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Latino support for marijuana legalization is eroding, poll finds. Is Prop. 19 doomed?


Just weeks ago, the prospects for Proposition 19 were looking good, with polls showing a slight majority supporting marijuana legalization in California.

6a00d8341c630a53ef013488024286970c-320wiBut a new Public Policy Institute of California now find the measure in trouble, with support eroding among Latinos. As The Times' John Hoeffel reports, 51% of Latinos now oppose Prop. 19. In September, 63% backed the measure.

Overall, according to the PPIC poll, voters now oppose Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization measure, 49% to 44%.

How do you feel about Proposition 19? Are you having second thoughts? Share your views below.

Photo: Supporters of Proposition 19, the ballot measure that would legalize marijuana in California, use a brightly painted fire truck to attract attention as they hand out literature at USC. Credit: Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times

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i cannot believe it is even this close. Marijuana should be legalized and the fear and misinformation surrounding it are breading violence in mexico between drug enforcement agencies and the drug cartels. it is also one of the main reasons we have overpopulated jails and gives economic stability to many criminal organizations in the united states. i think that it is sad people have such a disregard for doing what is right by spreading misinformation about the "dangers" of marijuana. true as it may be that it has adverse effects for ones personal health the detriment to our society is much greater by keeping the substance illegal. furthermore, the situation we have is eerily similar to that of prohibition in the 1920's which anyone who knows their history would know was a horrible situation that extinguished itself after the 21st amendment was put into effect legalizing the sale of alcohol as a regulated and taxed substance thereby suffocating the finances for criminals like al capone. not only that but the legalization of marijuana would ensure it's purity and eliminate the worry of this substance being laced with another as did the legalization of alcohol.

Cherry-picking polls, eh?

I guess Richard is so immersed in his fantasy world that he does not see the real consequences of the cannabis business as shown by his inane reasons for legalizing it..
Perhaps if he were a Mexican and was seeing THOUSANDS of his fellow countrymen killing & being killed as well as our own citizens he might think it over.

It's time for the misinformed to be educated on what this proposition really entails. If legalized, Marijuana will help stimulate new jobs and put some much needed money into the pockets of not only the government the new entrepreneurs of the trade but also back into our government and pockets of workers all over. How could it not pass? If you vote no, there is no new jobs or funding to be had, instead marijuana will continue to be distributed illegally and without moderation or quality assurance it could potentially he harmful (Laced). Pass or no pass it will continue to thrive in this economy...Personally I would just like to know that what I inhale has not been tampered with, and that I don't have to take the dangerous route of obtaining the herb, i.e. with shady dealers in alleys etc. The people that don't want this bill passed are using scare tactics to lead you to believe that somehow marijuana is a far more dangerous drug than let's say..alcohol. I'd like you to take a moment to think of how many people die each year drunk driving, or dying from alcohol poisoning, I assure you that if you substituted marijuana with that substance you would see a substantial decrease in those numbers. It's hard for me to fathom that the public is still so blind as to what is going on here.

Just as I didn't feel too smug a few weeks ago when polls were showing 19 ahead, I don't feel discouraged by these polls. All of the polls have used a very small sampling of people, and the lesson learned from all of this is that it is VERY close. They predicted that Prop. 215 was going to fail too, and it didn't, as we all know. YES ON 19!!

I reluctantly support Prop 19. I think legalization of marijuana is an excellent goal, but for the reasons that it can be medically beneficial to patients with chronic conditions, and that through criminalization and prohibition an unnecessary burden has been placed upon state budgets, police departments, and citizens who use marijuana. It is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, two far more harmful, addictive substances.

What makes me reluctant to be fully supportive is that Prop 19 is being used as a budget tool. An increase in a progressive income tax coupled with some budget cuts could mitigate California's budget problems until the economy gets going again. And personally I would gladly pay higher taxes for a better California, better public services, and universal health care and education. Legalization on the basis of using excise taxes on marijuana to solve a current budget crisis due to the recession and exacerbated by dysfunctional politics is a weak argument. I'll still support Prop 19, because I think marijuana should be legalized, and taxed, but I think it should be because of the failed policy of prohibition and criminalization for the past 70 years or so and not because we (California) needed the money.

Who really cares I can go and buy any amount of Marijuana, plants, seeds, edibles. etc. anywhere here in California all day long every day. So what is the point ?

The US state and local legal systems have been fighting to eliminate marijuana for over 40 years and what has happened? Its has juts gotten bigger and bigger, easier and easier to get. The state will not beat it, its time to get some badley needed tax revenues on it. Its hard argument to make that alcohol is saferMJ has been around all these years as well and its always alcohol, meth, herion at the base of the viloent crimes...

