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Cyclist killed in Agoura Hills hit-and-run; driver arrested on suspicion of DUI

A motorist in Agoura Hills who allegedly struck and killed a bicyclist and fled the scene was arrested after witnesses followed her to a nearby parking lot and alerted authorities.

The collision occurred at about 3:45 p.m. Saturday on Agoura Road, just east of Liberty Canyon Road, the California Highway Patrol reported.

The motorist, S. D. Whitmansegal, 44, was driving eastbound on Agoura Road in a 2002 Mercedes-Benz when she collided with James Laing, 46, who was riding a bicycle and also going eastbound on Agoura Road. Laing, of West Hills, suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Whitmansegal drove away but was followed by witnesses who alerted authorities to her presence in a parking lot, the CHP reported. 

The Woodland Hills resident was detained by sheriff’s deputies until California Highway Patrol officers arrived. She was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, hit-and-run and gross vehicular manslaughter.

-- Carla Rivera

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Clearly CaliPHOBE, Stephanie Whitmansegal is the secret lovechild of Meg Whitman and Steven Seagal. Definitely not an illegal alien.

I sure hope the law makes an example of her., just like Dr Thompson in the Manadaville Canyon accident...so many nut jobs in the world!! I hope she enjoys the time in jail. Give my prayers to Mr. Liang and his family. It is unacceptable for drivers not to share the road...especially on a laid back Saturday. She better get hers...

Its really not safe for bicyclists to share a road with cars. You never know who is under the influence, that is sharing the same road. I hope the man did not suffer and the driver gets what is coming to her.

At least the driver had "an acceptable excuse" she was drunk. Ergo, therefore, and so on a jury will take pity on her and she will probably get a good lawyer like the one representing the guy who killed Nick Adenhart and his companions.

We have such boundless sympathy for those who screw up. Forget the fact they took an innocent life, robbed his family, his fellow employees, his friends, his church of his life. Forget the economic, psychological and spiritual damage done to all of. Aw they did'nt mean it, it was an accident, they need help with their drinking problem.

Well I know all these excuses and rants from well meaning citizens who just want to forgive and forget. As an avid rider who has been sent to the hospital 5 times by errant drivers I have no sympathy for them.

As for punishment of these individuals I prefer a life long and lasting economic, psychological, and physical torment of these drunken or for that matter sober individuals who kill and maim cyclists. Economic; take his house his possessions, garnish his/her wages bleed them financially at every turn. Psychological; make them attend cyclist sensitivity training taught by cyclist who have been maimed and disfigured by drunken drivers, and lastly once a week dress them up in a lycra body suit and push them out of a car going 20 mph onto a gravel highway.

James was my english teacher,a good person!!All the students are very sad about it!!i hope she stays in the jail all her life!!she should get a serious punishment!

Caliphobe should indeed show some compassion here for the poor victim. This is a real shame and that message should not be combined with a political statement. Please make your statement in the voting booth next week, not in this format.

@Brent: "Morally, it's no different from walking into a shopping mall, blindfolding yourself, and firing off a pistol in random directions."

Really? There is no such thing as "intent"?

God bless James Laing and his family. I hope there is justice given to this family.

She is guilty of being drunk and behind the wheel. The victim is guilty of being in traffic on a bicycle. Try as I might, I just can't muster much sympathy for a bicyclist that gets mowed down in traffic. The same goes for motorcyclists. Anyone that exposes themselves to such danger has only themselves to blame.

To those that say there is a law that says it is fine to be in traffic on a bike, well mountain climbing, scuba diving and bungee jumping are all legal too and plenty of people end up dead doing those activities. There is an alarming number of people driving cars that simply aren't any good at it, drunk or sober. When you go out there with them on a bike, you have put your fate in their hands.

Jame, our English teacher, he has been teaching in our language center for four years. He's a native speaker, in our language school ,he's one of the best teacher. as we know, in English languge school now, there are not so many native speaker. this morning when we heard this news we were shocked and some of us couldn't help crying .

He's really a great teach and he taught us very useful knowledge and he's very patient , actually I am taking his class every afternoon ,I feel very bad that I will never see him again .

This woman belongs in hell.
The witnesses that followed her belong in heaven.

Drunk at 3:45 p.m.?
Whatta class act.

not to sound insensitive... but i see how these bicycle people drive. they think they are cars however unlike cars they rarely obey stop signs.

Jim was a cyclist that rode with the San Fernando Bike Club. To think that your weekend ride for recreation and exercise can end so tragically by a hit and run COWARD. She, if guilty, needs to face Jim's family before she goes to jail. I cannot get my head around drivers who hit runners or cyclists (or anyone) and then flee. She has to play that scene in her head for the rest of her life.

Drunk driving at 3:45 in the afternoon? Probably on her phone too. Three thousand pounds of Mercedes Benz glass, steel, rubber and plastic versus eighteen pounds of bicycle and a rider. It's never going to end any other way.

That woman should never, EVER see a breath of freedom for the rest of her life. People like her make riding a bicycle nearly impossible in a city with the most naturally perfect bike-riding weather in the world.

Glad they caught her.
These people who drive a Mercedes think everybody else should yield for them.
Lock her up!

Jim is my brother.He was more then just a cyclist.He was a husband,son,brother,uncle,friend,teacher...This is one of the truely good guys in this world.I was at the scene of the accident yesterday and Icould plainly see this was no fault of his own.There is a designated bike path and in addition a 5 ft. gap running along side of that.My brother is a very experienced and cautious bike rider.He has been riding 15yrs. and has rode all over the world.
Stephanie Segal aka,S.D.Whitmansegal of woodland hills may God have mercy on your soul,and you will face all of us soon.They are still investigating and refuse to release my brother so we can bury him.2weeks probably.Myself and the rest of my family are devestated.Thank-you everyone for your condollences,it is touching.To the cyclist out there,my brother would surely say,don't live in fear.Just be safe and KEEP ON CYCLING!

Jim Laing was my co-worker. He loved his family, cycling and nature. He always had a kind word for everyone. We all miss him!

I live in the Agoura hills area and actually saw this event occurre while I was cycling. And I have to say, even though the person who hit him was intoxicated, this tragic event also has to do to the face that the bike lane on the road he was on is in the mddle of the street. Oblivious to anyone driving past. With the way this road is setup, accidents like this are sadly bound to happen again.

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