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Mexico's Calderon strongly criticizes pot measure Prop. 19 in interview with The Times

Mexican President Felipe Calderon strongly criticized Proposition 19, the California ballot measure that would legalize small amounts of marijuana, saying it reflects softening attitudes toward drug consumption in the U.S. that is undercutting efforts to control organized crime groups in Mexico.

"The growing acceptance by the American public of marijuana as a medicinal drug is absurd," Calderon said, and he expressed disappointment that the U.S. federal government hasn't done more to oppose the measure.

"I think they have very little moral authority to condemn a Mexican farmer who for hunger is planting marijuana to sustain the insatiable North American market for drugs," said Calderon in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

California's Proposition 19 could have enormous implications for Mexico, and has triggered sharp debates between advocates who say passage could help stop the drug war and critics who are worried that growing demand would empower organized crime groups.

Calderon said loosening drug consumption laws would result in "serious consequences for American and Mexican society."

"Drugs kill in production. Drugs kill in distribution, as is the case in the violence in Mexico, and drugs kill in consumption," Calderon said.

-- Richard Marosi in Tijuana

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Regardless of what I think about proposition 19, I am sure of one thing: This is a US internal issue and the president of Mexico should keep his opinions about it to himself. When the US criticizes Mexicans internal issues, Mr. Calderon becomes very angry at us.

Good idea for Mexico-- bad idea for Mexicans if California does it, it'll cut into their drug profits.
"Mexico enacted a controversial law on Thursday decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other drugs while encouraging government-financed treatment for drug dependency free of charge." AP (Aug 21 2009) The New York Times, retrieved Oct 7, 2010 from http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/21/world/americas/21mexico.html

Hey Calderón, THE PASSAGE OF OF PROP 19 WILL HELP YOUR COUNTRY!! Oh right, it will probably only help Baja California, which the Mexican government couldn't care less about, just like the other 49 could care less about California.

I agree that the point is to make pot production like beer and tobacco, no longer in the hands of organized crime. This would be a great improvement for lives both in Mexico and in the U.S.

Who really cares what this fool has to say? Why doesn't he mind his own business? Mexico has plenty of problems to deal with on their own.

Hello All.
Please understand that he is on the side of the Mexican drug business. No one in the US uses Mexican dirt weed. Much of the Mexican dirt weed is consumed by illegals in the US who cannot afford good US marijuana. Corrupt President, Corrupt country, terrible marijuana export!!

Any doubts that the Mexican government and the drug cartels are one in the same?

If the creation and distribution of 'pot' can be controlled by state regulators and authorities, then wouldn't that make the need for illegal production obsolete?

all drugs are the same.

Calderon is a scumbag.
If pot is illegalized Mexican cartels and the Mexican economy will lose billions of dollars to American farmers and distributers.
Calderon accepts no responsibility and blames the United States for every and is a corrupt fool.

Yes, he's right, we do have an insatiable demand for marijuana. Guess what? We also have an insatiable demand for french fries, chocolate chip cookies, alcohol, pizza, and tobacco. If any of these were illegal, we would go to Mexico to buy them and yes, people would smuggle them illegally into the United States. But, they are not illegal. Let's not stop with marijuana. Let's legalize all drugs! Addicts could be treated by the tax income received from their sale.

I don't get this. It would start the regulation process. This criticisim is coming from a man who CANNOT / possibly chooses not, to get a hold on his country's own drug manufacturing and activity. If anything it would cut down on border crime and illegal activity because the eventual goal of regulation, taxation, and the controlled distribution of of the product through legal means.

Mexican President Calderon is a bald faced liar and deliberately lies about Mexico's drug laws to make certain that California keeps marijuana illegal and profitable to Mexican cartels.
"Mexico enacted a controversial law on Thursday decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other drugs while encouraging government-financed treatment for drug dependency free of charge." AP (Aug 21 2009) The New York Times, retrieved Oct 7, 2010 from http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/21/world/americas/21mexico.html

Calderon and you other anti-legalization weenies have got it totally wrong. It is a well-documented fact that rates of drug use are quite consistent whether or not a drug is legal or illegal. No more people will smoke pot when it is legalized. Anyone who wants it can get it.

Prop 19 would allow people to legally grow their own, which is easy to do. This will drastically reduce the demand to buy marijuana. If Prop 19 "undercuts" anyone, it will be the drug cartels.

Calderon, needs to clean up his own country. Companies from other countries pay off the government. These companies are loud to pay $1.00 on up for these people to work, and be treated as slaves.

Calderon is an illegal immigrant too!

yeah pot is all about peace and love ... and 30000 dead and toxic pot gardens in national parks. Its a no from me.

"Drugs kill in production. Drugs kill in distribution, as is the case in the violence in Mexico, and drugs kill in consumption," Calderon said.

