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L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center wins $13-million grant to help gay foster youth [Updated]

The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center will receive a $13-million federal grant over five years to provide services for gay youths in the foster system, officials announced Friday.

Gay foster children are often not accepted by others in foster homes, and many face homelessness once they age out of the system. Many are vulnerable to drug addiction, crime and suicide.

"This landmark grant will fund the development of a much-needed model program to protect the health and well-being of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) foster youth — a program that will save lives, save taxpayer dollars, and could be replicated in cities around the country," said center chief executive Lorri L. Jean in a statement.

[For the record at 1:18 p.m.: A previous version spelled Jean's first name as Lorrie. It is Lorri.]

A 2001 study found that almost 80% of gay foster youths were forced to leave their placements due to hostility related to their sexual orientation. The only group home for gay youths in Los Angeles closed in 2008.

With the grant, the largest ever to a gay organization by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the center will aim to find ways to help gay foster youths stay in school and in homes where they are welcome into adulthood.

-- Sam Quinones

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13 million speaks volumes. In other words, LGBTQ is growing in numbers? Is this about their inability to fit in or a need to form their own safe community? I knew transgenders who worked as nurses. I know gays who hold jobs with more salary than my Dr. husband. Shouldn't we know where this money goes really? Are these about kids who don't want to flip hamburgers or who have no where to shelter themselves? Shelter is clear cut. But then, these kids have been abandoned by their own loved ones. This is monumental! And reeks of the middle ages where one would be shunned if they had a cleft palate. Is this money being used to pay for psychotherapy? Because I know alot of interns in therapy who do it for free. They have to accumulate their many hours. Does this $$ deal with their clothing and accessories and their toilet needs and feeding them? Are they handicapped and cannot work for a living?


This is great news. It's full time needed help is given to LGBTQ youth. So many have been abused, chased from their homes, communities, abandoned and rejected by their family and friends. This effort will bring hope and comfort to those affected. I guess, there is a God after all.

What a scam this is and big waste of taxpayers hard earned money. How about helping out those about to loose their homes, no job, no medical care, living on the street, dumpster diving to find food, I could go on and on. Sounds like vote pandering to me!

"A 2001 study found that almost 80% of gay foster youths were forced to leave their placements due to hostility related to their sexual orientation. The only group home for gay youths in Los Angeles closed in 2008."

The numbers are here, and yet, there are already people running their mouths about how this money isn't needed, that it's a scam. Why read when you can rant, eh? I guess some people are only about protecting kids when it's not THAT kind of kid.

I cannot believe the comments on this article. These are youth who are kicked out of their homes. Kids. Into the streets. Did you READ the article? Foster parents don't want them when they find out they are gay.

Get over your bigotry people. You know a gay person who earns more than your husband? So that means all gay people are rich? Not true. Gay kids are bullied every day, thrown out of their homes.

Shame on you. You are the reason these kids end up killing themselves. Is this what you teach your own children? This is not a waste of tax payer dollars. This is saving lives. Get educated.

booo hooo hooo!! How ignorant can this be! It is NOT about sexual orientation , it is about another organization collecting the MONEY, and most of it will never reach these kids.

Just like the article on the millions that was suppose to be for public HOUSING and was used for city officials and their private industry buddies! Just like all the stimulus money , the states got their hands on and yet have created only a handful of jobs. Not to forget the city of BELL and that example.

Everyday I hear GAY rights this , GAY rights that , soon straight people and parents will have NO rights! Why should my children be forced to watch two men kissing on the street or two boys making out in Jr High?? That messes up a child's mind confuses them , if they are BORN GAY then okay let them find out on their own .

I served in the military and GOD help those who are straight and soon will have NO rights, in the Navy while in boot camp you shower in front of all the girls ! So what you people want is us straight to be cool with showering in front of DIKEs and lesbians ?? WOW might as well Co -ED and shower with the MEN what's the difference? That is the point of segregating the men from the women .


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