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Mexico authorities seize 105 tons of marijuana destined for the U.S.

Baja California authorities seized 105 tons of marijuana Monday morning in what is believed to be one of the largest drug busts in recent Mexican history, according to Mexican authorities and media reports.

Some 10,000 packages of marijuana were hidden in six cargo containers stored in a warehouse in an industrial part of Tijuana. The marijuana was discovered after police on routine patrol intercepted a convoy of vehicles escorting a tractor-trailer that had left the warehouse, officials said.

After a shootout, 11 people were arrested. Police and soldiers, acting on information from the suspects, raided the warehouse and two homes near the coast, where smaller amounts of marijuana were found.

The neatly packaged cannabis — guarded by masked, heavily armed soldiers — was later displayed for the media at Morelos Army Base in Tijuana. Gen. Alfonso Duarte Mugica, the military’s top commander in Baja California, said the drugs had an estimated street value of 4.2 billion pesos, or about $340 million.

The marijuana was destined for the U.S., he said.

The seizure is the latest blow against organized crime groups operating in Baja California, a major staging ground for drug smuggling into California. In April, the military seized 19 tons of pot in a Tijuana warehouse. Security forces have also arrested many major drug cartel figures and significantly reduced the kind of high-impact, gang-war violence that afflicts other border cities.

“With these results, it is evidence once again that the strategy … continues striking the operations and financial structure of the organized crime groups,” said a statement released by the the Mexican military.

-- Richard Marosi in San Diego

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It about time those clowns did something right...

Normally, they're just bought off and the shipment continues northbound...

Vote yes on prop 19 to end this ridiculous illegal trade. I'd like to someday see Mexicans illegally importing good CA weed into Mexico. It's our turn to have a piece of the pie (legally that is).

Every now and then Caulderon has to sacrifice some of his dope to appease his buddy Obama - now the illegal alien captures and deportations will go down on this side of the border.

Do people in Mexico still wear sombreros?

Also, what a tragedy.


This will be one of the "last big bust of weed", come November Cartels will no longer make anything off of it!

Its like a double smack in the face to drug trafficers.

Take your MASS SUPPLY NOW, then make it Legal before you have a chance to restock...


This will raise the price & profits for those suppliers who didn't get caught, and maybe had something against this particular operation. The best way to discourage the drug industry is to confiscate, and SELL the marijuana through legal outlets. Nothing would discourage drug barons like being undercut with their own confiscated product.

and they say prop 19 wont hurt this at all?

Vote to legalize!!! Then we will not have to worry about illegal crops from Mexico when anybody that want to can grow in their backyard.

From the L.A. Times

* Study: Legalizing marijuana in California would not make a big dent in Mexican... (YEA RIGHT)

More ammo for Prop 19. Vote Yes!!!!

Buy American ... If this isn't reason enough to vote for prop 19.. I am not sure what is...

More useless drug war hype.

So much for the theory that legalizing pot won't hurt the cartels.

Legalize in CA. Vote yes on Prop 19 on November 2nd. Legalization will put a stop to Mexican cartels smuggling in large shipments of marijuana into CA. Let's put this in our own hands by taxing and regulating marijuana as we do alcohol and tobacco. For all the nay sayers, Did we learn nothing from the prohibition of alcohol? We are seeing a much deadlier and sophisticated criminal enterprise now than we did in that era. Legalization makes sense. It's time...

Good thing we give them billions of dollars now isn't it...? Why won't they try and find that murdered American jet skier's body?

Proposition 19 will stop the Mexican cartels' flow of marijuana into California. There would be no point in buying illegal Mexican marijuana when a superior home-grown product can be had legally. "Bootleg" marijuana in California (and later throughout the United States) will repeat the history of bootleg liquor. Does bootleg liquor exist today?

We need Proposition 19 to keep illegal Mexican marijuana out of California, to generate taxes from the sale of marijuana in the state by licensed growers and distributors, and to regulate its use.


Give it back! We need it more than you do!

Seriously, weed from Mexico is just horrible. It's brown, it's harsh, and is really weak. Why can't the suppliers from Mexico take a little pride in what they are shipping? They deserve what is coming...being put out of business by growers from the good old USA.

Yes on 19.

How sad.

But do Cheer Up Chaps!

Most of it will likely all make it to LA once the formal ceremony is over.

Meanwhile, consider all the wasted time & effort expended on this. End The Madness and Legalize it...

The government should hold onto this weed and after Prop. 19 passes bring it out on the market and sell it. God knows we could use the money.

No Comment

This story sounds like a hoax

Prop 19 will make weed more expensive...yes it will be legal but at what cost? The state will tax the weed and than what are the owners gonna do? obviously you see how cigarettes are over taxed, mexico will always have readily available dubs at the usual price just as good and tax free! You really think your gonna be able to pay 20 bucks for a dub? Look at $30-35 for a dub and it will drain your pockets while the state will get rich off you, while your local dealer has it for cheap! Does the public really think that your gonna grow weed in your house without the feds or cops checking in your crops? Which will mean probable cause to get you for anything else in your house.

you say prop 19 will end the cartels you still hahe cocaine ,heroin, meth trafficking let's legalize those drugs then.

cocaine,heroin,meth,trafficking will continue even if prop19 passes


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