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Lindsay Lohan avoids jail as Beverly Hills judge rules actress should continue rehab

A Beverly Hills judge ruled Friday that actress Lindsay Lohan had again violated the terms of her probation in a drunk-driving case, but instead of sentencing her to jail, he allowed her to continue drug rehabilitation.

Lohan must return to the Betty Ford Center until Jan. 3. After that, she would be subject to random testing until her Feb. 25 court date.

Lohan2 "I'm serious about that [date]. You're staying there past the new year and there's a reason for that," said Judge Elden Fox. "I'm not going to be manipulated."

A tearful Lohan expressed thanks to the judge.

Deputy District Atty. Danette Meyers had asked for Lohan to serve 180 days in jail but Fox turned down her request for now. But, he said, if Lohan violated the terms of her probation, he would follow the recommendation of prosecutors.

Lohan has been undergoing rehab at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage since being freed on bail Sept. 24. Fox had ordered Lohan held without bail for nearly a month because of a second violation, but that ruling was overturned.

Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, successfully argued the actress was entitled under state law to post bail on a probation violation for misdemeanor drunk driving.

The time at Betty Ford appeared to make an impression on Fox, who praised her efforts and noted that jail could impede her progress. But he said the law was clear that Lohan had to return to jail as a result of the second probation violation.

The judge could have sentenced Lohan to 30 days in jail for each probation violation. But her actual time behind bars would be significantly less. Sheriff's officials said the typical nonviolent female offender would serve only 20% of her jail sentence before being released.

In July, Judge Marsha N. Revel sentenced Lohan to 90 days in jail for failing to attend alcohol education classes. She ended up serving 13 days of that sentence and also had a rehabilitation stint at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

-- Victoria Kim at the Beverly Hills Courthouse and Andrew Blankstein in Los Angeles

Photo: Lindsay Lohan arrives for a probation violation hearing at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. Above right, Lohan looks at a court official after arriving at the courthouse. Credit: (top) Chris Pizzello / Associated Press; (right) POOL photo

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She's going to screw up again, end up in front of the judge again, and skate. Again.




We've seen it all before. She gets preferential treatment because she's a celebrity. A "regular" person wouldn't be getting all these "chances".

And the rich and famous ducks justice, again.
With Liberals in the Judges Chambers across the land, the new title for justice is "slow to no" Justice.
It will change, people are fed up with this kind of "Justice".
Liberalism is now in it's downturn (history WILL repeat itself), and how bad it will get will depend on how the Liberals react to this wave of hatred for ALL things Progressive.
Watch and see.

I am glad Lindsay is rehabilitating herself and wish her the best hoping that this time she is able to overcome. She was in rehab in Utah in 2007 and I remember how different she seemed with herself and those around her. I hope she stays away from the people, places, and drugs that impeded her progress after 2007, since it seems that that is what got her into trouble again.

said Judge Eldon Fox. "I'm not going to be manipulated."- She is playing him like a fiddle.

It must be nice to be a celebrity and have money that gets you out of jail time.

How many more chances is this snotty little diva gonna get. I guess it really does pay to be rich and famous even in the justice system.

This is an ongoing example of how the system wastes money and costs the taxpayers a ton. If she wants to party, that's her business. She is an adult. It sickens me how the United States places all this social control on its citizens in a supposedly free society. Stop protecting her against herself at the taxpayers expense.

What should be done is for the judge to order her to take public transportation, taxi, limo or a designated driver if she wants to go out and party. It's not like she cant afford it. Then place the consequences on those orders if violated and not if she tests positive for THC or booze.

Another person in the "system" for her personal use of drugs. The government found its racket to keep the prison system full. Law Enforcement agencies are the winners in the prohibition laws. From overcrowded jails to overworked courts the government loves the revenue the laws of prohibition brings in.

Seriously, did anyone expect anything less for this poor excuse of a human being? What a joke. To anyone out there living in Los Angeles, please secure your kids and elderly and keep them off the streets or anywhere of this trainwreck’s path. Don't say you weren't warned.

When I see Lindsay embracing sobriety/freedom with the fist-pumping equivalent of, "Chi! Chi! Chi!, Lea! Lea! Lea!", I'll have hope for her. But she looks like she's still trapped in a dark and lonely hole..

another fine example of the "celebrity" justice system in this country...what a stupid joke on us low life poor people. we get to go to jail and spend our time behind bars...meanwhile the celebrity justice system lets drug addicts and criminals like this little spoiled b___ch get away with whatever she wants...what a joke on us fools...WAKE UP YOU IDIOTS...throw the rascals out...let's get some tea party justice here....lock her up...she deserves a few months in jail!

regular people get more chances than celebrities. I know because I got about 10 years worth of chances before they did something about me

Think on this: The simply rich-and-not-famous have an even easier time getting off than the rich-and-famous.

It's all Obamas fault!!!!!!!(sarcasm)

It's a shame that she keeps getting away with something as serious as a DUI..isnt that like almost like attempted murder? as they say "money talks" right? any other ordinary citizen and they would send her/him to jail/prison..so disappointed in the legal system

She is such an addict I doubt she will live past 30...it would save california money if they just let her string herself out like Anna Nicole. They should really be going after the Drug Pushers with PhD/MDs

I personally feel its a miscarriage of justice, when the likes of Lyndsay & Paris are merely getting slaps on the hands, for their drug usage. If that had been one of us regular, everyday people, we might be hanging from our thumbs. I feel it is time for these over celebrated celebrities to pay the price for what they have done. Is it gonna take for someone to get seriously injured, or even worse, to be killed in order for just punishment to be meted out? I don't think so! Now is the time.

money, celebrity and light skin equals getting a break in the judical system. God bless America!

You have got to be kidding!!! What does it take to get jail time?? for God's sake, the justice system is such an absolute joke!

Why is this the top story on the LA Times? Who cares?

The JUDGE should be sent to serve the 180 days for INEPT and INCOMPETENT. He should resign instead for coward!

Get Lindsay Lohan's mother and father away from her! They are going to end up being the major force/cause in her crashing and burning. Can't the psychiatrists and psychologists at the treatment center she is at realize these people are the driving force in their daughter's falling apart?

posture, figure, body, FACE!

lookit her and video of her latest...the tweakerdom is really beginning to show. it's too bad, she could be so beautiful

The trip to UCLA was obviously a farce the moment the idiot shrinks said she wasn't an addict. This girl could be diagnosed by the elevator operator on the way with more sense than those bozos showed, and the results speak for themselves.

Lohan may in fact be beyond help, but at least this time she's getting it from people who know what they're doing.

She may not deserve this chance, but ther's reason to hope it's for the best.

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