OK, let's look at those claims as they affect cannabis (or marijuana):

* Kill in production: no, growing plants that don't have to be "processed" into drugs does not kill or injure anyone.
* Kill in distribution: no, buying low in quantity and selling high (no pun intended) at retail is the way the entire capitalist system works.
* Kill in consumption: nobody has ever died from cannabis poisoning in all of recorded history.

The vast majority of deaths "because of marijuana" come from fights over territory between dealers at one level or another, or dealers killing police or innocent bystanders. The rest come from law enforcement killing dealers or (otherwise) innocent users.

In short, all the death and misery is due to cannabis being illegal, not from the plant itself. This is nothing new: the US found this out 80 years ago due to Prohibition, which *directly* gave rise to the organized crime problem we have today.

End modern prohibition and we end the power of the drug cartels. It's as simple as that.

Just to clarify about Mexico recently legalizing small amounts of drugs:

NYTimes sez: "...(the bill) will allow local judges and the police to decide on a case-by-case basis whether people should be prosecuted when caught with small amounts of drugs."

Which means, you will still go to Mexican jail for using drugs there. So, forgedaboutit.

I really could CARE LESS what Mexico's President thinks about Prop19. He should worry more about his own countries problems and fix them so the "poor farmer" would not have to grow marijuana in order to feed his starving family, this is on calderon and the Mexican givernment....

About Prop19...Sorry but us Californians are making "smoking cigarettes" basically illegal so why the hell would we want marijuana legal?? I prefer not to have my Doctor, the Police Officer or Firefighter driving lights & sirens through LA streets , or my childs teacher "high" because people think Marijuana is "no big deal" ..Think about the truth and reality of making marijuna legal, it will be just like smoking a cigarette... Do you want the person driving towards you at a high rate of speed with lights & sirens to have "just smoked a dubie" ??

My thought on Prop19 has nothing to do w/Calderon or anyone in Mexico...and why would you even interview Mexico's President on this issue?

Mr. Calderon, I am curious who's 90 yr old granny was that caught smuggling all that pot taped to her body when she was coming into the USA to visit family members?? You are "opposed" to Prop19 because you think it will put a dent in your countries "pot farming" revenue...Too bad you and the other Mexican officials are the only ones really profiting from that, you don't pay your "pot farmers" hardly anything for their hard work, your government takes 99% of their profits. And I am sure "Mexican Drug Cartel" is one in the same as "Mexican Government Official". Mind your own business and start taking care of your own country!!

I am just curious if ANYONE has read Prop19 in it's entirety? I, for one, find it poorly written, it has way too many loopholes, it doesn't say anything about how much & who is taxed on marijuana, where it will be legal to sell pot, etc, etc... It is a very poorly written law and any Federal Officer can still enforce the Federal Marijuana Laws inside the state of California...So really the way Prop19 is written it is not a good law that should even be taken as serious.
Yes, alot of people smoke pot inside their homes and seriously if you are an occassional pot smoker I am sure you have already gone to "that doctor" who will and has written you a "medical pot pass". Prop19 doesn't make any sense the way it is written, and seriously it's not going to reduce crime cuz now our boarder states (AZ, NV, etc) criminals will be sending their own drug folks in to CA to rob our "legal" manafacturers etc to help w/their own drug needs in their states..Heck it will be easier to deal from inside the USA than have to do it w/Mexico!!
If California had written Prop19 better and closed all the loopholes it might make sense to pass it, but from a legal & economic viewpoint it's not really going to change anything thats going to help the State of California, or any pot smoker over the age of 21!! Crime will still continue in regards to marijuana, courts will still be processing and dealing w/"marijuana" offenses , and state funds will still be used to enforce this "new legalization law". Also FEDERAL LAW will still prevail...PLEASE READ PROP19 before voting.

I just read it and was very shocked it was so poorly written.

Yeah it sounds great, "Lets legalize pot", but at what expense? and how is this legalization going to be handled? Prop19 doesn't answer these questions.

Yea, keeping it illegal is a great idea. Look how well Prohibition worked back in the 1920s.

Calderon criticized ab1070 despite being president of a country where it's a felony to be an illegal immigrant. They shoot people on their southern border. Now he has the arrogance to criticize proposition 19 from Mexico, where small amounts of ALL drugs have been decriminalized. I really think he should get control of his own country (and police) before opening his mouth. This prop will pave the way for similar policies, which will have a wide sweeping effect similar to the repeal of prohibition in 1933. More than 700,000 people were incarcerated for marijuana in 2001; more than double the number arrested in 1993. We have THE HIGHEST PRISON POPULATION IN THE WORLD per capita. Half of the prisoners are there for marijuana offenses. There is a disproportionate number of black and Latino youths making up this statistic. You must be high if you think the $1 trillion (with a T) drug war is working.

calderon is a fool

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