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How much will Whitman’s former maid, an illegal immigrant, hurt the GOP nominee's campaign?


Meg Whitman made herself a target by declaring -– in two debates with Jerry Brown -– that employers should be held accountable for hiring illegal immigrants, says Times' columnist George Skelton.

TalkBackLAShe made that declaration even after revelations that she herself had employed an illegal immigrant maid for nine years, unbeknownst to her, she said.

"If we don't hold employers accountable, we will never get our arms around this [illegal immigration] problem," Whitman said.

But Skelton writes: "The only place Whitman has been held accountable is, suddenly, in the political arena."

Whitman blames Brown for orchestrating a smear campaign, something Brown denies.

But Brown, according to Skelton, got off the best line of either debate: "Don't run for governor if you can't stand up on your own two feet and say, 'Hey, I made a mistake. ... You have blamed her, blamed me, blamed the left, blamed the unions. But you don't take accountability."

Skelton says that even if the maid debacle hurts Whitman only a little, it could be a lot in a tight race. What do you think? How much will this hurt her campaign for governor? Share your thoughts below.

Photo: Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown face off during their second debate, held Saturday in Fresno. Credit: Eric Paul Zamora / Getty Images

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She's toast. Brown cleaned her clock in Saturday's debate. I bet her numbers are way down in the next poll.

The illegal immigrant thing won't be decisive. Whitman was never going to win.

The maid fiasco is just a symptom of the really important issue. Meg Whitman
is not fit or qualified to be Governor of California. She has no previous political experience or interest: note her voting record is dismal. She did not vote in most of the past decade's elections. As to her stint at E Bay, do the research. Beside
shoving an employee, there was a lot of bias at E Bay, including rampant anti-semitism. Meg Whitman just wants the power and the fame. No way we will elect her: she does not have the political chops to be Governor of such a large state.
We do not need another Arnold.

Why is it ok to hold her accountable, but not the agency who employed the illegal, or the illegal herself? Why isn't she being prosecuted and deported?

Ah yes, a totally unbiased assessment by someone assigns himself/herself the name "Megamillions"

What's to worry?

Meg would like to treat ALL Californians as "members of her extended family." Now we know how it would feel.

Are you serious? Meg's only sin was hiring a pathological liar. Reasonable taxpayers know what is going on here. Gloria Allred did her job - the only question is who coordinated the attack. Brown? SEIU? We'll know soon.

Meg's polling will go up. She is the victim here, and everybody knows it.

Initially, I supported Meg Whitman. However, her constant lies have turned me toward Brown. She must think the voters of California all have amnesia.

She reminds me of those female german kapos
that terrorized the camps during WWII.. she's creepy
and mean, you can see it in her cold dead eyes.
Please DONT VOTE this power-lust woman to any kind of political office.
Send her to fox and give her a show with herr beck (clydie clyde)





I do not believe in Meg at all. A person that cannot take responsibility for her actions is not a good governor of our beautiful state of California. I invite the Latino community to think carefully who they are going to vote for. My vote is for MR. Brown. I do not see in Meg a full picture of what California is nowadays. Part of California's huge minority are Latinos, and many are undocumented, how can you just forget about this and not allowed legalization for them? Many of those hard workers come to California to work hard in jobs many of us do not want to do. Then, Meg herself hired an illegal maid and fired her at the beginning of her campaign after 9 years of service. I found that unfair, discriminatory and abusive of power. We do not like her in the Latino community because she does not care about us.

Meg could be forgiven for hiring the woman under false pretenses, but after she received the query from social security she should not have ducked the issue. If she had been forthright about the problem and offered to help her employee comply legally to the immigration requirement, even if that meant the employee would have been deported, the public would have supported her. Instead, she freaked out, abandoned the employee, and is now trying to double talk her way out of her own weaseling. Voters have had enough of weaseling on all sides, and I don't think they will accept her.

Maid hurts her very much. The maid was part of your family and this is the way you treated her? Where is your humanity, Madam CEO?

Maid hurts her very much. The maid was part of your family and this is the way you treated her? Where is your humanity, Madam CEO?

Meg is a big phony anyway.

Glass houses?? Don't be throwin' stones if you live in one...Can't believe she didn't consider this was a 'live grenade' hiding in the closet.

Lets see, the maid is actually employes by the company who referred her ? How does that make Whitman accountable?

Meg's done. Every debate makes her look worse.

The ILLEGAL housemaid's (she snuck her way into USA soil without waiting in line) cheating, lying (she submitted fraudulent documents and stole a LEGAL US citizen's identity, driver's license and SSN); her whining(she's complaining of being mistreated in spite of her $23/hr wage which is above minimum wages); and backstabbing her boss...won't hurt Whitman's campaign zilch. Her credibility/credit score is awful if I were to put it on the FICO score puleeezzzz

What she should have done: a year ago, she should have said, "we need to hold employers accountable for hiring illegals if they don't do due diligence in checking/verifying their status. Additionally, we need to improve the ability for employers.. from large companies to homeowners, to verify an employee's status. I, myself, was duped because I hired a houseworker through an agency, making the assumption all of the paperwork was verified and legit...."

Meg will still get my vote, because California needs to cut welfare, reform pensions, and make California attractive to business (cause we need jobs to afford to live here).. and Brown is super-weak in these areas.

The real story about this housekeeper is not over. She's set up for life thanks to some rich people. Just Google "BIG PAYOFF FOR ILLEGAL ALIEN HOUSEKEEPER EXPECTED" and you'll see the nasty side of politics. Nothing is ever what it seems.

Ms. Whitman's "Maid-Gate" will hurt her election chances. She made mistakes: 1) at the begining, 2) during, and 3) at the end of the housekeeper's employment.

1) Beginning: Whitman hired the housekeeper through an agency, BUT she and her husband did not handle properly the letter from the Social Security Administration that should have raised a red flag about the housekeeper's legal status.
2) During: The housekeeper claims (but has not proven) Whitman violated state labor laws (regarding hours worked, reimbursement for car expenses, etc.).
3) End: Whitman abided by the law (dismissing the illegal employee), but treated the lady (whom she called a member of her extended family) coldly. Whitman offered no help for the lady's difficult situation. Whitman covered up/did not disclose that she ever employed an illegal immigrant. Whitman gave poor explanations and blamed others, rather than accept responsibility for her misstake.

I was already inclined not to vote for Whitman because she has not voted in elections for the past 28 years!

This travesty of "outting" Ms.Whitman will not hurt her candidacy at all. Those who actually "think" in this state will sift through all the Brown/Allred nonsense and will elect Whitman. She is a leader who has proven her abiity to succeed; Mr. Brown is simply a throwback to a decades-old political family. Say what you will, but Whitman is not stupid. If she thought this issue would BE an issue, she would not have let it languish till just weeks before the election. She didn't publicize it because she did the right thing: She fired her housekeeper after discovering she had purjured hereself with fraudulent documents. Why is that so difficult to understand?

Meg Whitman will still get my vote. Why isn't anything being done to hold this maid accountable, she has committed fraud, she has lied and now she is trying to get money she shouldn't be entitled to. Why isn't she being prosecuted and deported? Its the fault of the government that this kind of things happen. If you are illegal you don't have the right to work, vote, or government benefits but you can sue whomever you want and get paid if you win.

Seems to me Meg is the victim of the criminal fraudster.

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