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Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend claims he pulled gun on her after alleged assault


Mel Gibson’s former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva claims in a video segment of her interview with People Magazine that after the star allegedly hit her last January, the actor pulled out a gun and she feared he would kill her and her children.

Grigorieva says the incident in which she alleges Gibson hit her in the face on Jan. 6 at his Malibu mansion was witnessed by her 13-year-old son and their 1-year-old daughter, Lucia.

The son, according to law enforcement sources, is among the key witnesses in the domestic violence investigation.

Sheriff’s detectives have already turned over to prosecutors the results of a domestic violence investigation. A separate probe into whether Grigorieva used audio tapes of phone calls by Gibson to try to extort a multimillion-dollar payment is ongoing.

Sheriff’s officials say they expect to complete that investigation within two weeks after interviewing lawyers in the case. Prosecutors plan to decide whether to file charges once they have the result of both investigations.

In a video for People, Grigorieva talks directly to the camera sometimes demonstrating Gibson’s alleged facial expressions during the incident. (Click here to view the video.)

“Mel was screaming and yelling and spitting in my face,” Grigorieva says in the video. “He was screaming like a crazy man.”

After the alleged assault, the Russian-born singer tells People’s Howard Breuer that the 54-year-old actor-director allegedly produced a gun. “He says get the…out and pulls a gun out..and he wants to kill us all.”

She alleged, however, that Gibson then said. “if I leave, he is going to blow his brains out.” She added, “he could have killed us all.”

-- Richard Winton

Photo: AP

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if you want a real laugh, go to the complete video on People. For reasons known only to Oksana, she is playing the piano in a thin grey nightgown, underwear optional.

I can't believe the judge allows her at like this.

Mel is crazy but only a fool would take the word of a russian hooker.

Why is this still in the news?

Gee, what happened to the part where he threw her on the bed while she was holding the baby and began choking her and pulled a gun out his shorts and she miraculously got away with her baby and son - fleeing from the house in her nightgown (maybe the same nightgown she was wearing in this video on national television). After that, she went to the police - um - I mean back to the other house he owns, set up her recording equipment, and began taping out of fear (of not being able to get money if she didn't?). I sure hope justice isn't blinded by her "beauty". How much air/press headlines are you guys going to give this wannabe?

Oksana, you've overplayed your hand darlin'.

Hey Mel Gibson! That's not very christian of you... Perhaps it is... All of you fundamentalists seem nuts to me.

Shame, her son is being used to purport this extortion attempt. She is Russian and is a liar.

What a Joke!!!!!!

go back to Russia

Why do we keep reporting on this crazy woman? If we ignore her maybe she will go away. She is an opportunist and a gold-digger. I won't read any more articles featuring her or buy any magazines with her on the cover.

Hasn't she said all this before? There were a lot of incidents I thought. If all this lady can do is reiterate the same stories over and over again for attention, that poor baby is in real trouble. As soon as you saw her over collagened self walking the red carpet with Hollywood's resident bigot and lunatic you knew you were counting down to watching the side show of 2 sickos imploding. Well if your music don't grab, Mel Gibson is always good for an extra 15 minutes.

Aren't we done with this lying bimbo yet? Give Gibson full custody of his daughter, and give Trashsana Griftforever the choice of a long prison stay or booted out of the country.

In the video anyone can see that Oksana is a fraud. Everyone has family disagreements but few people can try to capitalize on it. Mel should have known better to have gotten involved with a Russian gold digger. This lady is a big problem and doesn't have one bit of scruples......

Wow, really Oksana? Can't wait for the next episode of her fairy tale. I thinks she makes it up as she goes along. Now let me think, what could Mel have done after pulling the gun I wonder? Perhaps he cleverly used some instant CGI and turned blue, morphing into an BAD Avatar. And how come everyone else who ever seems to have known him say what a nice guy he is? Dunno what to believe at the moment but it certainly isn't her.

God will these women every stop. Iam so sick of her. She needs a life. What is she gonna do when Mels little girl grows up and no more money.

Good Lord, why is this woman still getting facetime. It is obvious to anyone that she is a liar. Oksana is using domestic violence as a way to push people's buttons - just as she pushed Mel's buttons. Extortionist - liar - golddigger. Quit giving her the attention this sociopath wants.

