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LAPD officers shoot dog while serving warrant [Updated]

Los Angeles police serving a search warrant in Reseda shot a dog after the canine charged them, authorities said Tuesday.

[Corrected at 2:13 p.m.: An earlier version of this post said the dog had been killed. Its condition is unknown.]

The incident was reported around 1 p.m. in the 7100 block of Bothwell Road, said LAPD spokeswoman Norma Eisenman.

As the two officers were serving the warrant, Eisenman said, the dog charged toward them. Both fired, striking the dog, she said.

The officers were not hurt. The dog's condition was not immediately available.

-- Andrew Blankstein

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Like owner like dog. In this case the dog was armed with dangerous teeth.

Now let's see how many dog lovers out there cry out or justice. Odds are the dog people turn the other way when LAPD shoots and kills a human being.

I was bit by a stray dog yesterday, after trying to help it. The paramedics came and called animal regulation, which prompted several dog rescue lunatics to come out and try to intervene and take the dog before it could be quarantined. They treated me like I was the culprit for calling for help before someone else got hurt, like a child. These idiots didn't give a hoot and holler whether I bled out on the concrete or not, just whether or not I would give them my phone number so I could sign off on the dog after ten days of quarantine. The longer I live, and the older I get, the more I recognize that the pestilence of humanity is not which party governs, but anyone who has any kind of agenda at all.
Agenda, the scourge of humanity.

couldn't they just taze it in the paw

A loyal dog protecting its territory. This couldn't have been handled better?

Having been a police officer for over 30 years, I can understand fully why the officers had to shoot the dog. It is very unfortunate that the dog had to pay the price for being owned by an irresponsible individual who failed to properly train and restrain the animal. I have been bit by vicious dogs in the line of duty and have the scars to prove it.

@Dodger Tony,

I like the way you think.

I guess the dog was black also...

Police shot my dog for 2 tylenol pm's like it was a multi-million dollar drug bust. They obtained a search warrant from a judge based on information from a teenage druggie giving up any address he could think of because they probably pressured him with a plea bargain. She just had the screws removed from you arm yesterday. Poor girl.

Dumb ass pigs just come in blasting..all you gotta do is kick a dog if it's charging you. Or tazer it if it's a pitbull or something. 2 Cops firing at 1 dog??? LOL Cowards.

Give a cop a gun and he is trigger happy....... a dog? come on, poor little dog, i hope he makes it!!! Save your bullets for the real thugs and criminals, not our pets !!!! And no stupid reply comments....this is my opinion and yes i'm a dog lover and also i respect cops so be it!

Shoot the person who the warrant was to be served on not the dog.

Like owner like dog?? That's an ignorant comment.
The dog charged because there was an intruder and some dog breeds have the instinct to protect their people and property. The dog cannot tell the difference between a police officer and an armed robber. The dog was protecting. The officers were doing their job. The owner is probably the only one to blame here.

You have the right to remain silent and anything you bark......

they shot it bcs it would not stop barking!

Too bad it was not one of them shady LAPD scum bags that got shot. That innocent dog was just doing it's job.

They don't mention the breed ( tho trust me if it was a Pit or a Rott or german shepard I would have SHOT too ) its unfortunate but when a largish dog charges once it takes hold some DONT let go and IM not gona be dogmeat . As much as I love animals even I dont like Pits at ALL.

LAPD = Micheal Vick. I bet they would've shot a person too and said they were charging also

And yet I call LAPD and Animal Control to come get two Pit Bulls (one unfixed male, one nursing female) wandering around my neighborhood and they tell me they'll try to get here in the next three days.

The wrath of the tree-huggers & animal-rights activists is kindled far more by the killing of a VICIOUS dog than by the plight of INNOCENT HUMAN victims of DAILY crime in LA & other big cities.

Dodger Tony, please take a trip down to your county animal shelter and see what these animals are forced to endure because of stupid humans. This is why rescue 'lunatics' were trying to help. I'm sorry you got bit, but you took that risk when you tried to catch it, and that dog will most likely pay for it with it's life. Your wound will heal.

During the 70's and 80's. one man who was known for drug trafficking and also provided information on other traffickers before spending many decades in prison trained Doberman's to attack officers. For his own, and other dealers. When my detectives entered to serve a warrant, one Doberman ate my warrant, bit my leg viciously. I instructed the dectectives to use flares to deflect the dogs. One of the dogs ate the flare. So, all the anti-remarks from bloggers in these columns with misunderstanding of what occurs in the mind of animal loving peace officers, be very ashamed. the dog is the victim, but does pose a valid and even fatal threat to officers enforcing the law.

The dog lives around the corner my husband has been concerned about it for a long time. Some dogs are really dangerous and there are a lot of kids in our neighborhood

I' d like to know what the search warrant was for?

The dog was doing what it does best, protect its owner. That's why they are man's best friend and they are loyal. The Police too did their job! No winners here only two parties protecting themselves.

oh no how could they shoot a defensless animal how was only trieng to gard his house :(

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