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Marijuana-laced cookies sicken 3 children in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach police were investigating Friday the case of three children treated for vomiting and dizziness after eating cookies containing marijuana.

Officers were called to Huntington Beach Hospital, where an 11-year-old boy was vomiting and dizzy. Shortly afterward, two other children with the same symptoms arrived at the hospital with their parents.

Police said the parent of one of the children accepted cookies as a present from a neighbor, Jason Davis, 40, earlier that day. The parent was unaware the cookies contained marijuana and put them aside.

Later that afternoon, the boy and his friends found the cookies and ate them, then went to the park to play. They began feeling nauseous, dizzy and lethargic and returned to their homes, police said.

When he heard the children had consumed the cookies, Davis called police and went to the hospital.

Police said Davis was aware the cookies contained marijuana. He does not have a medical marijuana card. No arrests have been made, police said, but an investigation was continuing.

-- Sam Quinones

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Well if get Prop 19 passed you can expect a whole lot more of this.

If Mr. Davis didn't inform the parent that the cookies were laced with marijuana, he should be charged with child endangerment. If the parent was informed, the parent should be charged instead.

Marijuana poisoning....are you serious?!?!

Sounds like my first time, get over it!! the kids are fine and were never in any danger at all. I find closure in the fact I'll never overdose. JP

Perfect!Go Darwin, go!

idiot. off to jail with him.


Questionable story, probably designed to influence the vote on Prop. 19.

While giving them to children is definitely wrong, no one would vomit from pot laced cookies. Vomiting from drinking alcohol is done all the time, and kids get into their parents liquor cabinet, so let's outlaw alcohol.

We need more stories like this. Vote yes on Prop. 19!!

what a waste of MJ =(

I feel bad for the kids and their family, but this news story makes marijuana sound worse than it is. If you don't know you are ingesting marijuana, and don't know the symptoms of the high, it can be scary, and result in strange reactions as your body tries to make sense of the foreign and confusing experience. Marijuana is not the culprit here but the individuals who let the kids try it. The story also makes it sound like the kids went to the hospital (?), which makes the episode sound very dangerous. And yet it does not say anything about what the doctors said, which was probably something like, "kids, I know you feel bad right now, nothing is wrong with your body, in an hour or two you will feel fine." "Marijuana-laced"--can you be more provocative and misleading? It surely wasn't malicious, their meant to be eaten to get high, not as poison (since marijuana has never killed or hurt anyone). Come on LA Times, we all know you don't want Prop. 19 to pass (for whatever twisted and misinformed reason), but this is getting a little out of hand....

Stupid is as stupid does, use common sense and you don't have problems.

This was stupid but still an accident. Imagine if the kids got their hands on vodka and got alcohol poisoning! That can kill them...at least pot did or could not have killed them!

In other news, three kids got dizzy after eating Christmas rum cookies.

Better ban alcohol!

Here's your "october marijuana surprise". Anything to scare people who don't know anything about marijuana.

All the comments must be from marijuana users...sure let's legalize it so we can more idiots in this country.

That is some sick stunt pulled just for anti-prop 19 publicity.

During a birthday party my cousin and I raced and bunny hopped on our bikes. When we returned parched from our adventures, my cousin and I drank from the "parent" punch bowl instead of the "kid" punch bowl. Needless to say, as we did not make it to the end of the drive way before we fell to the floor.

Stuff like this happens all the time and does not make the news.

My cousin and are were taken home and put to bed to sleep it off.

No charges against the dad or neighbor? Guess it helps to get away with this sort of thing if you live in Huntington Beach and have a last name of Davis. If this had happened in a less affluent neighborhood you can be assured the children would have been carted off to protective services and the adults arrested.

does not matter what you say, MJ will not go away....don't need it legallized as it use will not be stopped...so vote how you will, it willbe there either way.....as for this story, the dad is lying and did know and should have put HIS cookies away....it's dad's fault....could have been Jack daniels and they could be dead....

food "poisining" - oh no!

no harm done. until the age of about 16 these boys will not want to be part of marijuana. but eventually they will smoke (hopefully of legal age 18) marijuana and laugh about this incident.

the real harmful drug is nicotine and alcohol.
a toxic colorless or yellowish oily liquid that is the chief active constituent of tobacco. It acts as a stimulant in small doses, but in larger amounts blocks the action of autonomic nerve and skeletal muscle cells. Nicotine is also used in insecticides. • An alkaloid; chem. formula: C 10 H 14 N 2.

insecticides - geez man. people please put down those cigarettes.

Legalize...Don't criticize.

Anything to debunk Prop 19.

This is going to be the death knell for Prop 19.


Why does it not surprise me that the first comment on here is some idiot saying this will happen a lot if Prop 19 passes? That was the only reason this story made the paper at all. You can't seriously think that this is the first time this has ever happened. Moreover, it happens a thousand times more with alcohol, and that could have killed the kids. Stop with the fear campaigns. Reefer Madness was FICTION, people!

I'll gladly take any of those cookies those kids didn't finish!

For those irresponsible enough to let your goods fall into your children's hands: you deserve a night in jail simply for being so stupid! Though this is reminiscent of the first timeI raided my parents liquor cabinet as a teen.

For those prop 19 opposers using this as an argument: this happened before the prop was even voted on....prohibition is a failure that only serves to overburden our courts and prisons, meanwhile black market cartels are supplying to any and all...

I wonder which cartel supplied the MJ that went into those cookies?!

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