes it even more obvious to me that she did this for greed and money. If she truly just wanted lots of kids she'd tell the truth about how many embryos, etc ....but her amazing lengths to cover this up speaks volumes. Victor Munoz, who was her former publicist who quit, tried to say months ago that he knew she had this many embryos transferred and then she went to great lengths going to the Dr's office and trying to destroy records, etc to keep it covered up after the octups were born. According to Munoz, she was afraid the truth about the embryos would hurt her 'image'. Of course, octo said he was lying. This woman knew every weakness of a system set up to help single parents...and took advantage of every one. She had 3 on SSI at over $600 each per month, and knew that premature birth weight babies also qualified for SSI for a year (so $600 times 11 total, per month). she knew how to keep assets and cash hidden to fraudulently qualify for food stamps, Medical, and other programs....so she could spend hundreds of thousands of unreported money on back to back IVFs, plastic surgery, and designer everything. Dr K, while not blameless here, was only a pawn to her....she agreed to reduce anything over triplets after this embryo transfer. He didn't know she was lying to him...so he transferred what she wanted believing she would reduce anything over triplets as she said. Of course, she never intended to do that...he was used like everyone else. I'm sure she gave him a good story, pretending to just want a big family, etc (a total crock). What is astounding to me is how everyone else is beiong brought to justice and being held accountable here BUT Natalie Denise Doud aka Nadya Suleman. She's the psychopath behind this whole nightmare and so far, is that only one actually benefitting and getting away with it! She must be held accountable.

Well, what is done is done. The Doctor did what was asked of him, maybe against better judgment, but it is DONE. ALL of the babies are doing just fine. Only God can give the breath of life so PEOPLE get over it. She did what her heart felt was right for her just as all other women do. There are woman having babies daily who can't care for them or afford them. I don't see anybody putting them on blast all day. I love all the children. To those who continue to make remarks about Nadya and her children I SAY TO U, GET A LIFE.

Great summary tcohn. Everything you stated is fact and can be proven through the many interviews histrionic Nadya has done, through her Worker's Comp file, and Kamarava's testimony.

I would love for Shaya to get an exclusive interview with Victor Munoz. He did come out some months ago to expose the frozen embryo lie. He is a wealth of info and truth.
Haha Nadya now go ahead and sue Kaiser Permanente so more of your lies will be exposed through discovery. Hahahaha

"Suleman had agreed to fetal reduction if she became pregnant with more than triplets."

"fetal reduction"... classy term for murder.

To pvtjoker: I like your nickname because Full Metal Jacket is an awesome movie. But your comment that "fetal reduction" is a classy term for murder? Uh, sorry but that makes you sound like a religious wacko. Fetal reduction is a valid medical procedure that ABSOLUTELY SHOULD HAVE BEEN USED in Octo-Fraud's case.

(And don't you remember the scene in FMJ when Private Joker refused to acknowledge his love for the Virgin Mary? I'm surprised a bible-banger like you would give him props!)


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