The idea with prop 19 is that once recreation use is o.k.'d the Feds can come in and clean house on outlets, doctors, patients, and everything people have worked for and supported all these years. It's designed to bring in the Feds. If it passes by the voters it will be overturned by a federal judge and they'll burn the whole house down. Never take candy from a stranger. They knew that people would support this in a heartbeat. That's the trick. No treat.

I believe we should be free to choose and use whatever natural plant we desire as long as it does not affect anyone else.

By the way in regards to Mexico and cartels, people forget that down in Columbia, what they learned from Escobar was just how bad it can get when it isn't managed by accountable organizations larger than private individuals. It's stupid to use cartels as an example because that's exactly whose going to lose business and reason for violence. We should have learned that from prohibition and the mafias.

I guess Bill D. doesn't get it. The reason all that is happening in Mexico is BECAUSE it is illegal here in the US. You really need to think it over.

It’s only this close because the people of California will vote to legalize it, but will not tell some random person that they are pro pot.

PROP 19 !!! YES!!!

That's because not legalizing it here will keep their criminal cartel brothers, sisters and family to keep making maximum profits.

Mexico's economy depends largely on exporting Marijuana and other drugs into the US. The bottom line is, Mexicans primarily care about Mexico's economy which WILL suffer a big blow if Marijuana becomes legalized in California which in turn will help the economy over here. Like a lot!!!
VOTE YES ON PROP 19!!!! and let them clean up their own act

I don't understand why people would vote against it. This could be a great opportunity to help restore California back to it's potential. If it indeed turns out to be a bad idea, then all we have to do is vote to revoke the measure.

Give it a chance.

Yes on 19

Legalizing marijuana may just have a negative effect on this web site.

Bill.. stop being such an angry person. do you truly believe that thousands of people are being slain over weed? get a grip. legalizing it here would stop the push and need of marijuana from mexico (if you truly believe that its that big of a drug export). thus.. violence would slow down due to the lack of need of it to cross the border. so in a sense.. legalizing it COULD cut down on the violence. then you add in the possible revenue for growing it, picking it, shipping it, taxing it. it would create tens of thousands of jobs. sure.. is marijuana a substance that can be abused? yup.. no doubt about it. but NOBODY, repeat NOBODY is saying lets ban cigarettes, alcohol, and pharmacueticals because of the exact same reasons. YES ON 19!!!

In order to pass prohibition, an amendment to the Constitution was needed.

It is unconstitutional that marijuana is illegal.

I believe in Mexico, you are allowed to carry a certain amount, I think a gram, and you will not be arrested. People will do what they want. We should not criminalize anyone for using it. Pharmaceuticals are legal, yet people abuse them, get high, and are driving while using them, even when they are not supposed to because of impairments. Yet the pharmaceutical companies have monopolize this market and are making a lot of money, legally. Criminalizing marijuana use does not make sense. It's time to legalize it. YES ON PROP 19!

I don't like marijuana and I have no plans to buy it if this proposition passes. I've known lots of people who smoke marijuana and it makes them slow, lazy and forgetful. With that being said I still support proposition 19 because I hate how our government treats us like children who cant choose between right or wrong. This is a free country and adults should be able to choose whether they want to smoke marijuana or not. Marijuana is unhealthy for you but so are a lot of things like tackle football. People have become paralyzed from playing football so should the government ban football? The government needs to stop pretending their our parents and putting people in jail for silly things like marijuana. We need our jails wide open for gang bangers, violent people, child molesters and other serious crimes.

noooooo, its out time, what happend to personal responsibility, do you want the government telling you whhat to do

Listen, the fact that the Latino vote is flagging is sad.

I think the heads of the YES on 19 campaigns need to focus on pointing out the bigotry and anti-immigration sentiment behind the history and birth of America's marijuana prohibition.

These are after all, some of the same types of sentiments they're fighting today; laws restricting their rights. Saying YES on Prop 19 is a chance for Latinos to assert they're fed up with the past few years of mistreatment and anti-immigration sentiment by getting rid of an 80 year old precedent that was created by unfounded fear. Remember, this was a time when blacks were still segregated and women stayed at home with the kids and Nazi Germany was just coming into power. Get with the times! Move on!

Anyone who is reasonable and uses common sense should comes to the conclusion of YES on PROP 19-- for many reasons! This is just another.

Prohibition worked so well for alcohol, and we're doing the same thing with marijuana. Dont we learn anything from history? And someone please explain the logic of making alcohol legal and pot illegal?

Bill D, everything that you pointed out that is going on in Mexico is due to the laws of prohibition. Maybe if you came out of your fantasy world and see the similarities of the crime associated with the prohibition of alcohol and the prohibition of cannabis you will come to the realization that Prohibition didn't work in the 20s and its not working today.

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