Gibson's an insult to Christianity.

How can anyone believe this Russian adventuress at this point?

As soon as her newfound “celebrity” is in danger of fading from the media spotlight, she adds new and every more fantastic claim to the alleged “abuse” scenario.

This woman and her first team of lawyers pulled out the stops at a mediation with Gibson wherein $15,000,000 payday was negotiated that required her to keep the audio tapes secret. A deal memo was typed up, and she signed and dated it as did Gibson.

Now she claims that she backed out of the “proposal” because she had no idea that Gibson would share custody of their child—yet she initialed every page then signed a custody agreement and order providing exactly that—all AFTER the alleged “abuse” occurred.

Are we forgetting the mysterious addition of her voice track to the audio tapes in studio post production, the photo allegedly showing teeth broken by a miracle blow that left her mouth and lips undamaged, and that fact that she never mentioned anything about a gun to anyone in the world until this week—even though she had 15 million reasons to do so at the mediation? And why did she not raise this in her original bid for sole temporary custody?

Not to mention her “body guard” telling others that the Russian expected a $200 million settlement with Gibson—which bodyguard tried to extort another former GF into lying and saying Gibson beat her.

Not to mention all of this is a repeat of the scam she ran on actor Tim Dalton (Gibson and Dalton being the only two men in a long succession of men to get the Russian pregnant; What a COINCIDENCE!)

It may be politically correct to always believe the woman in alleged abuse situations, but that does not mean we have to abandon all common sense.

There is more, but it is beyond the scope of a single comment.

Doesn't anyone get the impression that she's making this story even more perilous than previously mentioned? She's out for blood, she is! Boy, is Gibson paying big time for his sins. If the story keeps changing, don't believe the tale-bearer. This part about the gun never was mentioned in previous articles and even in her own testimonies. She's a Gold-Digger!

StephanG, she certainly did mentioned the gun way before now, months and months ago in fact, you don't know what you are talking about. There were other incidents before this one too. She just wants attention to stay in the media but this one is an old story.

Dear Lancer | October 10, 2010 at 02:49 AM:

I don't know what I am talking about? The Russian claimed Mel assaulted her (in the presence of her 13 year old son) with a handgun "way before now" and there were other prior gun incidents as well?

I have been closely following this story from the begining.

The Russian never mentioned being (allegedly) menaced with a gun until a few days ago.

But make my day; prove me wrong. Post a link to the contrary.

It would appear that the Russian is addicted to the "fame" she has achieved through her sensational accusations, and is less concerned about her credibility than staying in the limelight through ever more sensational, never-before-mentioned accusations.

It's hard to Imagine where she goes from here.

She has already claimed that Mel plotted to kidnap and murder Harvey Stein of TMZ (remember that one? and has pulled a gun on her.

What's next?

Mel broke her jaw?

Threw her down a flight of stairs in Mel’s single story ranch style home?

Maybe he pulled a 10 megaton nuke on her and almost pulled the trigger, coming close to vaporizing Malibu?

Maybe Mel had her abducted by aliens?

And what about the miricle blow to her mouth wherein Mel (she claimed) broke her teeth but left her lips and mouth completely undamaged---or the addition LATER--of the accusation that Mel gave her a black eye, complete with faked black eye photo?

Are you forgetting that the Russian's voice track was added later (much higher recording quality) to the much ballyhoed audio tapes during a studio post production process?

Or her claim, after initialling every page then signing a six page custody agreement she did not know the $15,000,000 deal she made with Mel in mediation did not include shared custody? Or that the $15,000,000 for keepoing the tapes secret was just a "proposal" even though she AND MEL signed and dated the short form settlement AGREEMENT at the mediation?

And who released the tapes THAT SHE MADE? the tooth fairy?

Why do you think she cancled Oprah in favor of People? (Hint: Oprah asks questions, and the Russian's ever evloving story does not add up.)

Just another addition to the story. Funny how she never mentioned a gun in the beginning. Just adds more BS every week. Someone should tell her that the more crap she adds, the more her story looks fabricated...


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