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Mexico's Calderon strongly criticizes pot measure Prop. 19 in interview with The Times

Mexican President Felipe Calderon strongly criticized Proposition 19, the California ballot measure that would legalize small amounts of marijuana, saying it reflects softening attitudes toward drug consumption in the U.S. that is undercutting efforts to control organized crime groups in Mexico.

"The growing acceptance by the American public of marijuana as a medicinal drug is absurd," Calderon said, and he expressed disappointment that the U.S. federal government hasn't done more to oppose the measure.

"I think they have very little moral authority to condemn a Mexican farmer who for hunger is planting marijuana to sustain the insatiable North American market for drugs," said Calderon in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

California's Proposition 19 could have enormous implications for Mexico, and has triggered sharp debates between advocates who say passage could help stop the drug war and critics who are worried that growing demand would empower organized crime groups.

Calderon said loosening drug consumption laws would result in "serious consequences for American and Mexican society."

"Drugs kill in production. Drugs kill in distribution, as is the case in the violence in Mexico, and drugs kill in consumption," Calderon said.

-- Richard Marosi in Tijuana

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I finally can agree with Mexico's Calderon regarding the California pot ballot measure. It's just a bad idea which will increase border crime and illegal cartel activity.

Can we hurry up and finish and complete the border fencing please...

What a vapid criticism. The entire point is to undercut the enforcement efforts...because the enforcement efforts don't work.

The question is not what Calderon thinks. We all know he is under the thumb of the White House. Find out what Vicente Fox thinks now that he can say what he wants without losing millions in aid from the gringos.

I was going to vote against it, but since Calderon is against it, then I am voting yes.

" 'Drugs kill in production. Drugs kill in distribution, as is the case in the violence in Mexico, and drugs kill in consumption,' Calderon said."

In the case of marijuana, only the first two apply. And if it were legal, the business would probably be much less violent.

Calderon's comments are inconsistent. I agree with his statement that "Drugs kill in distribution, as is the case in the violence in Mexico." But his preferred approach -- maintaining prohibition -- just means the distribution-related violence will continue.

It's time to legalize marijuana and get rid of the criminal market that currently profits from it.

Since Beer was made legal in 1933, nobody has smuggled beer over the Mexican border. Once marijuana is legal, nobody will smuggle Marijuana over the Mexican border. Calderon is worried the drug income will be gone.

Of course he's against it, think of all the money Mexico would loose. Drug dealers stand to loose a lot of income if the United States were to ever legalize drugs, they are definitely against legalizing drugs. Didn't we learn anything from Prohibition? Just think of the money we could save if we were to legalize and regulate drugs. Of course, the police wouldn't be able to afford all their shinny new toys but then, they wouldn't need them as much either.

What an imbecile! He is the culprit of all the killings that are happening in Mexico. No one can stop anybody from using drugs. What about the pharmaceuticals, they distribute drugs legally? We need education, not prohibition! We need to evolve!

The Feds will say “Oh, shoot. We made a big mistake. We should have focused on educating people on pot dependency and treating people with pot dependency rather than just letting them go out and use this again and again and again. It is not the drug cartel’s fault. It is our fault for not educating and giving treatment to people who are pot dependent. Oh, well. It is also our fault for letting medical marijuana slip through the Feds without a hitch. Medical marijuana should have gone through FDA first. The Feds should have put out research grants to allow programs that can research and test marijuana’s usefulness for medicine before legalizing medical marijuana. That would have given people a lot of decent jobs. Now, this medical marijuana is like a wild wild west of medical anarchy where any person can qualify to get medical marijuana. There is no control in the cultivation, distribution and use of medical marijuana in the USA such as what is being done with regular prescription drugs. Us, Feds are not doing our jobs. We should do this right, but is it too late? We really screwed up. Sorry, Mexico.”

He has no business here in the U.S. He should consider creating jobs. Minimum wage in Mexico is 50 pesos, about 4 dlls per day, yes per day not per hour. Mexican Congressman make 8 million pesos a year, about 650,000 U.S. dlls. Perhaps he should critisize that.

there are a few possibilities law enforcement could do to resolve drug problems.DEA could follow the laws of some of the Muslim countries.Violate a serious law,such as murder and drug laws,which seem to be interrelated,if you are found guilty, you are then removed from the court house, taken outside, where you might be stoned to death, or excuted by hanging or firing squad.Love the Muslim world for this kind of law enforcement.Until drug demand is curtailed in the U.S., there will not be an end to drug violence, so for either country to criticize each other is an endless conversation as to whom is to blame for drug violence.It is insane to oppose a bill ,such as prop 19, if you are holding a glass of liquor in your hand. Both have consequences.

Anyone hear that? It's the sound of the pot calling the kettle black.

Is it possible to tell someone already in Mexico to go back to Mexico?

Illegal drugs get people killed in production and distribution. Nobody dies at the tobacco plant or the Budweiser brewery. And as for consuming pot, nobody has ever died from the act of smoking too much or eating too many brownies. Stop blaming America.

Mexico has a corrupt, incompetent and oppressive government. That's why so many come here. I don't blame them. I blame finger-pointing, grandstanding politicians who have no solutions and perpetuate a system millions want to leave and never return to.

Oh, no. After Prop 19, consumption will not increase and people will only get their supplies from hippy non-profit collectives in Humboldt County. It will totally eliminate organized crime in Mexico. And the California budget deficit will be solved because we're going to tax it so much.

Seriously, I saw it on a commercial.

Well of course Mexican politicians don't like prop 19. It will totally decimate Mexico's number one cash crop export to the USA.

But it does give me the warm & fuzzy feeling that he cares so much about Americans.


I'm guessing there may be more worry about Califonia pot taking the market away from Mexican drug gangs. Mexico will lose a major cash crop.

What a moron. He's pretty much saying don't condemn the Mexican farmer growing marijuana (Prop. 19 doesn't say anything about Mexico) & says because it's an illegal drug there is a lot of violence associated with the market for it.... Ummm hello????? If it wasn't illegal, people wouldn't have to smuggle it. You wouldn't have to go to a "dealer", you could (in theory) go to RiteAid or the local "farmer's market".

Poor Mexico. Who cares? Make it legal.

Forget about the fence - just miitiarized the entire southern border and shoot anyone trying cross at unauthorized crossing points.

It would not surprise me if Calderon was on a drug cartel's payroll himself. This smacks of the prohibitionist attitudes held by profiteering bootleggers in government positions in the 1930s.

More proof that this idiot does not know what he is doing!

We should really value this guy's opinion because his "War on Drugs" has been so successful .

The idea that me smoking pot legally and growing my own plan will damage society is plain dum. Mr. Calderon, you know very well that the real problem is not POT. the problem is the assasins that owned the strong drug killing that are smuggled into the states. This is where we should spend money to prevent this drugs NOT people smoking MJ . Look at Holland, it's keeping the economy moving and flowing normally. MAFIOSOS are the real problem my friend. Stop putting young people in jail for pot and spend that money capturing the MAFIOSOS

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